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Found 25 results

  1. Been wanting to get into doing some costumes for Friday the 13th and while I have some ideas for the brands and colors to go for part 3 Jason I am having some issues with at least two other costumes. Namely Roy's coveralls as I dont know which brand was used for his coveralls and having a hard time figuring the color as in some shots they look blue and others it seems to be a hint of green. My other issue is with the part 2 Jason namely getting the right flannel as all the blue ones I find dont quit look even close enough. Any help would be appreciated along with any help for the other Jason's as well as I plan to do them as well in the future as well as some of the counselors from the game.
  2. Been wanting to get into doing some costumes for Friday the 13th and while I have some ideas for the brands and colors to go for part 3 Jason I am having some issues with at least two other costumes. Namely Roy's coveralls as I dont know which brand was used for his coveralls and having a hard time figuring the color as in some shots they look blue and others it seems to be a hint of green. My other issue is with the part 2 Jason namely getting the right flannel as all the blue ones I find dont quit look even close enough. Any help would be appreciated along with any help for the other Jason's as well as I plan to do them as well in the future as well as some of the counselors from the game.
  3. Trope/Role - "The Daredevil" Gender - Male *Age - 17/18 * I mean, this is pretty obvious. Does it need a explanation? Reggie was 14 in the film, so buff his age a few years for the game. Reggie was also supposed to come back for part 6, but it didn't happen because Shavar declined. This could kind of be a tribute to that as well. Stats @[IllFonic]Courier @wes These are our final stats. No more tweaks or edits. Finally, I can relax. Composure - 8 Speed - 7 Luck - 7 Stamina - 5 Repair - 3 Stealth -3 Strength - 2 Explanation on Stats Composure - 8 - His highest stat. When people think of Reggie, the first thing they think about is his speed. His bravery in the film was much underrated, as he nearly killed Roy twice by being composed. He planned what he was going to do and didn't go completely hysterical. Let's not forget he says, "where I come from, you learn to be afraid of nothing." Sure he screamed, but what final victim doesn't? Luck - 7 He survived the film, and as a Black brotha as well. Truly puts a kick to the stereotype. Lucky Speed - 7 - What most people remember Reggie for. God, he bolted the scene, leaving Pam behind in the dust. Fast. Stamina - 5 An odd anomaly. Due to balancing, there's no way Reggie can be fast, have stamina, be lucky and composed. It's safest bet in the game is average. Reggie's speed was much more notable than his stamina. Repair - 3 - As a kid in the film, he was able to start the tractor and drive it. It's clear he knows a little bit about vehicles to support someone. (Pam) Stealth - 3 Although he survived the film, he failed to have any notable good stealth. Roy discovered him in the barn because he made noise. He also kind of gave up his position anyways cheering for Pam using the chainsaw. Strength - 2 Reggie wasn't interested in weight lifting or sports, but more in reckless/dangerous things. He'd have generally low strength. He was also skinny and a young teen in the film. Character Background - This counselor is known for being reckless. Being in semi dangerous situations, they never seem to hurt themselves, but is capable of putting other people's lives in jeapordy. They don't mean to and usually mean well to the people around them, but their actions interfene. In a few cases, they may end up helping the others around them because of their brave and daring instincts. This character comes from a inner city neighborhood and has been forced by his parents to go to a camp for the summer after being involved in too much negative actvity in the neighborhood. Model - Could be based off the actor, Shavar Ross as a homage to his character Reggie "The Reckless". *If you're attempting to keep Reggie's face the same as in the film, I suppose you'd have to buff his body up just a little bit to avoid looking like a kid. Clothing Styles Ideas - Game Add Ons - pitched by @Liquid Swordsman Like being chosen to be Jason, except, the game will randomly handpick a counselor player on the Pinehurst map with the special privilege of driving the tractor. I've been speculating a title of what to call this system. A couple of names I came up with so far: "Reckless Mode" or "They call you Reggie The Reckless" Once that happens, the game will automatically spawn you at the barn on Pinehurst while remaining in the tractor. There could be a tagline above the screen reading something like: Reckless Mode: "They call you Reggie The Reckless" "Because no spider will scare you. The other counselors are in danger, luckily your reckless thinking might come in good use for them. You've been given the opportunity to drive the tractor. Use it wisely!" From here on out, the Reggie player has the option to either drive the tractor now or save it for another time. This gif can be something like a intro cut scene for a Jason stun:
  4. Okay, I did a search and didn't find this topic yet, but if it exists and I missed it, Mods -- please merge. Pinehurst is a good addition. Roy's a good addition. Roy's a good killer. Roy is NOT a good "Jason." I know, several people are "justifying" Roy spawning in the shack and hearing Pamela's voice because "he's crazy and thinks he's Jason." But really? Does he know the Voorhees family THAT WELL that he knows everything about their past, where Jason lived, the sweater story, etc.? Probably not. So I have a feeling the devs are going to be working on giving Roy his proper backstory in a future update. (It may be a LONG time due to priorities, but I still think it's coming.) Here are some things I think we might see: Roy spawns at an ambulance on a distant road Roy hears Joey's voice in his head ("Daddy, don't let them hurt me anymore!" "Stop them, Daddy!" "They hurt me, Daddy -- now you hurt them!") I wager Dominick Brascia would likely offer to return to perform the ghostly voice of Joey from beyond the grave If you as a counselor can find the ambulance, you can also find the one thing Joey had on him when he died: his chocolate bar. (Roy's version of the sweater) You can pick up the chocolate bar and use it with Roy to confuse him into thinking you're Joey (but the reverse of Jason: only MALE characters can do this) To this, please add, delete, comment, question, approve, condemn, applaud, laugh, or swear away.
