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Found 20 results

  1. There are four trophies/achievements, that are a bit insane to achieve. Camp counselor, Head counselor, The Sequel, The Final Chapter - requirements for these four trophies are needs to be nerfed ASAP! 500-1000 matches are a huge/impossible numbers, especially with Jason! The game won't be live as long as they can be achieved! I think 50-100 the numbers would be nice enough for these trophies. Please devs change the requirements for these trophies! I sepaking the name of many many gamers. Thanks.
  2. So as we all have been enjoying the offline bots here and there, I've found that not all bonuses are obtainable. For example ,the Party Kill. I've also noticed that outside of EXP and CP, we don't make any Badge or Achievement progress. There ARE some people who have obtained this game on PS4 or XBONE and don't pay for the online services. I personally would like to get the Jason badges and jason achievements and full bonuses. Since there is nothing to gain but levels and the lack of counselor play for offline would make things interesting and let the player somewhat set goals for what they hope to achieve on any given run.
  3. Hey Everyone, Will there be new Achievements/Trophies as the game grows? Also, what's the deal with the badge for completing the Virtual Cabin? The bottom of the award screen says "This badge will transfer over to the main game". I haven't seen this badge anywhere in the main game. By the way, I'm Virtual Cabin Badge Number 154
  4. Finally got the PhD in Murder trophy on PS4! That's all, just wanted to share/brag I suppose. Carry on now!
  5. There is plenty of ongoing frustration over the PhD in Murder achievement. Most people are stuck, and, despite numerous checklists, forums topics, and guides on third party websites, this achievement remains broken. So, my suggestion is to lower the threshold. Don't require 59/59 to get this achievement. 50 different kills should suffice. Or 52 if the devs want to stick with the "rule of 13" they have going in other areas. Maybe even 55 if you want to make people get over 90%. It may be a minor source of grumbling, certainly small potatoes compared to the continuing problem with keys/fuses/items becoming inaccessible after counselor death, but it's still something that should be addressed. IMHO, of course.
  6. Has anyone else had the issue of killing 8/8 counselors, including Tommy Jarvis and the achievement not unlocking? I uploaded my video of the game I achieved this in to Xbox Live, but it never unlocked. GT: TheHansonGoons if anyone cares to look through my captures of it.
  7. I've played as all Jason characters except the exclusive DLC and the achievement has not worked for me. Anyone else having this issue? On Xbox, I was at 83% complete then I played as my final Jason and it went to 92% then back down to 83%. I assume the exclusive DLC would not be a part of this achievement... That only makes sense.
  8. Thank you for the security patch that helped with a lot of issues. However, your 40 dollar game still hasn't registered that I've ever been killed by Jason! (The achievement hasn't been earned). I haven't been recognized for killing a counselor. I haven't been recognized for playing as Jason in a multiplayer match. I haven't been recognized for getting the sleeping bag kill. Why are achievements of all things so broken? Please fix. Thanks.
  9. Steam User: juan0tron On the latest patch as of 6/1, 6:45PM EST. Achievements: I've been having trouble unlocking most Steam achievements in the game since launch. My only achievements are: - Super Fan (I still don't have all counselors unlocked) - My Lucky Number At this point, I'm assuming I'm unable to meet the requirements for achievements like "Play as X character once" and "Get one kill" because I have already done these things more than once. I've also met the requirement for the "Teddy Protector" achievement multiple times now with no luck. Badges: - Badges like "barricade a door" seem to be only counting once per match, instead of per door (possibly by design). - Regardless of progress, some incomplete badges appear colored in while some do not.
  10. Hello Gun. I thoroughly enjoy your game, however basic achievements like: - Killing a Counselor - Playing a Multiplayer Match as a Counselor - Playing a Multiplayer Match as Jason - Play as all 10 counselors - Play as all 6 Jasons These achievements are not registering after completing them on Steam. Please fix this. Thanks.
  11. So I unlocked an achievement when I realized there's something off with the name. Is it a typo or is there a reference for it?
  12. I'm playing the game on Steam (username SPKx) and I noticed that there are some bugs involving the awarding of achievements. Achievements I Did Not Get (But Should Have) It's Friday the 13th First Blood He's Back Achievements That Were Awarded Too Soon Super Fan The general pattern here is that I am not getting achievements for the first time something happens. However, the game still keeps track of the progress of the other achievements. Here is a link to my achievement page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/spkx/stats/appid/438740/achievements
  13. some achievements dont work play once as jason(its friday the 13th) play once as counselor (summercamp) kill a counselor (firstblood) get killed by jason (he is back)
  14. some achievements dont work play once as jason(its friday the 13th) play once as counselor (summercamp) kill a counselor (firstblood) get killed by jason (he is back)
  15. When I was Playing F13 on steam i noticed i only got one achievement and i have vids recorded with me doing the stuff and i dont get them like wtf but it seems its going around i only unlocked super fan achievement and thats it so i tested by trying the h20 grave thing because its too easy and i went there didn't get it Plz Fix its annoying
  16. So I got the Super Fan achievement, despite the fact I'm only Level 9 and don't even have all the counselors yet. I assume it's ticking up erroneously from time to time, but I have no idea why. Perhaps it's counting being in a match with those counselors - a "contagious" achievement state, if you will. I also got the It's Friday the 13th, First Blood, and My Lucky Number all at the end of one match, the 6th or so that I played as Jason. This means that for whatever reason, it hadn't counted my previous plays as Jason, nor my previous kills. Having said all of that... Devs, if you're reading this: I know there are a lot of bug reports going around, and I know that must be discouraging, but you may have also noticed the huge load on the servers. Despite that the game has more bugs than Jason's rotting corpse in Part VI, people still love to play it, and that should say a lot. We know you're actively trying to fix everything, and we appreciate it a bunch! As long as you keep making progress, we will still keep playing your awesome game. Chin up! And thanks for making this hot mess a reality.
  17. alot my achievements on steam have not unlocked when some have and the easyer ones don't and alot harder ones don't
  18. For some reason there's some achievements on steam that I'm unable to attain that I know for a fact that I should have gotten by now. These are the achievements for me: Summercamp It's Friday the 13th First Blood Doomed, you're all doomed! One for Good Measure Friday Driver (i think i should have gotten this, I can't remember if I've gotten away via driving car myself or not) He's Back Cooking with Jason Voorhees
  19. So I had an idea; what if there was a counter that showcased the number of a type of kill you got? Just something in your passive stat listings that would have stuff such as: Window kills (where you throw someone through a window to kill them): 7 Grapple kills (where you use one of the preset equipped buttons to perform a kill with jason's bare hands): 15 Weapon kills (where you just swing your weapon and kill someone): 3 Weapon grapple kills (using your assigned weapon grapple kills): 8 And so on for the various areas and kills. This could be a checklist for different areas you could get kills and just a simple showcase of "oh I never got a kill at the tent, lets try to get that to work" or various other types of kills that more inventive players would try for.
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