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Found 30 results

  1. This is an issue that a lot of people feel strongly about. Where do you fit in the grand scheme of this? @mattshotcha, perhaps you and the team could use this information in your balancing efforts in the future.
  2. We know the lawsuit ties the hands of the developers. We also know that the perks need some changes. Give your two cents. @mattshotcha, perhaps some time after the high priority stuff gets addressed, you and the team could do something with this information and feedback.
  3. I saw this pop up in another topic and thought the data collected would help the developers out. Keep an eye on this one @mattshotcha.
  4. This seems to be stirring up a lot of debate. @mattshotcha, this may help you get a feel for how the members feel.
  5. I have been playing this game since the holidays and I have never been fan of the Shift ability, most specifically how vital it is to Jason and how annoying it is as a councillor. As a councillor, Jason is able to shift from well outside the range where he emits the static effect, so he can just grab you out of shift without you ever getting any warning or way to avoid the kill other than being constantly sprinting in zig zag all game long. As for Jason, what Jasons are the best? Usually Part 6 and Savini will come up top in most people's list with Part 9 still very good despite his low traps. This is maiinly due to how strong their Shift is. While Jasons with weak shifts, such as part 7, part 2 and, to a lesser extend, part 4, all struggle to catch up to councillor and will usually struggle much more. I do admit, I am very salty, as I have just gotten shift grabbed quite a few games in a row, so this could be just be whining from recent failures, but I feel like Shiift should be reworked and the rest of Jason's kit buffed to compensate. I WANT a strong scary Jason, but shift just does not gives me the thrill of being chased by a crazed killed, instead, I die from a Shift started outside Static range and never really got to see him before hearing my character's head being punched off. What are your opinions on Jason's Shift ability? Fair and balance, or needs tweaking? If anyone has any tip on dealing with shifting Jasons, I would be happy to hear it.
  6. There's a wealth of information and some interesting insight in this, worth a watch! Friday The 13th: Design and Balance for Asymmetrical Horror
  7. So; there was already a patch to give Jason more knives. Though, I believe there could be a better balance. There are already multiple knives scattered around the map, and this is quite good enough. Though, I believe that the animation for grabbing the knives as Jason is a bit too slow. I find that I've been avoiding them, as it would just take too much time when I already know where a councellor is. I think the same thing goes for when Jason gets stabbed with a pocket knife. The animation is too slow, and I think it shouldn't take him as long to pull it out. Maybe a better balance would be a slight stamina increase to a councellor when they get out of his grasp. It would make it a little more fast paced, and remove the frustration of just sitting and waiting for him to pull it out; without being able to do anything.
  8. Here is the most recent response to being asked about dedicated servers, paranoia mode, the next patch, single player challenges etc...
  9. Curious to see when everyone thinks the next patch will drop and when they will tell us about it. I think that either on Jan 30th or 31st we will have a post update telling us there will not be an update this month and maybe some vague information about stuff but that is about it. i honestly think the next patch won't arrive until mid to late Feb. I think the sp challenges demo might show up with the next patch but most likely will get delayed, and we won't hear anything about dedicated servers either. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the next update was solely a balance/bug fix patch and no new content will be included with it. I think we will see new content either in march or latest April. What do you all think?
  10. Hi everyone, I've been a long-time backer and player. There is one feature that this game NEEDS, and that is customizable counselor stats. We all know that the counselors get 35 stat points across their various categories. However, many of the standard counselor builds are complete garbage. To avoid potential balance issues (like Vanessa in the beta with too much stamina) there could be a limit on stats past 9 (for example only two stats at 9 or higher). I personally like to play a mixture of stealth/distraction/objective with my counselors and wish there was a stat build that reflects it. - - - My dream build for a counselor would be - - - Composure: 5 Luck: 4 Repair: 4 Speed: 7 Stamina: 7 Stealth: 7 Strength: 1 Thoughts? Opinions? Responses? Please and thank you.
  11. I'll start by saying that pre patch, there was NO doubt in my mind that the best Jasons were the ones who had the better shift and not running ability. Post patch, however, I have had a lot more success with running Jasons. Here's why: Morph With the pre patch grab, it was very easy to catch up to people and grab them. Now it is much more difficult because of the nerfs. Weirdly enough, I think the slower shift is better in many respects because it keeps pace with the counselors and burns stamina. The better morphs will shoot you straight past them and make it difficult to set up a kill. Discussion I still have a lot of room to improve as Jason, but I was wondering what you all thought of this. I'm pretty lost with the undead four haha.
  12. Tonight I saw Jason die 2 times in one night, including a case where the counselors were hunting down a fleeing Jason. Have a look: Not exactly like the movies, is it? How am I supposed to be fear Jason when he is this weak? Another Jason saw me with the sweater and ran! The counselors are now over powered and Jason must be reverted, both grab and traps, or he must otherwise be made more powerful to bring the correct balance back to the game.
