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Found 9 results

  1. Has anyone received their signed game sleeves I’m a backer for the rev 1 machete steelbook and have yet to receive it.
  2. *This change would only affect people who own "Savini Jason"* I play primarily random Counselor/Jason to always have to adapt to what the game provides, for extra challenge, to keep the game fresh and to be surprised by being my favorite character and would like to see "Savini Jason" added to the "Random" Jason selection for those with the corresponding DLC. It would be a small tweak and really nice to people who supported the game and like the random aspect of the game (like me).
  3. Ok, so, I have been a very avid customer I donated alot of money back on the backer kit, close to 215$. I purchased the counselor clothing pack, and savini Jason, even bought a few extra and did a giveaway. i even bought and gave PSN cards to friends just so they could get this beautiful game I've been waiting my whole life for. All around I've given this franchise close to 500$. I got my savini and clothing codes for Playstation, unfortunately I was banned from PSN with my account being hacked and used for whatever nasty stuff the hacker used it for and PSN aren't doing anything about it. I ended up buying an Xbox after weeks of nothing from PSN. I was excited to jump back into your beautiful game even without my save data and friends. After rebuying the game I decided to also rebuy all the dlc too then realizing my beloved savini jason and clothing pack weren't here, it hit me like a ton of bricks. One of my prized possessions were stuck on a hacked banned account....my slasher backer and Kickstarter account used to buy and donate this money was used with this email address. so I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find out I'm not lying just to get a code out of the amazing developers. I've been a fan of f13 my entire life and put so much money down on this. I am begging you please for Christmas or for the fact I was screwed by PSN or for the fact I have given a load of money to this franchise please. I only ask for one Xbox savini Jason code please I can forward emails from backer kit and gun media itself confirming I did donate and purchase these items please I'm begging you guys.
  4. So is this a realistic solution to the Savini Skin debacle? Since many original backers feel slighted and many people who bought and supported the game with 40 dollars feel left out or were unaware of the option to purchase the skin. They could sell it on all platforms as a way to be a BACKER for new dlc. Seems like it would keep the creators at keeping their word as exclusive to backers, but also give the new supporters a chance to be included as backers. Again sold as a BACKER product for new dlc. Many companies do many rounds of investors (backers.) Thoughts?
  5. Hey Guys! I’ve backed your game (backerkit) way back, and I have received a code for the game itself, but haven’t got any code for the DLC skins? As I understand, all backers should get this or do I misunderstand something? Thanks for an amazing game by the way, absolutely love it!
  6. Several of us are having this issue, has anyone found a workaround or having the same issues? I was able to participate in the beta, but after the official release this problem has appeared. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help with this issue. I have several friends over on the steam side that are having the same issue to no resolve.
  7. So I backed this game on backerkit and explicitly bought the game twice, once for Steam one for ps4. I bought the game and the savini skin Problem though... I've only gotten the code for the game. I got a separate e-mail stating it was for the savini code I ordered but upon entering it, and looking at it, it said I already had it and it was actually the code for the game. Is the savini skin not in the game yet? Has the code been sent out proper yet? I'm loving the game but am quite worried.
  8. Hey everyone, backers should have received emails with links to get their game keys, so we can preload like those who pre ordered on steam. Not sure about other content such as Savini Skin.
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