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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. I'm on PS4 and been trying to get the trophy using all the Jason kills. I haven't found a list at all, and found someone on Steam saying theirs 58 total kills. Wondered if anyone has a list? Cause since people tend to leave if killed in a public match, which makes the kill not even count. I wouldn't even know what kills I've lost. Thanks. Also Credit for Helping Suggesting Kills 1. VixanXV Here's a list of Kills for Jason to Use for Non Weapon and Environmental Kills Notes: * Not confirmed or unsure. ** Same kill, but different. [Level] Map Name Tom Savini's Jason DLC isn't needed for Trophy. Grappling Non Weapon Kills Back Breaker Bear Hug Body Slam Head Rip Choke Eye Gouge Head Crush Head Punch Head Squeeze Head Stomp Heart Punch Jaw Rip Knee Snap Neck Twist Two Handed Choke Known Weapon Kills Jason Part 3 Crotch Chop Head Chop Stunner Jason Part 9 How to Peel a Coconut Chest Stab Head Chop Decapitate Jason Part 8 Doubletap Chin Strike Fireaxe Throw Jason Part 6 Knock Down Spear Impale Shishkebab Jason Part 2 Canopener Throat Hack Headbutt Jason Part 7 Eviscerate Dismember Machete Stab Known Kills for Environments Corner Kill (Desk, Rock, Packanack Porch, Higgins Haven Porch, Tombstone and Pinball Machine)** Toilet Tree Stump Big Tree (Impaling) Small Tree (Pruning) Window Drowning Cabin Wall (Backbreaker) Cabin Wall (Face Slam) Repair Shop (Face Slam) [Crystal Lake]** Coat Hooks Bed (Need to Do With Each Jason with Different Weapon?)* Outhouse Cupboard/Closet Fireplace (Inside Building) Chair Graveyard Fence [Higgins Haven] Door Slam Campfire Water Pump Barn Fence [Higgins Haven] Wall Inside Cabin** Bird Bath Tent (Sleeping Bag) Boat Kill (Tip Boat then Drown Counselor)(Torpedo Badge) Other Kills Bear Trap Weapon of Choice (Jason's Prime) Throwing Knives Unconfirmed Kills A Kill Is Glitched. We Don't KNOW Which One OR Ones.
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