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Found 1 result

  1. I'm sure this may be something that will be corrected in the future, I keep wondering if a few of the voice lines were simply placeholders for the beta, but one line that kind of makes me wonder if it could be improved. When working on the car in particular when filling the gas, more often than not they say either "Thank god it actually fit" or "I hope I'm doing this right" Now, every time I heard that I laughed, gas is an essential part but having it actually fit or be incorrectly installed in an empty gas tank I always found those lines to be better suited toward installing the battery than putting the gas in. I mean gas is simple A to B, anyone who has worked a gas pump before should know how to put it in. Maybe have them say things like "There. Gas is in." or simply "Got it." or "Filled up" when putting the gas in. Another idea would be to add in lines when they've made a mistake on the mini games: For gas: "Oops! Spilled some..." "I hope that'll come out in the wash" For the battery: "Oh, that's the ground" "Shit! Almost electrocuted myself there." For the phone: "Oh fuck! I hope he didn't hear that!" "Oops!" Maybe thoughts on individual characters like Deborah fixes the phone line maybe she can say "Easy peasy" or Tiffany could say "I hate fixing stuff" more akin to their personality types.
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