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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Friends & The Wider Community, This is my first time visiting the forums and I wanted to help post a fix for Xbox One In-Game Chat. A lot of the time the in-game chat won’t work for people on Xbox One. I managed to find a fix for it, it is a little bit tedious, but stay with me as it works every time. This will work if the privacy options for Xbox are all available and open, and your mic still seems to not be working. The instructions are below: 1. Go to Xbox settings 2. Go to volume & audio output 3. Select party chat output 4. Select headphones & speakers 5. Hard reset your console (hold down the power button until it turns off, and wait a few seconds) 6. Restart the game, and test the in-game chat, it should be working now 7. Go back to the party chat output settings in the Xbox settings and select headphones again 8. Your mic should be working in both the Xbox party chat and the in-game chat now Hope this helps 😊
  2. Ever since the June update, offline mode on my PS has had issue wtih the sound and it’s timing with the cutscenes. No matter what, the audio for Offline bots mode (where the counselors are just chilling until Jason comes by to kill Rob starting the game) is always coming way to soon before the scene begins. It’s not only for this platform the issue occurs. Most of the Single Player Challenges also get delayed cutscenes. I’ll list the ones that are undergoing this. -Power Struggle -Lights Out -Packanack Party -Snuggle by the Fire -Strip Poker -Jason is HERE -and occasionally Vacation Party has the issue during intro, freezing the footage but still going on with the dialogue. I know this game didn’t have much luck the past, but I only wish for this quick fix from the developers to make the gameplay better again. Content or not, this is all I would like for now.
  3. This is my first (and probably last) post here. I have only created this account as a way to express my feelings towards Tommy as the game's development seems to be wrapping up soon. Some of Tommy's lines that are currently in the game make him sound rather wimpy and pathetic. In the movies, he was nigh fearless and fought Jason MULTIPLE times, so I thought that maybe something should be done about the lines currently in the game. Note: this is merely a suggestion. I'd love it if this was implemented (as it's a rather easy fix/tweak) but I know it might not happen and that it won't be a top priority. When running from Jason: "C'mon, maggot head!" "C'mon, chicken shit! C'mon, you pussy!" "Jason, come and get me! It's me you want, remember!?" (All recycled from when he stuns Jason.) Remove lines: "Help! Oh God!" "Please no!" "No!" When the power goes out: "*Heavy breathing sounds". (Recycled from when he's hiding inside a wardrobe/under a bed. Remove lines: Everything other than "*Heavy breathing sounds". When stunning Jason: "Jason, come and get me! It's me you want, remember!?" "Fuck you, Jason!" "You want some more!?" "*Angry scream" "Yeah, fuck you Jason!" "C'mon, maggot head!" "C'mon, chicken shit! C'mon, you pussy!" Remove lines: "Why won't you fucking die!?" "Dammit, just die, just die die die!" "You like that, huh?! You like that, asshole!?" When unmasking Jason: "Take that, you bastard!" I'll kill you, I'll fucking kill you!" Remove lines: "Ugh! What the fuck!?" "You won't kill me!" I know you can die, Jason!" When injured "*Pain grunts" Remove lines: "Help me! Please, anyone!" "Dammit! No!" "Oh God... No..." When dying by getting slashed: "He's killing me!" Remove lines: Everything other than "He's killing me!". When calling the cops: "Yes. Yes, is this the police? We're the kids at Camp Crystal Lake. We need you. We need you now. He's killing us, he's killing everyone." Remove lines: "Oh thank God! Please send help! Camp Crystal Lake! It's Jason... he's... back..." "Jason's killing my friends! Please get out here! No, this is not a prank! Jason's here. Jason's here. Oh my God, help!" "You need to get every last motherfucking cop out here to Camp Crystal lake. Jason's here. Did you hear me!? It's Jason, he's back." "I need you to listen to me! Jason Voorhees has returned and he's killing my friends. Oh my God! We need you here right now, please!" When fixing car/boat: No lines added or removed. When starting car/boat: No lines added or removed. When hiding: "*Heavy Breathing sounds" Remove lines: Everything other than "*Heavy breathing sounds". My two last suggestions (not related to lines) would be to make Tommy incapable of tripping and to remove his "Frightened" stance once he reaches max fear, having him only stay in the "Looking over the shoulder" stance. These changes should make Tommy feel more heroic and less like a scared, defenseless victim. I do not know if Gun will even read this, and I do know that this is not a top priority, but if they do acknowledge this, I'd like to see these ideas implemented if possible, as the current Tommy feels out of character compared to the one we see in Jason Lives.