  5. Spawn: The shack should not be on the map. Instead he would just spawn at an exit or in the area where he would spawn in the shack. Pamala voice: remove Pamalas voice, even when they get the equivalent to the sweater, but we’ll get to that. Killing Roy: this would be the biggest difference with Roy. A female counselor will have to find a picture of Roy’s son. This will take up two slots in a counselors inventory. Roy would be altered with a sound that a female counselor has the picture. Oh yea, you find the picture in a random drawer. You would still need to get his mask off and have Tommy kill him. These aren’t huge differences, but I think this would make Roy different from other Jason’s.
  6. If you're like me, you had immense disappointment when Roy Burns came out. The fact he spawns at the shack, Pamela calls him Jason, Pamela Talks to him, and Abilities. But I Have an Idea. {Roy Challenge Character} One Idea I've had is make Roy a Challenge to play as. The Idea is to Remove the Abilities. It gives High Rank players a chance to show their dominance, or just give people the Opportunity to challenge themselves against Friends or Offline Bots. {Roy Changes} I've had this Idea for a while, have Roy spawn next to something (We'll talk about that something next topic.) and Get rid of Pamela talking to him. The Roy leaving the Camp screen is perfect. Also, Remove kills from Roy such as Head Punch, as he is just an ordinary human. Also I think Roy dying when he gets shot is a bit much, but If you like my other idea of Roy being a challenge, Go for it. This leads to Another Question, How do we kill the Roy-Man Himself. {How to Kill Roy} Now this Idea has been sitting in my mind and I have to let it out. Make Roy spawn in an empty space where a Shack would be, Make there be a big log there with a Chocolate Bar, Due to his son Joey loving chocolate. Take off Roys mask to knock him into reality and let any character use the Chocolate Bar and Tommy man would kill Him like always, Also this is a long shot, but how about make Joey talk to Roy Royhees. Hopefully you guys see this- Uncle Roy
  7. So I prolonged ever coming to these forums cause lets face it, it was for the best!!! Let me start by saying I'm a hardcore fan born early 80's and a absolute fan of the entire F13 franchise. Now down to business. FIX YOUR GAME!!!!!! Man that felt good. I am 100% aware of how the game was when released and everything up to this point in time. 2 HUGE issues that needed fixed from the word go is the host migration & the spawn preference......everything else I can live with. I can even live with the pathetic trolls in game that try be tough and tea bag a Jason that isn't hunting cause lets face it, HOST MIGRATION NEEDS BE FIXED!!!!!!! In short if you would have delayed the game til Oct 13th instead of releasing in May you would of had the proper time to fix said issue and not of had so many issues in game. Just to show I'm up to date your Roy Jason is the worse crap ever.....it not even out yet and I'm pissed! You hype that it going get more intense but you giving us a Jason who's weaknesses are ( Defense, Grab strength and stun resistance)?!?!?! OOOOOOOOOO, but he can run and we giving 2 extra knives. WHAT A JOKE!!! Now spawn issues. Tired of going into a game and playing as a counselor 50 times before ever getting to be Jason when I only need 2 trophies in the entire game, 500 as Jason and 1000 as Jason.....Oh and I'm 100% done all available badges and have collected all 20 Pam tapes & even 4 Tommy tapes. So let me wrap this up by saying if this wasn't a F13 based game I would have gone Office Space on it back in May. Fix your broken ass game please, you have a great product with a epic name attached and your blowing it!!!!
  8. Roy from part 5 has no logic, he can hear Jasons mom, be affected by the sweater, stop cars. Pleace delate Jasons mom voice or make his voice in his own head.
