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Found 5 results

  1. ? I like this game , but, one little toggle Right or Left gets your ass stuck on a rock or worst case -->my last match: me and a poor old newb drowned by Jason. Please, we know the dedication to making it likely that (just like the movies) at best, 2 counselors survive with some stabs and limps, BUT, ironically the rare chance (unless you play 8-10hrs per bloated sitting/gaming) you get to a boat or car undetected then try to escape out of that map,.... Maybe your the last counselor who fought his way past Jason's volleys,, well the last thing you want is movie like STUPIDITY - purposely programmed into the mechanics of the BOAT or car. GUN ! We know "movie teens" in horror movies "twenty somethings" from that genre FILM? are engineered for spectator gawk fetishes.... But my god, we're gamers not sloppy steerers?... Horrible! Siskel and Ebert gave some of the movies of Friday the 13th franchise low depressing scores because of how depressing it was that--> Killer kills, 1 survivor out of a dozen or more. That was a paraphrase. What value is that to a gamer? Whether a player plays to escape, beat up Jason, BOTH , drive around, walk around in a sort of surreal experience that 10% resembles some of these movie recollections (not that it has to come close to movie experience or that you designers are doing a bad job aesthetically -- contrary GREAT JOB AESTHETICALLY!!?). The blueprint and tropes of stupid driver in horror flick is pretty degrading to gamers, not to the movie goer which I am both of these consumers! Well, the feeling one gets from being engulfed by one of their weekly entertainment values by barely escaping or teamworking is good, not great or sub par, it's just good, after a gym workout or work temperatures of 100 degrees where I live; what value does it hold to loose over and over then get the boat and die, due to some patch which made the worst gaming driving or boating experience WORSE?! That's where I start thinking of how valueless it becomes HEARING Siskel and Ebert's criticisms and repeated words depressing, depressing. The people are playing to have fun - generally. They play to be in a "fantasy world" walking around beating up Jason, escaping by run/boat/ car, to be within a few feet from Jason's own breath. And yes, "some of them want to be abused" some play to be the closest to a serial inhuman killer with "magic" powers of appearing out of nowhere (just like the movies) great, it is after all 8 counselors taking up space on a given map within a time frame of 19min and 30 or 45 seconds. Just please fix this boat and car steering. Not that getting stuck unable to interact with any friggin' items and fixtures isn't right out frustrating or inexcusable as well.
  2. Hi all, I have come to believe that the community of F13 players that is routinely encountered on public servers is quite toxic. My localization is Europe, so I speak from that vantage point. I think the situation has been festering for some time, and was initially brought on by the long period of a nerfed Jason, not to mention the preceding addition of bunny costumes and dance emotes. This has led to a widespread infantilization of the player-base, and with this a complete change in the dynamic / core gameplay of F13 online. A case in point; if bunny/wonder-woman counselors wish to pass the time actively attacking Jason in a group, Jason responds in kind by slashing wildly and pursuing them only to slash and slash some more, until they die. This is incredibly monotonous, boring, and is a pathetic spectacle to witness. The erratic spinning / dodging that Jason does to avoid their strikes is comical to watch from a 3rd-person standpoint and completely undercuts any survival-horror element that the game might otherwise have. If you think that this is how the game ought to be played, then I question whether you actually know what kind of game you're playing here, and you might do better to launch Call of Duty or Quake and relieve yourself, or perhaps play the Sims and enjoy your virtual doll house . . . Ask yourself a sincere question - what is the main attraction of F13? The answer is . . . . . JASON! Both to play as and to run away from. What the hell is the whole point if the dynamic shifts away from this central idea? I am then at a loss to tell you what kind of game I am playing. Despite the fact that the latest patch addressed the nerfed Jason somewhat, it still has not done enough to dissuade the type of player who thinks that the objective is to try and beat up Jason and dance from doing just that; the kind of player who will call whoever is playing Jason a "pussy" every time he gets stunned during his slashing rampage (sigh). I know this forum's users have lots of ideas on how to redress the balance issue, and I know they've all been mentioned before, but I am just voicing my opinion and hoping that the situation improves as time moves on; the devs have a lot of work to do.
  3. I deleted my positive review and changed it to negative, with the current state of the game. I felt a certain counter-balance in its rating is needed. It is still over 30 euros, after all. Buyers should not get duped into spending that much money on a game that is in this current state. If any of the rest of you have done something similar, or have had similar thoughts, I'd like to hear it.
  4. I have found multiple topics on different counselors we have now, and what their stats should look like because of how unbalanced some are. But I created this topic to pull in everyone's ideas for (all) counselor stats, and what you think they should be. Thanks, everyone!
  5. Jason part four aka the legend ted white is already looking bad. So he can jog and have negative shift? That is wrong. He already sounds worst than part three which is a good Jason but we wanted something to stand out with part four now he doesn't sound any different but worse actually that's ridiculous and a slap in the face to Jason players. He sounds like a mess imo atleast let him sprint or move a tad bit faster he has nothing good about him besides destruction. Can run is a cop out excuse for a perk.
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