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Found 2 results

  1. If im playing and have to go afk for whatever reason i go to exit game but it says your the host everyone will get kicked i just leave the xbox on and let them play , to come back to like 6 messages of hate from the next match were i dont move at all etc ,cant win lol
  2. Friday the 13th: The Game Idea for AFK Counsellors. Would it and could it ever be possible to have an In-Game wallet where we could DUMP funds of our country "whatever your currency is" into our accounts either debit cards whatever and have it so that we now have an in-game wallet and we can DONATE 1$ to TAKE CONTROL and PLAY the AFK players if they are away awhile, while they are away and so now, while they are away..they can come back whenever they like and take control all over again so that option would be totally up to the donator if they WANT to they don't HAVE to there's always a choice. However remember they just made a Dollar in there Wallet for being AFK donated and played with. BOOOOM See the concept I'm getting at here? This idea could really start to get people playing more and more lobbies completed faster also giving an option for players to donate a dollar and play as the AFK Counsellor until they take control of the master controls again. If that's even possible then everyone would be making money an helpin everyone one having fun! Lets be real for a second, I'm not being greedy lol we can do this in-game currency or "real life" currency whatever everyone would be making money while playing Friday the 13th: the game if your in a lobby AFK for a while and another player donates to play your AFK Counsellor until boom you touch any button it ejects them and they regain control. If that's possibles this would be an amazing idea to even better our economy. Can't be that bad lol so crazy it might work! We can use the currency to buy in-game add on DLC clothing or buy personalization options if that were possible like being able to pay to change certain counsellors names and such I mean the money is all there and there's no need to have the counsellors tightened with such little personality so I mean, personalization would be amazing! Like a WWE 2k created superstar kinda thing lol and I know some people are thinking "well people are gonna abuse the AFK" not really I mean if someone is dumb enough to keep donating AFK and he's cancelling out then obviously stop donating to that loser and report him to Gun for a ban. There's always security precautions with this just an idea what do you guys think?
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