  13. It's obvious that different people have different mindsets as to how this game (and any game) should be balanced. The truth is that there are also wide ranges of player skill, comittment, experience, and capability. And those factors also can skew the thoughts and beliefs about game balance. As always, it is a tricky thing for game developers and designers to achieve a healthy and fun balance, and possibly never more-so than in this particular game. I hope to put aside all angst and opposition between different thought-processes and share my personal thoughts on this game's balance, playstyle, and enjoyment (and, yes, my personal thoughts are 100% correct, and anyone else's are complete bunk, so shut it!! LOL... kidding!! ...mostly!!). I do think that playing as Jason should be EASY to score an average of more than 4 kills per match. Yes, I said EASY. The dreaded word that a skilled player must not ever admit. As Gun stated from the very first days, this game is different, Jason is OP, you will die. And concepts like that are what drew me to this game, immediately. Like moths to the flame, legions of F13 fans swarmed in to perish by the powers of Jason, hehe... and to, more often, experience the thrill of trying not to die to him. Approximately 7/8th of the time, you/we are playing as a counselor. So, we're all in this together... dying and killing, merily for hours on end! Why do I think it should be EASY? The skill, experience, ability of players is all across the board. Randomly, a player is picked to be Jason. By law of averages, you're going to get a lower skilled player (no offense, at all!) somewhere around half the time (shush, I know, that is sloppy math... but, let's face it, among online video game communities, 'average' is lowly!). Those players should be able to wipe out the counselors with fun and ease. Obviously, the more skilled the counselor player is, the more chance THEY will change the overall outcome. The skill side of the balance should mostly, if not entirely, come from the counselor's side. This is not simply for the benefit of the Jason player. Nearly half of the time, the player chosen to be Jason is not going to be as skilled/experienced, and the resulting match is going to be less thrilling for all. I believe that an easy-ride train-of-death Jason, in the hands of the least skilled, makes this game more enjoyable for all. But what about the Skilled Jasons?? It will be impossible to survive and/or those players will be bored! Obviously, there needs to be balance to take this into account. However, it's never going to be impossible to survive and escape. We've all escaped from the greatest of players. It happens to the best, and worst, of us. The skill side will still be on the Counselor's end, and strategy is always key, especially so when outmatched against a monster killing machine. Skilled players as Jason should also be seeking more advanced techniques to entertain themselves - and the other players. Jason was a creative killer. The better players should find their challenge in the artisty of their kills. I know some of us already attempt to do this. I think there should be slightly less pressure to adhere to the meta (trap the objectives, cut the power, stop the counselors) and more freedom, through the joyful ease of being Jason, to approach things in various ways, to surprise and through off the other players trying to escape and survive. If it's EASY to get killed, no one will want to play. I don't think that is true at all. I could list several reasons why, but I'll just mentioned that Battle Royales have become hugely popular, and only 1 out of 100 wins. I am pretty sure large amounts of players can enjoy getting killed by Jason Voorhees. Jason won't kill this game. Counselors could kill it though. Now, all that being said, it is possible that the current balance is all in line with what I have said, and what I think the right balance should be. From my experiences in playing, discusing, watching, and listening... I'm finding more people that do not like being selected as Jason. Of course there are excellent pro Jason players, and we could already say getting 6-8 kills is easy enough. However, most likely, no matter the balance, players with that ability can get those results with almost ANY balance. That's the nature of games and humans. You need to remain concerned with the skill, ability, and results with the lower side of skill (and comfortability). I am seeing way too many people that aren't enjoying being chosen as Jason. They feel "too much pressure", it's "too difficult", they don't "have fun", and the rest of the players "aren't having fun either, because Jason 'sucked' this match". I don't think it is a bad thing for skilled players to be in favor of something being EASY. I'm willing to say it. Jason should be EASY. Not just for me. Not just for top tier players. Not just for good players. Also for below-average players. Just my opinion!! (which, by clcking on this thread, you have legally bound yourself to be in complete agreement with) Seriously though, what do you think?
  14. 10.25.17 PATCH FEEDBACK: A Now-Broken, Counselor-Favored Mess That We Must Fix Intro As a person who has over 400 Hrs. in this game and has played it from launch, I have genuinely enjoyed this game, and want it to stay that way. We have a problem; The number and severity of complaints coming from the preferred-counselors is causing Jason to be weakened such that the game is breaking. The movies feature 1-2 survivors per movie and the game should average that. An F13 game that cares enough about the movies to base the levels on blueprints of buildings from the sets would be remiss to neglect on kill count similarity. Survival should be earned and valued. There are too many others, however, who just want counselor survival to be too easy, and in doing so, are not only defeating the purpose of the game (survival horror), but are breaking it and creating an environment where they themselves (human nature) will soon become bored and leave it all together as there will be no challenge left for them. This cannot be allowed to happen. We must push back against this, especially we preferred-Jason's, as this is becoming a pattern that is genuinely ruining the enjoyment of the game for too many preferred-Jasons. First it was - Jason can no longer block flare guns and firecrackers (Shotguns and bear traps I can understand) Then it was - Jason can no longer use combat stance on doors without issue as there is now a hit-detection issue with doors that is still present and has been since the small maps patch where Jason hits the top of the threshold to no effect on the door. (Using the standard animation forces Jason to leave himself vulnerable to a stun once the door breaks) Now it's - Traps are useless as they can be beaten with a single pocket knife, and can no longer alert Jason as multiple traps is not an option, counselors know where everything is located except for spawn, and Jason gets NO buffs to compensate for any of this. Jason is being made weaker and weaker and it absolutely must stop. Sometimes I think that these incessant nerfs are trial balloons being sent just to see how much we Jasons will take before there's push back; Well I'm there. Before donning your hockey mask and performing the Head Punch on me, please hear me out as I come with solutions to many of the problems I am seeing in a game I am enjoying less over time, but really want to stay in love with. Again, let's keep it civil so this thread doesn't get closed. 