  9. Okay, this idea will probably go no where or somebody may have already thought of it, but I had an idea that I thought would be cool when playing against the fake Jason. Since Roy isn't the real Jason, I thought it would be really cool if the first person whom escapes or gets some kind of achievement becomes the real Jason and not only can he kill the counselors but he can also kill Roy. Then we could have a Real Jason vs the Fake Jason. What do you think? -SIN- JASON
  10. I don't know if I'm the only one but I actually like the new killer Roy and he's quickly becoming my favorite killers to use. The problems that I've been hearing other people talk about, I can understand but they still make sense in my opinion. One complaint that I keep hearing is that you kill Roy the same way you would kill Jason, which to me isn't that big of a deal because Roy believes himself to be Jason so anything that works on Jason should work on him. My only problem with him is that while you are playing as him you can hear Pamela's voice, in my opinion this is the only thing that doesn't sit right with me. It would make a whole lot more sense to hear Roy's inner monologue as he's going around killing people, like have him say similar lines as Pamela, stuff like "I'll make them pay...make them suffer." "I will not die!" "I'll make them pay my son." (referring to Joey) or "Kill them.....Kill them all!". This would just make more sense to me especially since you don't hear Pamela's voice at the end of the match when he's walking away. Tell me what you guys think.
  11. So i have to ask. Is it possible to get Roy´s (Jason Part 5´s) mask off? And if so, would he react to Jasons mothers sweatshirt and be able to get killed? Technically he is human and should be able to be killed with a shotgun blast, but that would balance out the game. On the other hand, he isn´t Jason, so he should not react to Jason´s weaknesses. But since Jason´s mother keeps talking every time you kill someone as Roy i guess its not the same part 5 as in the movies. Sould he have some other weakness or just be like any other Jason with their pros and cons?
  12. As someone who pushed hard for Roy as a playable Jason, this is a good news. Roy's stats: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16087-jason-v-roy-stats/
  13. Do you guys possibly know what time the update will be launched? Preferably EST?
  14. So now that the game is out and we know how Jason works I want to take the time to think about how to make Roy fit into the killer's role in this game. Now since Roy Burns is a copycat killer imitating Jason he can be used as just another Jason in this game, and I don't think the changes the team would have to make for him would be anywhere near as expensive or time consuming as making Pamela playable. Roy's super human feats are on par with Jason's in Parts 2 & 3 and I don't see any problem with Roy performing the ability's Jason shows in this game as Roy is strong enough to lift a person one handed and burst though doors just like in this game. (The teleport in a gameplay mechanic not an in lore power) There is really only one problem I see with making Roy a playable killer, and it's Pamela. For Jason his mother Pamela acts as his narrator and her shrine acts as his spawn room. But Roy has no connection to Pamela, he kills for his son Joey not Jason's mom, so it wouldn't make sense for Roy to hear her voice in his head or to hang out with her head. When it comes to the narration I see two options here, either we just just mute it for Roy or we replace the voice of Pam with Joey to motivate him. Now I think we can keep the shack as a spawn for Roy to act as his hideout but the shrine to Pam would have to be replaced for something else, again it should be probably be something related to Joey (Warning if you don't want to know how to kill Jason) Highlight below. So the to kill Jason you need to take his mask, Pam's sweater, and have Tommy hit him with a machete. The part about the sweater is the only part here I think needs to change. As I said the shrine to Pamela should be replace with something relating to Joey, so maybe instead sweater stunning him we could use something that makes him think of his son like picture of him, his hoodie, or a chocolate bar
  15. ~•Game Modes•~ So I made this post to share some of my ideas for new game modes, as well as some other ones that I've seen...... feel free to comment your own as well! 1.) Campaign Mode I was thinking a campaign mode would be pretty cool, and if I were to come up with the idea for one, I would base it off of the original NES game. If you don't know the plot for the original game, here's a quick summary that I stole from the wiki... "It's a pretty typical summer at Crystal Lake. There's a group of happy children staying in the Camp. You and your six camp counselor friends are watching over the kids while enjoying the lake and the wilderness. The days are bright and sunny. The nights are cool and clear. But Jason is on a rampage, and it's up to you to stop him, but it's not going to be easy. You must first fight your way through forests filled with man-eating wolves, caves covered with blood sucking bats, and hordes of mindless zombies everywhere you turn. You