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Found 3 results

  1. So I was looking back on early footage of gameplay for f13 and I was wondering why they took away those great graphics and animations and if they’ll ever bring those back because the game would be a lot better with everything included with the alpha including the drown the counselor in the boat kill but u could only perform that during rage mode
  2. Early alpha looked much better than now. Do something with it already, Gun media and Ill Fonic... i never wanted to play very downgraded game.
  3. Thanks to @lHeartBreakerl for bringing this video up in another thread. Below I present the gameplay reveal for the game they showed about a year ago. I ask you this: why does the game in this video look much more polished than what we have? Animations seem smoother, Jason teleports in a puff of smoke rather than simply blinking with a jarring static effect. Sense isn't nearly as blinding. Shift took a little bit more skill because you had to aim it. They could've made it so you can't shift right in front of people with this method too. And the biggest part? NO PROXIMITY MUSIC. I feel this is something they needed to take from Dead by Daylight for whatever reason. Jason performed most of his kills in the movies without being seen, there was NOTHING to alert the Counselors of his presence. Isn't this supposed to be like the movies? Music in Rage Mode seems fair to me though. I feel like this would make the game much more horror esque, and bring that fear of Jason back to everyone. The game is slowly starting to devolve in terms of its gameplay, and Jason is just a stun locking joke to a group of Counselors that's halfway competent. Thoughts?
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