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Found 3 results

  1. Have you played matches were you're either jason or a counsoler or got called and called others Trash? I've gotten called trash for slashing, getting on the roof as jason killing glitchers, etc.
  2. Have you ever rage quit a match in F13th? What were the circumstances?? I’ve done it before and i’ve done it more than once honestly.I know I know...I’m the only person on this forum who has rage quit ?‍♂️.Yes it’s just a game but I play to win like most people.But when I die and I know it’s because of someone else...I’m done.I remember jumping into a cabin thinking people were smart enough to lock doors ...NOPE...there is Jason ..right in my face . I was playing as AJ so I fixed the car and the phone ...meanwhile everyone else is running around leaving doors open and looking for pocket knives ..well long story short I found everything but the key which someone took and started the car without me...they later crashed ...died and I left as Jason had his eyes on me next . It seems like quick play is the absolute worst lobby of all time to be apart of ...It’s usually plagued with 6 to 12 year olds who search for pocket knives and then they still end up dying quickly...It’s even more annoying because I spend my time going behind them locking doors . This last one is funny ...I don’t mind spawn killing...but when you spawn kill when there is only 4 councilors ...I mean this guy killed my Tiffany right as she got done saying..”What am I gonna do?” Jason said “Obviously nothing but take this axe to your face “ I didn’t quit that match ..I just think sometimes things are so redicoulus it’s funny . Confess your RQ sins ?
  3. There needs to be a system for reporting players I'm sick of playing and some guy blocking my car from moving cause I don't want to run him over then Jason maganing to get me then I escape them one guy gets pissed off and hits me with his bat then drives away. Getting proper bored of it already. People who also think it's funny to kill you right before you reach the cops...anyone any thoughts?
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