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Found 16 results

  1. I just today did a FULL 100% in this game and what a GRIND it was! All Badges MAXED! ALL TAPES! All Challenges COMPLETED (All 3 Skulls and Objectives Done). COMPLETED Virtual Cabin 2.0! EVERY SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT! EVERY DLC! MAX RANK 150 (As of this post 150 is Max can change). I was wondering who else has made it to this point! This was on Xbox! Link below with pics of PROOF! https://ibb.co/album/f5wAdv
  2. Just to know if I'm the only one with this issue ? : the "Gotta Kill Em All" counter is working pretty randomly with my game (I already have the "Jason Goes To Hell" one)... Some times it just doesn't work, like tonight, I killed 7 counselors and my counter is still at the same point as before. And some times it just give me 1 or 4 kills even if I kill 18+ during my game session. Same with offline bots which should increase this achievement too... but just randomly from mostly 0 to whatever the game wants in some rare occasion. I found out about this issue after the offline bots was available because I was around 600/666 when I started farming X2 XP in offline mod, and my counter got stuck at 665/666 ... never giving me the "Jason Goes To Hell" achievement... even with online kills... so I checked the game files integrity... steam replaced 136 files (duno what happened there)... and I finally had my achievement during the next online game as Jason... but since then total randomness during offline and online... but most of the time 0 kill counted. I'm currently at 716/1000 and it doesn't increased since a long time... I'm really disappointed because it feels even more useless for me to play as Jason now. Others achievements like "Head Counselor" or "The Sequel" are working fine. I also noticed that ingame badge like the one for "perform a weapon kill on counselor" are also goddamn random (I performed 5 weapon kills tonight but only got 2 in the badge count).
  3. Have a friend who only recently bought the game and confirmed; he'd never played a match as Jason and I had him go into an Offline Bot match and when it ended he did pop the trophy for "First Blood" (Kill 1 counselor), but not "It's Friday the 13th" (Play 1 multiplayer match as Jason), so Offline Bot matches will definitely not contribute to the 500/1000 matches needed as Jason to pop the two trophies.
  4. Anyway, I couldn't wait any longer, I had to create a second account. My other account was suspended, and I didn't do anything wrong. I joined the forums because I have the 100% completion bug, I can't play the game at all because I unlocked all of the achievements. Anyway, when I created a topic regarding the bug, Gun Media Ben locked, he didn't even give a reason, I was speaking to others who are currently experiencing the same issue, and he just locked it! I've sent multiple PMs regarding the issue, I've received cliché, robotic, developer responses. No details whatsover. Anyway, I was suspended because of my "outburst" towards an admin apparently, I didn't use any swear words or anything, I just broke things done for him, I've received swear words from members here, but admins just delete the response, they don't punish the people who attacked me. It's simple, Gun Media Ben and the rest of the inexperienced developers doesn't like or want me talking about a bug they've known about since SEPTEMBER, instead of prioritising the bug, they're working on single-player content and other things. We deserve better! I put in passion and dedication in the game, and this is how I am rewarded? I put in over 800 hours and unlocked all of the achievements, and now, I can't play at all. AT ALL! It's disgusting! I expect to play a game and unlock all trophies/achievements without this ridiculous stuff happening. This game has had issues since day one. This is too much. Get it together, developers!
  5. So, I unlocked "The Final Chapter" achievement last night, since unlocking the achievement, my game freezes every time, I've done some research, and others who has unlocked this achievement are also experiences the same issue. Someone's been waiting 2 months to play! When will this issue be resolved? This is beyond disappointing. This issue needs to be fixed ASAP!
  6. The dude really got upset for me not teaming up with him. It was funny hearing his sigh of despair for not negotiating. Fuck teamer's and do the same as me Jason's don't negotiate with them.
