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Found 1 result

  1. Should the Perk ,,Medic´´ get removed? Yes or no ? I voted for Yes. (There are many reasons for yes and I am being lazy to search the best) I am wondering how you guys feel about the perk , so I made a poll. Well , Shift-Grabbing can be easily countered with an unpredictable pattern of running unless that Jason is a god. Well , Juking Vanessas at Level 150 with 4 Sprays and thick skinned and most of the time is a true nightmare and costs a ton of time to be catched and she will most likely tank all throwing knives. Nerfing it so , that only the first spray gives 2 uses will probably result in the same but now she got 3 sprays...........yeah , that won't help much. She is literally uncatchable without +Shift or +Throwing knives and a lot of hoarded throwing knives. And then again , this perk gets affected by it's rarity to nearly no extend and fulfills it's purpose at poor rarity as good as epic. You can use it with any rarity and it will still be the best perk.......Or one of the best if you can't think of it otherwise. If it would use up two perk slots , it would help a lot but still , medic + thick skinned is still there , you just have to give up the repair perk (As if those jukers goal is to repair things) or Swift attacker (which is mainly used to troll and smack Jason) or Marathon. But since you guys think , nerfing it would solve all problems , I am going to add it as an option. *sigh* And remember , perks weren't meant to give a huge improvement to survive , just a bit easier like my Dads a cop or starting with a map. Thanks for voting!
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