1. Counselors leaving/suiciding not FULLY solved yet Giving Jason credit at the beginning of the kill is a step in the right direction, but it's not enough: A. Counselors can and still do leave when being grabbed but BEFORE execution, and even when being simply pursued. Evidence: 1. Quitting During Grab 2. Quitting Before Grab During Slash (Ignore Podcast Audio) B. Counselors jump out of second story windows to suicide and cost Jason the kill. C. Counselors repeatedly cross broken glass windows to suicide and cost Jason the kill. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. Give Jason credit for a kill if/when someone leaves the match while Jason is within Music range, irrespective of stalk silence, grab or execution. 2. Make it so jumping out of second story windows and climbing over broken window ledges reduces your health, even to the minimum, but it will not kill you, making so that those who try to suicide are merely gimping themselves and making themselves easy prey. 3. Program the "Leave Match" option with an irreversible 20-second countdown timer where the counselor can no longer move, allowing Jason to finish killing the counselor if a person tries to quit. 4. Tag counselors with a 30 minute cool down for leaving a match with Jason within Music range. Increase the cooldown by 30 minutes for each subsequent quit within a 1 week period for a maximum for 24 hours of cool down if need be. 2. Trap Radius Renders Jason Traps Almost Useless A. Jason can no longer properly protect objectives or receive alerts. This works in synergy with visible items to make Jason's job too much harder without any compensating buff for Jason. Have a look: Trap Issues Suggested Possible Solution(s): Restore previous trap function. Simple as that. 3. Grab Distance Was Problematic Enough with Lag Issues A. Period. As it was, skilled counselors were able to stay out of the range of both weapon slashes (Dear everyone, stop complaining about slashing, period.) and grabs. Skilled counselors could kite a Jason for days as it was. Bad ping and connection issues naturally nurf grab as it is. I've missed counselors after two and three grab attempts if the ping is high enough. Suggested Possible Solution(s): Reset full grab distance, at least until dedicated servers are in place. 4. Change Item Visibility on Maps A. This is far too powerful and easy as it is. Even as a counselor I feel as though I am cheating, and I've noticed myself and others being far more reckless than before and still surviving. The first match, we got both cars started very quickly and everyone escaped. The match even ended when I spawned back in as Tommy because there was no one to save. This was a private match, the Jason was frustrated, and we didn't blame him. Consider doing one or a combination of the following. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. Getting rid of it all together, thus forcing counselors to communicate as before. Don't rage, it's makes the game much more immersive. 2. Counselors with fear level below X amount can see items on their minimap and/or large map however, as fear increases, items further from the counselor either begin to fade away and/or disappear all together as the counselor loses track as he/she panics more. Item visibility comes back somewhat if fear is decreased. This would make Composure and related perks more relevant. 3. Only counselors with walkie talkies can see items (simulates communication). Can be used in conjunction with #2 where fear screws with visibility even with walkie talkie. Jarvis would naturally be able to see all items from the start as he spawns with a walkie and no fear. 4. Tommy Jarvis is the only person who can see all of the items while no one else can, by virtue of the fact that he is Tommy Jarvis. Limiting this ability to him only would enhance his status as a "Hero" class. Can be used in conjunction with #2 where fear screws with his item visibility. 5. Only items spawning back into the match from counselors who have left are visible. 6. Only items that haven't been picked up in 60 seconds or longer are visible. (Prevents trolls from hiding items) 5. Un Movie-Like Counselor Cockiness/Carelessness especially near Police exit. A. Counselors do not fear Jason like they do in the movies and even engage in a tactic called "bullying" where counselors can gang up and stun Jason in a chain. Have a look: https://youtu.be/QDZlHze4TpA?t=588 B. This cockiness is especially bad near the police exit where everyone decides they want to use up all of their guns, flare guns, and pocket knives on Jason for EXP. This is when Jason then becomes the punching bag as counselors get away anyway. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. When Jason is knocked on his back, allow him to build rage faster based on how many counselors are standing within 10 feet of his body, the more, the faster. Instead of tea bagging, counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. Jason would get pissed if he was being taunted. 2. When the police arrive, Jason gets Rage if he doesn't have it already. Jason would get pissed by police arrival. 3. In Rage, increase stun resistance and reduce stun time by a sensible percentage. 4. When Jason is knocked on his back, make it so there is a %chance (based on proximity to rage) he can quickly reach up and strangle-execute a counselor standing above him. Counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. 5. When Jason is stunned, make it so there is a %chance (based on proximity to rage) he can reach and grab a counselor standing near him, only to have the counselor in hand where normal rules apply. Counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. 6. As counselors build fear, their pocket knives have less of a chance to fire when being grabbed by Jason. This will stop counselors from letting Jason grab them near the police or for free EXP. 7. Bring back a modified, LIMITED, friendly-fire mechanic, for ONLY when Jason is nearby. (Hear me out). When Jason is within 20 feet, counselors can accidentally damage each other with weapons and must now be more careful when hitting Jason back-to-back as opposed to all at once. This will also bring back the need to aim carefully when shooting Jason if Jason is holding a counselor. The 20 feet proximity requirement is meant to protect counselors from team killing since there is no reason to be swinging a weapon if Jason isn't nearby. For those who are worried that this would be exploited for team killing,... it would require that someone work with Jason, which is a ban-able offense anyway; Record, report, ban. 6. Fast Paced Maps (Fast for everyone except Jason) A. 40% Smaller means faster objective completion for counselors. While there is less space for Jason to hunt players, there is less he can do about the faster objectives as abilities build at the same rate. It's not balanced for Jason. Suggested Possible Solution(s): Reduce the amount of time Jason's abilities are gained to compensate for this. I recommend by 10%-40% depending upon what would be most balanced according to an objective analysis, not whatever easy-button preferred-counselors want. Above all else, stop making Jason weaker. Know that for every counselor buff, there must be an equal and opposite Jason buff. This last patch is a doozie where counselors are stronger while Jason is weaker.
