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Found 6 results

  1. Please count the killing of Offline Bots into the progress of Badges, at least until the server is shut down. 请将离线Bots的杀戮计入Badges的进度,至少在服务器关闭前做这件事情。
  2. So as we all have been enjoying the offline bots here and there, I've found that not all bonuses are obtainable. For example ,the Party Kill. I've also noticed that outside of EXP and CP, we don't make any Badge or Achievement progress. There ARE some people who have obtained this game on PS4 or XBONE and don't pay for the online services. I personally would like to get the Jason badges and jason achievements and full bonuses. Since there is nothing to gain but levels and the lack of counselor play for offline would make things interesting and let the player somewhat set goals for what they hope to achieve on any given run.
  3. Like the title says I lost every of my hard achieved badges in the game. I play on Xbox One and after I downloaded the Patch 7.28.17 everything has gone... Im really mad about it because I spent hours of trying to get those. -> Have someone experienced the same lost bug? -> Will we ever get them back? Or do we have to achieve everything from the beginning again? -> Had someone ever all the badges? If yes do you unlock something or get something new in the game? -> Is there any reason for the badges to be in the game? I hope after the next new Patch we won't lose our points to buy new perks... That would be annoying.
  4. Just some food for thought pertaining to future content. More specifically a deeper progression system involving badges. I would like to see individual badges broken down pertaining to each and every Jason version and their kills(15 eye-gouge kills, boot stomps etc.). Extend this out to every type of context kill as well(tossed out of window, bird fountain execution, head smashed in a door etc.). For counselors, I'd like to see badges for each piece of clothing a counselor picks out(something like 15 times for wearing this particular shirt, pants or shoes). I'd like to see badges for how many times each counselor uses a baseball bat, a flare gun, fireplace poker etc. Really break it down for each individual weapon per counselor. Constructive thoughts and criticism always welcome ??
  5. I was wondering if anyone else was running into this problem: Use Health Spray and Stun With Firecrackers badges are not counting. I am stuck on 0/XX. I have done both plenty of times but it never counts.
  6. On PS4, the badge that tracks the uses of first aid sprays on yourself is allocating the uses towards the Public Health badge (use a first aid spray on a fellow counselor) instead of the one used for healing yourself. Therefore the trophy to get 100 heals on yourself is impossible to obtain.
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