  7. I continue to come across people in public matches teaming up to get achievements. What happens is at least three friends are communicating outside game chat and having Jason kill off the first friend to come back as Tommy. Then Jason kills everyone but them. Meanwhile a girl has the sweater, Jason let's Tommy hack his mask off and then so on to get the acheivement. I'm sure this is not uncommon. Meanwhile everyone else in the lobby is just sitting there like idiots watching this spectacle. Did they actually earn the acheivement? No? Are they hacking the game? Yes. What should we do about this? I'm sure it's been had over and over
  8. As of late, I've been trying so dang hard to get the "Unlikely final girl", which specifies that you need to "Play as Tiffany Cox and be the only survivor of a match". It's been proving near impossible due to what I would say is bad luck and her incredibly terrible repair skill. Still, I did manage a few matches of close calls, but my problem was in a specific round; I had managed to fix the boat by myself (somehow Jason didn't find me) and I managed to escape. I was called back as Tommy. As the match continued, I died as Tommy and so did everyone else, ending with Jason having a 7/8 score, making Tiffany the only survivor, but I did not get the achievement. Another time, I escaped as Tiffany and also came back/escaped as Tommy, but again, no achievement. Does this achievement actually mean that you need to be the only surviving person still on the map when time runs out or have I encountered a glitch?
  9. So with the double Exp weekend going on I manged to get enough Xp to unlock all the counslers and decided to play as them all for the Super Fan Achievement. After doing them all and checking after every game I noticed that I didn't get credit for using Kenny, Brandon(Buggzy) & Eric. As much as I love this game it's just plain annoying to play with characters to get an achievement out of the way just to not be rewarded for using almost half of the characters in game even though I played a full match with them from beginnning to end without any disconnects
  10. The trophy "A Ph.D in Murder" is still glitched on PS4. Are the Devs not bothering to fix this? This is a known issue, even FT13 twitter has confirmed they know about it. The trophy works on Steam. Xbox wise, the Devs said it was fixed in the last update but there are still 0 achievers. @GunMedia_Ben
  11. So, my friend and I have been trying to get him this trophy since the game came out, we know we've done all the executions you buy for Jason and the Jason specific ones (excluding Savini Jason as we weren't backers). We are pretty positive we have done all the environmental (24 different ones, 2 of which were map specific, listed out). We know we dont need Savini Jason, because he wasn't needed for the achievement/trophy for playing as every Jason. Is it possible that it's glitches for console? I even looked at percentage for the trophy/achievement earned on each system, and PC is the only one to have anyone have it.
  12. Hey guys! Anyone down for some private matches to earn achievements in the game? (Some achievements are broken in quick matches). I'll be online pretty much all night. Hit me up if interested. http://steamcommunity.com/id/andrewswms Thanks!
  13. So at first the steam achievements weren't working at all on launch, badges as well. But now I'm starting to get them. Problem is, I have a few achievements except for the easiest ones, which are play as a counselor and Jason. Which I've obviously done since I have other achievements that require me to play multiple times. Anybody else have a similar problem?
  14. Since there is so many kills and executions, I think a checklist on the menu should be available to keep track of which executions you have completed and which ones you need to do. I thought I had a decent amount done but was unaware of how many environmental kills there really is, I'm at 3% complete lol it will take forever and is impossible to track yourself
  15. Last night, my group and I decided to try to kill Jason and we proved successful after the second try once we figured out how to get it right. However, only Tommy Jarvis received the achievement Killing Jason. While I can fully understand the campers standing around shouldn't get the achievement, it seems odd to me that the one other key component doesn't receive anything. As well as Tommy Jarvis, you need a female character wearing Jason's mother's sweater in order to distract him. Without her, there is no killing Jason. Period. I would think at the very least those two characters should receive the achievement (or some sort of achievement; perhaps the female receives a "distraction" or "Jason's Mother" achievement, something like that.) I know in our game, I had to be the one who stunned Jason, so perhaps as well as another character if they are the one to stun Jason if the girl wearing his mother's sweater couldn't manage to successfully hit Jason. Taking down Jason is not possible without teamwork and at least 2 or 3 characters playing very specific roles and causing damage. It is nothing myself nor anyone was angry about. We were simply stumped and were discussing it at the time as it seemed odd. Just food for thought.
  16. Hey Guys, I was looking at the Trophy List on PS4 and noticed that we have a trophy called "Cooking With Jason Vorhees". This is a very, very, very, little nitpick of me, but why is his last name spelled wrong? I know one of the pledge tiers on Kickstarter was Design a Trophy/Achievement, so if a fan designed it, I can understand the misspelling, a little bit. I think it should be spelled correctly whether it was a Fan Trophy/Achievement or not. Unless that person specifically requested it spelled that way, since people constantly spell his name wrong like that. Almost like an inside joke among the community. Okay, that's my two cents. I think I'm gonna change my name to Roy Borns. It's only fitting that I do.
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