  15. Running totals for tonight. Naturally anecdotal. For balance examples. Even with buffing the stat that helps people escape Jason grasps. Running total of escapes seen: zero Match 1 - small CL: total kill in 8.5 minutes. 2 seater started. Numerous people leaving in frustration. Match 2 - sm pack: Total kill in 9 minutes. zero items repairs (no phone or car parts) Match 3 - Jarvis House - zero survivors, only gas put in boat Match 4 - Higgins Big - 2 survivors. Match 5 - same group/lobby as 4 above, group of 4 friends working together. Sweater glitched in a 5 on Jason. Jason starts hacking and slashing. One escapee. Cops were successfully called.
  16. It's widely recognised that Jason's biggest weakness is getting mobbed by counselors, and since the removal of friendly fire, one of his biggest defences to this (using counselors as human shields so they at least take attrition damage when being rescued) has gone. I propose that Jason does damage to counselors when he grabs them to rectify this. If you have a pocket knife, you take no damage, but otherwise you take a percentage of damage whether you power out or get rescued. It makes thematic sense. Getting choked out by a 7ft tall monster would hurt. As would getting the back end of a baseball bat to free you. It replicates the one element of friendly fire that had gameplay purposes, without giving capacity to troll, and rightfully punishes people who feel safe to be infinitely grabbed by Jason. You could make it so grabs can't damage people past a certain level, or even have a grab be an auto-kill on critically wounded counselors (throat crush/rip?). It could even make less regarded skills and perks more useful. High composure or strength could lessen the damage, and grip strength could increase or decrease it, though these are not necessary to the core proposal. I honestly think this would not only improve the balance of the game, but make it more thematic too at little cost to balance elsewhere. If he grabs you on your own and kills you - no difference. Same with pocket knives. This only balances against mobs who abuse the grab system for free hits and chain stuns (incidentally as also do drivers with armed passengers). If such a system doesn't get put in, when Jason's hitbox gets fixed so you can finally hit him in the back, he'll become a total joke. Just two armed counselors running together will be able make a mockery of him. Killing him should be a monumental task, but mobs are starting to make it simple. This proposal would balance out their main advantage - zero cost/risk rescues - while still making the a valid tactic (as a hurt counselor is still preferable to a dead one, especially seeing as virtually everyone is running with 2x health spray perks).
  17. To be clear now, this subject is a little beyond just balance for me personally. Currently Jason's grab is a little too strong and something I don't like personally is that it doesn't feel scary whatsoever. When the game launched (I played the original beta) people didn't spam grab but now its begun to become a trend, simply grabbing. Whenever I play as a counsellor I use look over shoulder to see behind me and each time I do it I see a Jason spamming grab without being close enough to me and honestly, its anti climatic. Jason players have began spamming this animation and now when in a chase it tends to look extremely stupid and its really somewhat taken the magic out of the grab kills (mostly because now its used for instant kills and its just spammed even when Jason isn't close enough to try and confirm a kill). The grab has removed a lot of tension from the game as before players entered a grab frenzy you would find the occasional injured player running around the map for their life covered in blood, this is from my experience a rare occurrence and has taken lots of atmosphere from the game. Additionally I need to state shift grab needs to be removed entirely. there is no counter play to a Jason who knows what he's doing. A lot of counsellors haven't got enough stamina or speed to waste zigzagging to evade a shift grab and for the most part some Jason players are entirely perfect at landing shift grabs. I've managed to do them on occasion and my brother has become fairly capable at performing them with ease and one of my friends even more so. The grab needs to change, and so do Jason's special executions. I am proposing a few alternatives without literally weakening Jason. 1. Grab is on a either a 3, 5 or 7 second cooldown, this way it can't be spammed. Its important to know that in the game characters who have any stats above 1 put into strength are essentially expected to have a sudden moment where they can fight back even if its not an incredible moment, but some self defence is required. This would mean counsellors have an opening to try and get back at Jason before he can pull of another grab. Most importantly the grab is literally destroying mechanics, there from current experience is no point in blocking or even entering combat stance. If that is going to be the case then remove it, because for the most part combat stance doesn't assist. Additionally a buff to compensate for this difference could be making it so that during stalk mode Jason is allowed to spam grab. This would reduce the amount of ridiculous moments that occur. 2.Make Combat stance immune to grabs till injured. 