must also help any friend who is in danger, or else you can just kiss them goodbye. Hiding in a cabin or staying adrift in a canoe won't keep you safe, as Jason will find you. The only way to survive this summer is to challenge Jason face to face, and destroy him." (http://fridaythe13th.wikia.com/wiki/Friday_the_13th_(NES_video_game)). Now, this wouldn't be possible as of now, because a Jason AI doesn't exist, or at least that we know of, but none the less, I thought it would be a cool idea. 2.) Paranoia Mode Yes, I know that this mode exists, however we still don't know how it's going to work yet. If you don't know, there was a Friday the 13th computer game in 1985. Here's a summary of how you played it: "The player can roam around freely in the scenery, walk in and outside of buildings. Jason, as well as other characters, do the same. It is the player's task to make sure his friends do not get killed by Jason, who often appears disguised as one of them, unless he is hit once and becomes visible as a man dressed in black. Various weapons (e.g., chainsaw, pitchfork) are scattered around the area and can be picked up. There are five levels in the game, each time you play as another character. " (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_the_13th_(1985_computer_game)). Now, Paranoia wouldn't work exactly like this, but Jason being disguised as a player, such as a TF2 Spy, I believe is likely to make it in. Of course, Jason is going to be repleaced by Roy Burns, the copycat killer from Friday the 13th Part 5. Another way it might work is a sort of werewolf type game, where there are 7 or 8 counselors, and each day one of them is voted to be executed. Each night, the werewolf, or the copycat killer will choose someone to kill. Which of these two do you think is more likely? 3.) Pamela Mode Now, we all know that Roy and Pamela are not going to be in the regular F13 Mode. However, since Roy is getting his own game mode, why shouldn't Pamela? You could replace Jason's abilities with more human like ones. And she would likely use a Machete, Axe, or Bow, since all 3 of them are used in the original movie. But how would it work? I can imagine some sort of way to pick off counselors one by one. I can only see this as an altered version of the original F13 game mode. Finally, Pamela would probably control almost identically to the counselor. 4.) Part 9 Mode Inspired by SahSimon's idea, a game mode where instead of killing counselors, Jason will possess them. If you haven't seen Part 9, this is something that happens throughout, in order to keep Jason's spirit alive, yes I know, it's a really weird concept. To kill Jason, you would need to get a new hero character, either Creighton Duke or Jessica Kimble, who would spawn woth the voorhees dagger and kill Jason. There would have to be more steps in order to kill him, but I figure this would be a cool concept. 5.) Race Minigame Disclaimer: I did NOT make this idea, I found it on the forums previously. All the counselors would race to the exit while Jason tries to kill them all. Betraying is allowed, and all stats are identical. I see this as a minigame you'd play while waiting for counselors to ready up. 6.) Race Minigame: Room for 1 A slight twist on the "Race Minigame" all rules are the same except only 1 counselor can escape. Those are a few game mode ideas that I think would be really cool additions to the game. Comment below your opinions or your own game mode ideas.
  16. I would love to see Friday the 13th: The Game with some new playable characters (both the killer and counselors) plus a new game mode! There are 3 characters that I can think of which I would like to suggest to be added along with a new game mode which I will get to in a bit. 1) Young Jason 2) Pamela 3) Roy These characters have all appeared in the Friday the 13th film series and I think would make a great addition to the game. I'm aware that they may not necessarily be as overpowered as some of the other Jason's but that is why I'm going to suggest a new game mode. New Game Mode 1) This new game mode will allow you to play as one of the 3 characters listed above when playing as the killer. 2) The Killers will each have unique abilities. 3) It will have a maximum player count of 6 players (1 killer and 5 counselors). 4) It will have new playable maps. 5) It will have new playable characters when playing as the counselor. Explanation The killers new unique abilities will not include any kind of supernatural ability (morphing or shifting). They will each have different pros and cons eg. Young Jason Pros - will have really fast movement, will be sneaky etc. Cons - will have much lower HP, will not have a weapon to use, can only grab counselors at very close range The reason why the game mode will have a maximum player count of 6 is because the killer isn't going to be as overpowered as the other Jason's. The new maps could be related to the killers eg. one of the maps could be from Part V where Roy is the killer. I think this would be a great idea and would love to have even more suggestions off other people that like this idea. Hopefully this can become a future DLC one day. I would even be perfectly fine with paying for this if it ever became available.