  4. I've recently been running into a couple different issues. I bought the game yesterday so I'm not sure if this started before/after the update. Audio Issues: I'm frequently having audio issues when trying to use my bluetooth headset. I run into a few different issue Sometimes I have audio during the launch of the game, but it cuts out once a match entering into matchmaking. If I turn the headset off at any point I get a fatal error and the game completely crashes. Game Freezes/Crashes: This leads me to the larger issue of freezes/crashes I already mentioned the crashing from turning off my bluetooth headset Sometime I run into an issue where launching the game freezes Steam altogether. The only way to fix it is to kill Steam, and attempt to relaunch. Sometime a full reboot is required to get the job done.This happens whether or not the bluetooth headset is connected. I'm not sure how many other people are noticing the same issue. If anyone has any suggestion (other than use a wired headset) I'd be open to suggestions. Steam ID: artfuldodgerosu
  5. In my time of playing F13 which is 120 hours. I have noticed when I play Jason I have every audio Que except when someone starts the boat. Is this missing, intentional not in the game, or is the Que so soft/unusual that I might have not noticed it? When I am a counselor I hear the boat start but as Jason I have no way of knowing the boat is started. If anyone could give some feed back on this it would be appreciated. I do not want to have to be constantly opening my map to make sure people are not escaping via the boat. Thank you for your time
  6. Basically what it says. When in game I can't record other player's voices but I can hear my own just fine. This is a problem central to Friday the 13th as no other game has an issue recording in-game voice audio, so I suspect it's some sort of bug. I'm recording using the PS4 system.
  7. I have 4 hours on this game. I have been able to play roughly 45 minutes. This game is prone to CONSTANT freezes (not responding) on Windows 10. Happens at various points: Initial round start cutscene Being picked up by Jason Opening a drawer The audio will continue to loop but the game is non-responsive and must be force closed. Unable to reproduce this, seems to happen very frequent but randomly. Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD FX-8320 30 °C Vishera 32nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 669MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. 970A-D3P (CPU 1) 34 °C Graphics VE249 (1920x1080@60Hz) 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 (MSI) 32 °C Storage 931GB Seagate ST1000DM003-9YN162 ATA Device (SATA) 34 °C 111GB SanDisk SDSSDA120G ATA Device (SSD) 32 °C Optical Drives No optical disk drives detected Audio Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma
  8. This problem has been off and on for a little bit now. I've noticed that in the pre-game lobby AND during the game, My game-chat is NOT working. My Mic is registering my voice but nobody can hear me, except for my friends or those who are in my party. And, it isnt my settings or anything. I this a known issue?? It's getting very difficult to play, especially when new people want me to join their game and I cant help them out by talking. In case you were wondering, I play xbox.
  9. The Game isnt picking up my mic at all it worked for one game. the mic is working for everything else other game chats and party chat. i can hear people talking but thats it. has anyone else had this problem? do you know if there's a work around? Edit: on xbox one Restarting the game multiple times got it working. but at any moment it can happen again
  10. So: 1. Murdered/Escaped can speak to each other 2. Counselors can speak to other counselors nearby 3. Counselors can speak to cother ounselors over distance if the have found walkies 4. Jason can hear counselors nearby 5. ... ? The other day I was playing and I was the last one alive and suddenly a voice on the chat said "I'm coming to get you, you ready?" and then Jason appeared and gutted me. I did NOT think Jason could speak to Counselors... I mean, Jason can't speak in the movies. Could it be some private lobby setting (never hosted one) or does Jason come accross some ability on higher levels that makes this possible or can he use the walkies? (This was on PS4 and I had joined a game party but I'm absolutely sure audio was switched to "In Game" 100%)
  11. So, I lack 4 levels, the snake achievement and 2000 CP I had before. How that happened? I tried to plug in new headphones... which made both Friday the 13th and my Realtek Audio Manager get frozen in place. Maybe you can figure out if that's the game's usual reaction and fix it so others don't encounter the same issues - and even give me back what should be mine if you ever get to a point where you find the time for that. But the bug should probably actually be fixed - if it is one.
  12. One thing I'd really love to talk about, and see some behind the scenes of personally, (me being a big audio artist, and editor), is how Harry Manfredini's work will be implemented into the game. We've all heard Harry's music in all the films, all fantastic! They create the perfect character in atmosphere for all of these films. and we've heard some of the tracks in the Virtual Cabin, but we all know there's going to be more than just THOSE tracks. There are item cues, FEAR cues, event stingers, chase sequence (could be more than one chase song so you don't just get bored of the same chase music over and over again), there's Jason's hunting music. In any event, music on Jason's side may sound completely different from what the music on the counselor side is hearing in that same moment. Will music change dynamically during cinematic moments? For example, Music kicks into gear when you catch sight of Jason, what was the music doing BEFORE that moment? How will the music interact and transition when the player enters a cabin in the middle of said chase? Will it dynamically transition into a moment of tension and decision making, rather than the full blown chase music? Will the music be like Dead by Daylight where it's used as an alarm for the survivor? Or will it be used more cinematic, and only chime in if it suits the scene? (giving Jason the stealth he needs to creep up on a counselor). There are so many questions I have about the audio of this game and how it will meld all these experiences together to create a believable atmosphere. We. Must. Know. Harry. We must know...
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