3.Combo attacks, following my 1. a good idea would be that if Jason strings two or three (probably two) consecutive hits that depending on the counsellors HP he can instantly string it into a special kill, a combo hit could lead to a stun assuming block is not used wisely by the counsellor. This is meant to be an attachment to point one. 4. Entirely block grabs to non injured targets 5. Turn grabs into button mash VS, atm there isn't counter play other than luck or hoping the current Jason wants to be fancy, a lot of Jason players don't want to be fancy. That an his kills charge up very quickly, in fact the reason some of then don't initiate from my experience is due to Jason's current area, by moving some kills disabled themselves while others enabled for me during the same grab. To be clear this idea is the one I'm most against, a Jason player who is weak behind the screen would then be unable to force themselves to perform well, point being that this could potentially be a little too hard for a Jason player. I stopped playing Jason because I love trying to live out the final girl trope (my main problem that I spent one night being forced to play Jason because people wanted to see savini Jason so I needed a break). Jason is very strong at the moment, I tend to land two hits on a counsellor before a grab, however one match I got forced to play Jason just last night and I decided to do an insta grab + shift grab round its far too easy. Its very easy to pull off a grab round in general and I say that as Savini Jason who has less grab strength (if I remember correctly). Also I am aware he does more melee damage put I didn't not hurt anyone these rounds, I focused on only grabs. Knifes are not common enough to save counsellors and the game will become stale if his grab goes on. I've barely seen any one play as Chad and I asked a few and people seem to value stamina/speed to highly. That being said the issue is that some characters are being undermined purely due to the grab from what I've witnessed. The game hasn't been out for a long time and the game is incredibly more balanced than it was in the beta, its came a long way and its not far off from being perfect. I know many people are going to probably disagree with me stating that Jason is meant to kill everyone but when I die I don't have fun watching people drop all tactics purely off avoiding a grab. I don't like Jason comically spamming grab in the distance without getting anyone simply because he will eventually if he keeps up. Jason never did something like attacking the wind in the movies... I agree Jason should be once again, the killer but notably a problem is this isn't the movies. Its the game. Its balance and it has to be fun for both Jason and survivors. I get lots of fun spectating but when its a spam grab I know what goes through everyone's head and they start acting erratic because of grabs, in game chat I also hear many players screaming and swearing at Jason players because of grabs. You can be a total horror geek, particularly of Jason and its entirely fine but you can't justify a function that even begins to make Jason look like a joke. I have played Jason and the match is left partly to chance even for Jason, you never know what player is going to be filled with pocket knives and for those that aren't they don't have a chance to escape so long as the Jason player knows what they're doing. Please try to be reasonable, don't justify Jason as needing spam grab, think around it because mechanics need to be fun and look cool, not look ridiculous and anti-fun. The movies or being a fan is not justifications. People even if they love it will come to a point where they dislike it. I like the movies and Jason destroys everything but it can't be perfect in the game. Just an opinion, I hope people are willing to understand where I'm coming from. Because I certainly want the unique kills to be present but the persistent grabs and grabbing is not entirely healthy which I why I was trying to think of some alternatives. Finally sorry if there is any mistakes in language or sentence structure.
  18. Hello everyone, after playing this game for a while me and many others have felt some aspects of the game felt unbalanced so I just had to say my opinion on what can be done to make the game more balanced. So in this thread I will try to list all these problems and what can be done for them while I also give my own suggestions to balance them. Eric Lachappa Now we all know Lachappa is by far one of the worst counselor to play as since you rarely ever see him being used in a match (unless he's being used to troll) as both A.J. and Deborah beat him in almost every stat besides Luck and Strength. What the balance should be for Lachappa: Remove 1 point in Luck Remove 1 point in Strength Add 2 points in Composure With this balance Lachappa can become viable and can be used more often but won't exactly outshine A.J. or Deborah. With this buff Lachappa will beat Deborah in Composure, Luck, and Strength but Deborah will still beat Lachappa in Stealth, Speed, and Stamina meaning it comes down to preference and play style on who do you want to play as. Even with the buff Lachappa does not outshine A.J. in Composure, Stamina, Stealth, or Speed meaning A.J. or Deborah still outshine Lachappa in certain stats but with the buff Lachappa should see more usage rates. Tommy Jarvis The main and biggest problem with Tommy Jarvis is not everyone is well informed on how to play him as when you are in a match you most of the time see the person playing Tommy trying to escape and basically using Tommy as a second life to escape instead of actually helping your teammates escape. I've seen threads with good ideas such as when players have died it gives the dead player a message that tells them if they want to become Tommy Jarvis or not and if chosen not to be Tommy then it tells another dead player if they would like to become Tommy. Another solution to this would be when it states 'YOU were chosen to be Tommy Jarvis' it would also say underneath that text 'You DO NOT gain XP from escaping, XP is gained from helping teammates'. Another problem with Tommy Jarvis is some players aren't motivated or don't feel like helping others as he gains the same XP as other counselors when they help others. A fix to this would be Tommy gets +25 extra points for everything he does to help others. So for example a regular counselor fixing a generator would only get +50 but if Tommy fixes it he gets +75 and this would be for everything from helping a counselor break free from Jason, to healing a injured teammate, and so on. Now this third problem is optional but I will still state it anyways. Tommy should spawn with a pocket knife as most