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Found 2 results

  1. I'm an idiot. I thought Ben said we were yelling at the support staff he hired and then locked the topic. But, after reading it a few times I think he is saying he is yelling at the support staff he hired because they messed up. I apologize to Ben for saying he's a bit on edge and that he might turn into a diamond from all the pressure he's under and some other jabs in that other topic. This is a instance of where measure twice and cut once should have been observed. I did the exact opposite. I completely read his post out of context and jumped all over it. That is on me and I apologize for any unneeded stress I might have added. I do think a PR guy would still help smooth consumer relations a little though and give Ben some much needed breathing room. I'm thinking I might need a PR guy after this mess up. Mistakes were made. My video song apology with epic action sequences.
  2. Hey everyone, My name is Spooky Theory and chances are that you probably never came across me, but this apology is meant for the community as a whole. I was recently ban for my use of a macro keyboard to circumvent the auto-kick feature in the game. I frankly hate when cheaters do things to ruin the fun in games, from speed hacking, wall hacking and aimbotting, the whole group pisses me off; I, however, had given myself a special pass on this judgement and chalked my form of abuse up to a benign form of cheating. This reasoning failed to even account for all the people I was harming through my selfish pursuit of unearned achievement. I would first like to apologize to the players in the community who had the misfortune of having me on your team. In a team game that requires coordination and cooperation, I took advantage of your time and worked you into an unfair disadvantage in the game. It was an extremely low thing for me to have done to you. Secondly, I would like to apologize to the developers who made this great game. I was extremely careless and thought only of how I could game the system, in order to reap personal benefits while agitating your player base. I also made anyone who watched the stream where I was botting think that this game may possibly have a problem with cheaters, which in turn could hurt your sales. It was something that could be damaging to the reputation of a good company and good community. I am wholly to blame for my actions and I suffered the consequences for my selfish behavior. I loved playing this game and sadly I have ruined my opportunity to continue enjoying it. I would like this to serve as an apology to the entire community, and as a warning to people who think only of themselves while having reasoned that their personal methods are somehow justified. My time is limited, but so, too, is yours. I thought that crouching repeatedly in a match with a macro would solve my problem, meanwhile forgetting that this put other people’s time beneath my own. I am a scummy jerk for doing this to you. I am incredibly sorry. Best of luck to you all and goodbye. -Spooky Theory P.S. I found the much speculated about sex scene and would like to share this with you all before I'm gone. Take care, guys.
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