of the time when you or someone else gets chosen as Tommy there is rarely any items left when you/they spawn. The pocket knife will also help prolong his survival a little more which is more time for Tommy to help the remaining teammates. (Plus he had one in Part 5 it would only make sense for him to be carrying one). Jason Voorhees You already probably knew this was going to be included in the thread as lets face it grab is a little too op in the state it's in. It does not matter if you have high composure or the Jason grabbing you has Grip Strength as its weakness as you will die from grab kills specifically kills that are quick to perform such as the dreaded Choke kill. Let's not also forget how insane Jason's grab range is and how far he can grab you from which obviously needs to be lowered. I have thought of many, many solutions to this problem and I feel like I have came up with the best possible solution to fix this problem without making Jason feel weak or less op. The solution is Jason can no longer perform grab kills instantly (can still do context kills normally) and off the bat but instead all 4 grab kills act similar to that of his abilities but instead of having to wait for all 4 to be ready, they all charge up at the same time. For Jason to perform a grab kill they have to be 100% full. Jason passively gains 3% every 5 seconds (subject to change if it takes to long to charge up) (Once Jason performs a grab kill it resets back to 0% and the cycle continues). Jason can speed up the charge in many ways such as if Jason knocks out a generator he gains 6% every 5 seconds in sections of the map where the lights are off. If Jason breaks a window, door, or manages to land a hit on a counselor with either his weapon or a throwing knife/dart then he gets +5% (what I mean by this is I don't mean it adds to his passive so if he breaks a window and a door then he gains +10% but does not add to his passive gain). If Jason kills a counselor he gains +15% and +75% for killing Tommy. Since Jason can no longer perform grab kills unless they are 100% fully charged it means Composure and Grip Strength actually matter and if a counselor breaks free from Jason's grasp then Jason gets +10%, if they use a pocket knife or firecrackers he gains 20%. If a counselor steps on Jason's trap he gains +15% and if Jason stops the boat he gains +35% and +45% if he stops the car. Breaking generators and the phone box give +5%. And getting stunned by melee weapon gives +10%, stunned by flare gun gives +15%, and getting stunned by shotgun give +30%. In rage mode Jason passively gains 10% every 5 seconds (gains 20% every 5 seconds if that area of the map has its lights turned off). (Depending if Jason goes to rage faster and proves too difficult as more people are likely to break free from Jason's grasp then slightly increase the amount required to reach rage mode) Now this last problem is only centered on Part 7 Jason and that is he considered by many one of the worst Jasons to play as since most of what make an undead Jason good are his weaknesses. To counter this problem get rid of Shift as his weakness and replace it with Stun Resistance (Part 7 had Stun Resistance in the beta before traps were introduced) as not being able to run and having Shift as a weakness greatly hinders this Jason at being a threat on land. Counselors If the suggestions above about Jason do get added then when a counselor gets grabbed by Jason the player should also see all 4 of Jason's grab kills so it gives the counselor an indication on how close Jason is on filling up his grab kills and the player could communicate to his/her teammates on how close Jason is to being full. If that suggestions gets added then counselors no longer automatically use pocket knives but instead players have to press the button to use it so if the player sees Jason is very close to filling it up and then see him passively gain that 2% or 4% needed to be 100% full and they know they won't be able to escape in time then they can use their pocket knives to escape. Now we all know if you try to escape in a boat and Jason stops it there is nothing you can do as you are pretty much dead as you can't stun him or even escape as drowning is an automatic death so to somewhat make it more fair: If a player on the passenger seat has a shotgun or flare gun they can stun Jason if they manage to land the hit but for a much shorter amount then when stunned on land. Perks There are so many perks yet so many are underused or not used at all as they are terrible so here are my suggestions to improve them. (Keep in mind I do not have all perks and the websites I used to see what each perk does/gives could have been outdated so some perks could have changed) Thrasher perk starts you off with an axe Scout perk has a chance for you to be able to use a pocket knife on a trap without losing it (based on percentage) Quiet Swimmer perk makes you regenerate stamina faster in water as an additional effect Pyro perk starts you off with a flare gun Potent Ranger perk gives Tommy Jarvis (you) a second use of the shotgun as an additional effect (based on percentage) Heavy Sleeper perk makes you regenerate stamina faster Evasion perk makes you use less stamina when dodging as an additional effect Easy Listening lowers your fear as an additional effect Aquanaut perk decreases fear in water as an additional effect Teamwork perk also lowers fear for everyone around the person who has it equipped as an additional bonus Friendship perk also increases attack damage for everyone around the person who has it equipped as an additional bonus Heavy Mover allows you to close doors faster as an additional effect and reduces more fear while closing doors Now some perks may still be terrible but I did the best I could think of to make them somewhat decent. If you have any suggestions about a certain perk be sure to say it. If you managed to read all the way through then thank you for taking your time to read through all that and be sure to leave your suggestions as it would greatly help.
  19. All the counselors in F13 are not created equal, a few excel in their selected task while the others are just OK. This is typically why you see over half of the counselors as AJ. Instead of tweaking the stats of each counselor to make some of the more none appealing ones, appealing. I thought it might be a good idea to assign each counselor a fourth perk that is specific to that character and cannot be changed or switched out. A passive perk that is always assigned to that specific counselor that will further assist in the type of game play the counselor was designed for. The only exception could be as you level you unlock other passive perks you can switch in and out. The perk could be a new one that is completely unique to that counselor in order to give them a bit more personality or a tweaked existing one. A few ideas, Jenny: Can make calls to the cops and Tommy faster. Time to make calls reduced by X% "based of her composure she would be able to explain things faster without freaking out". Chad: Chance to be missed by Jason's traps. X% not to be snared by Jason's trap and no audible to Jason "based of his luck he could completely be missed by the trap". Adam: Can hot wire car. Mini game to hot wire car "big audible if he messes up", once he completes the hot wire he can start the car as normal "we all know he has stolen a few cars in his life". Buggzy: Can stun Jason without melee weapon. Can punch if he does not have a melee weapon with X% chance to stun "based off of his strength" Deborah: Can disarm traps with sticks and boards "based on her intelligence she should be able to figure this out". Vanessa: Can hold breath longer while in hiding spots. Can hold breath X% longer while hiding "based of her high stamina and the fact she is a runner, she could hold her breath longer". Kenny: Could use some ideas. Tiffany: Could use some ideas. Eric: Knows the location of cop spawn. X seconds prior to the cops arrival he will Know their location "based off his intelligence he should be able to figure out the route they would take". AJ: Starts with a unique item the portable compact cassette player and increase stamina recharge and speed around radios. The unique item works like the radio but stays on AJ, lets her trade her stealth for increased stamina recharge and slight speed boost for X amount of time "based on the fact she is the goth chick, they always have their rock music"
  20. When players hear the word "balance" they think people want to make jason into a worthless dope that only gets a few kills per game on average. Of course the game should be about sticking to how Jason is a character to be feared and who kills almost everyone who gets in his way in the movies, and to feel powerful when playing as jason. I WANT TO STAY TRUE TO A BADASS JASON JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO. I see so much confusion over what people mean when they say balance, so let me clear up what the word means. Players are confused about adding balance as if it was making it so all counselors can escape 50% of the time, BUT thats NOT what i mean by balance. Balance is talking about if the jason has the SAME skill as a counselor, how many counselors he should be able of killing statistically on average. This is up to debate- it should not be 0 and should also not be 8, though. In my opinion It should probably be at least 4 counselors but not be 7 or 8 because a skilled jason would get the same score against these "average" players. Playing games are fun because you get better, you learn, and in this game you should get BETTER at surviving if you are willing to LEARN. Balance is about the case that if you are more skilled than jason, your chances of survival should be higher, that's it. Your chances for survival should not be LUCK entirely- this is not balanced, in fact it would barely be a game more like a slot machine. Balance means skilled players on either side do better, balance also means that getting killed by jason in every scenario should theoretically have been preventable, but NOT preventable for the full 20 minute game!-- due to skill alone. Balance is about taking to account the the skill levels of players, at the utmost extreme the difference between an unskilled jason vs a skilled counselor survival time should be higher than the average survival time. TLDR: Balance does NOT mean nerfing jason.
  21. 1. A "perk" system would be nice to allow customization of characters. 1a. Basically you should be able to customize your Jason or counselors with these "perks", they should not come pre-determined. Being able to select different jasons and only customize the "grab kills" is a little lame. 2. I don't think counselors should be able to see allies on the minimap from any significant distance away, it should only work if you're within relatively close proximity (exact distance TBD, but certainly not across the entire map, also stealthy counselors should be harder to see (on minimap) by allies as well as jason. 2a. To balance this change, jason should be made weaker, the "Shift" ability is pretty broken as is and jason is questionably overpowered, basically if you are out in the open on the map you're dead if the jason is competent. Not exactly sure how to rebalance jason but it shouldnt be too hard. 3. More items/weapons always adds to the fun 3a. Add more items outside so it's actually worth looking somewhere except in buildings, basically the entire game revolves around buildings, which make up maybe 10-15% of the entire map. Counselors have the advantage when in buildings, which is also where all the items are, this should not be the case, if you're in an area where you have an advantage, the best items shouldn't be in there too. Just my thoughts.
  22. I agree with jason not being over powered and would hate to see a sustem innplace to further empower counselors. It is not just thematically appropriate but encourages unique the unique gameplay i hav found so refreshing. So all the preamble out of the way. Counselors should be rewarded for gameplay that may lead to their demise but ultimately helps the team. In my experience on of the most valuable teammates is one that can kite jason continuously. Having a slow accumulation of experience for constantly kiting jason would be a great reward. However i acknowledge this could be abused. Especially in private matches. It isnt a perfect idea but one that could be flushed out.
  23. Grabs-Shift-grabs, whatever. I understand that Jason is "SUPPOSED TO BE OP," but from a gameplay perspective, this is bad design and this is just unfun. Sticking as close as possible to the movies" arguments are nullified until they implement a L4D2 "survivors can see you you can't spawn here" system, because Jason doesn't shift into your vision and grab you in the movies. It should be based upon health, composure, strength, and possibly speed or luck. If you're at full health, then you shouldn't be grabbable, they need to be limping/injured enough to be slowed. This would encourage people to use knives, traps, clever approaches, etc, and most importantly, MELEE STANCE ON JASON. All arguments that being in a group are nullified because certain counselors like Tiffany or Mason with high stealth rely upon being alone in order for their stats to have a use. Tiffany should stay away from others like Bugzy at all times. Alternate fix: Grabbing should reduce a Counselor's health by a certain percentage every second, say, 10% every second, and not be affected by 'thick skinned.' So no 40 second grabs or anything, but if you grab a person at full health, it could take at maximum ten seconds, but if you hit them once or twice, they're already low at that point and they have between 2-5 seconds in order to escape. Another alternate fix: Grab could be unavailable until rage mode, and rage should be based off of the amount of damage taken, and last for a certain duration. This could be interesting to see implemented.
  24. I'll start talking about the state of the game right now. We enter the game, Jason morphs, hopefully near some counselors, few moments later Jason gets Sense, and commits to relentlessly pursue the counselors, unable to hide. This results in the counselor/s getting frustrated, being killed so early in the game without being able to lose his sight. And Stalk is just... pointless. Pointless for the time we get it in the game, when every cabin is destroyed and counselors are just running in the woods or dying by broken glasses. Now let's talk about the movies. A group of horny teenagers wants to have sex in Jason's garden. Jason has written several times to the Town Hall but the Major doesn't care so he has to take care of the problem. He kill those teenagers one by one silently through the whole movie until the last 15 minutes of final confrontation and loud chase. Well then, why not make the game like the movie? How could we do that? Here's my suggestion. Change Stalk to be the second skill Jason gains and move Sense to the last. I think this could be a very fun and fair change for BOTH parties, Jason and counselors. Counselors would be able to juke Jason more easily in the early minutes and potentially distract him better with the radios and hiding spots, and take advantage of that for a more safe 'looting phase'. Jason could still pursue and catch them, but you could actually lost him for a few minutes. Jason would have a more strategic play in the early minutes, being able to ambush silently while they are still looting and not paying attention, forcing counselors to watch every corner carefully, even peeking through doors (I don't even know if this is still a feature because NOBODY uses it, but I remember misclicking doors back in the Beta and doing it), and only able to see sound blips until he eventually gains Sense and counselors couldn't hide from him anymore (At all, hello A.J) This would result in a better movie-like game while maintaining balance (not needing to nerf Jason or buffing counselors) and improving the fun. More hide & seek early game, more run for your god damn life late game, instead of just the latter since the beginning. I hope you like this idea and share your thoughts. This is a really great game, but together we can make it even better.
  25. So I was told by the support team to bring this here. Unlike, the other post about Jason's grab ability, I think the shift grab is an important part of the game but should be used more as a counter for Jason against faster characters that can cover more ground. Currently it's just another disadvantage for the slower characters in the game. That's because composure is currently a useless stat. When I play as Jason I see Jenny light up like a Christmas tree right off the bat just as easily as anyone else. Also, before the patch on Xbox, I could break free with her almost once a match w/o a pocket knife. Since the patch I haven't been able to do it once. On the flip side, this mitigates having grip strength as a strength or weakness for Jason as well. On top of that, they reduced the number of pocket knives spawning each round, and we already have to burn them to counter traps. If that wasn't enough, we are all button mashing our fingers till they bleed with nothing to show for it. I already hate when games make me do this, but dying every time regardless, even with a 10 compsure and in the very early game, compounds that frustration. This feature should be replaced by a very fast minigame similar to kickoffs and field goals in Madden. Just a bar with a redzone inside of it, the size of which is determined by the counselor's composure/fear level + Jason's grip strength. Perhaps stamina and injury could be included in the formula as well. This minigame should range from very simple to nearly impossible based on this formula. I know I'm not the only one that hates button mashing. If I play a quickmatch with a bunch of low level players, I'll usually see a decent amount of Jennys because they haven't unlocked other characters yet and haven't realized how useless composure is. If I am in a private match with a bunch of regulars it's rare anyone above lvl 20 is using her. That's because they have no incentive to. Compare that with AJ. Almost every private lobby will have 2-3 of her. Why? Because she is equal to or better than Jenny in every category that matters. The only stats she gives up to Jenny are composure and luck. Jenny can't run, she can't fix things, she can't fight, and eben though she should be able to hide, she can't do that either. On top of that, she ties Eric for being the slowest character in the game, making it super easy to shift grab her. Isn't she supposed to represent the girl that survive? She should be a pain in the ass for Jason to kill then. Let that be her specialty. If the shift grab is a counter to faster characters, slower and more composed characters should have a counter to that, which would be easier break aways early in the game. Jason could counter with hack and slash method, the player could counter with the perks that give her two uses of med spray, start with a medspray, and thick skin. This would force Jason to be more strategic about how and when to go in for the kill. Having to really work hard to drive that fear up first. Before anyone predictably mentions that "Jason is supposed to be op" please take notice that I did not advocate changing Jason at all. I know the dev's philosophy regarding that too, and agree with it. This issue is about balancing counselor with counselor so thay players have an incentive to play each character. I hope I've explained that well.
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