  17. So, I watched 'A New Beginning' last night and took notes throughout the film. I'm posting them here so we can debate Roy as a Jason using facts. To start, this is what I believe Roy's strengths and weaknesses should be. Strengths +Stalk +Weapon Strength +Stun Resistance Weaknesses -Sense -Can't Run -Defence Weapon Machete (plus average traps and knives) The reasons for my choices are based on Roy's actions during the film: Defense Roy fails to block all incoming attacks, except for the chainsaw. Destruction While Roy's ability to burst through a door is impressive, it is on par with the ability of all Jasons once "Rage" is activated. 59:00 - Roy smashes his hand through a window, killing Ethel with the cleaver 1:10:05 - Roy walks through a door like it's not there 1:13:10 - Roy throws a body through a window Driving The subject of Roy driving comes up often. Roy is not the driver of the ambulance. Roy's co-worker is also found dead in the driver's seat. 21:20 - Roy's a passenger in the ambulance, not the driver Grip Strength Roy has an above average grip strength, in line with other living Jasons. 1:08:00 - Roy chokes Violet against a wall and raises her up the wall, all one-handed 1:22:18 - Roy holds holds himself up using the arm lacerated by the chainsaw Less or More Hit Points Roy takes more damage during the course of the film than the average human could likely withstand and keep going. The amount of damage Roy takes is on par, and possibly more, than other Jasons. 1:14:25 - Roy is hit with a tractor 1:17:15 - Roy takes a slice from a chainsaw to his left shoulder 1:19:20 - Roy takes a knife to the inner thigh, then manages to climb a ladder 1:22:50 - Roy takes a machete chop to the wrist, possibly losing his hand Morph Roy displays 4 instances of what could be considered a "morph". Roy's ability to do so is likely on par with other Jasons, particularly living. 56:00 - Matt and George killed offscreen, presumably before or during while Reggie, Pam and Tommy were at the trailer park. Roy then appeared at the trailer park to kill Demon and Nita. 57:35 - Junior arrives at home on his motorcycle, having left the trailer park (again, on his motorcycle) before Roy (who stayed to kill Demon and Nita), Junior killed by Roy at 58:45, cleaver kill. *Roy is able to go from the trailer park to Ethel's in an impossible amount of time. 1:11:10 - Reggie and Pam ran from the house to the ambulance, Roy does not run after them. Roy appears on the opposite side of the ambulance. Roy does not appear tired or breathing heavily. Basically, an impossible scenario again which requires Roy to "Morph". When Reggie and Pam run away, Roy *walks* after them. 1:13:10 - Pam runs back to the house, stops briefly to see a dead body on the way. Pam is in the house briefly before Roy throws the body of George through the window Rage Roy displays rage in the climax of the film, bursting through a door with ease and powering through multiple stuns. Run At no point in the film does Roy ever run. Roy's fastest pace is a "fast walk" similar to undead Jasons already in-game. 1:11:10 - Roy walks after Pam and Reggie 1:13:45 - Roy "fast walks" in pursuit of Pam 1:16:00 - Roy walks to the barn Sense Roy does not appear to have any sort of extra sixth sense. Roy's attempt in example #2 highlights his inability to sense. Roy's "sense" ability is deficient compared to other Jasons. 1:18:05 - Roy does not "sense" Tommy has entered the barn until Reggie calls out Tommy's name 1:21:00 - Roy attempts to "sense" where Reggie and Pam are. Reggie reveals himself and Roy doesn't see the sneak attack coming from behind by Pam Shift Roy's ability to "shift" is average. He displays being capable of doing so twice- particularly in example #2. His ability is not above or below average. 38:51 - Roy appears on one side of the car, then the other, kills Lana, axe kill (This could easily be accomplished by walking, presented in the film as a "Shift" though.) 45:00 - Tina seen laying on blanket, wide shot, no Roy in sight, Roy appears, kills Tina, shears kill Stalk Roy is a master of "stalk". Out of Roy's 17 victims. a confirmed 11 never saw it coming. 25:40 - Roy appears behind greaser fixing car, flare kill 26:30 - Roy appears behind 2nd greaser inside car, machete kill 37:20 - Roy appears behind Billy, axe kill 43:50 - Roy appears behind drifter, knife kill 46:10 - Roy appears behind Eddie, belt kill 54:55 - Nita gasps, killed by Roy offscreen, unknown weapon kill 56:00 - Roy kills Demon, spike kill 59:00 - Roy kills an unsuspecting Ethel, cleaver kill 1:03:55 - Roy kills an unsuspecting Jake, cleaver kill 1:06:20 - Roy kills an unsuspecting Robin, machete kill 1:06:55 - One of the greatest stalks ever, Roy sneaks in on Violet dancing, machete kill Stun Resistance Roy's longest stun duration is after he is hit with a tractor. All other stuns happen after the hit from the tractor and Roy is able to recover from them in a remarkable amount of time considering the damage he's taken. 1:14:25 - Roy is stunned by a hit from a tractor 1:15:25 - Roy shakes off two kicks to the mask from Pam 1:17:55 - Roy shakes off a chainsaw thrown at him 1:19:20 - Roy is stunned by a knife to the inner thigh 1:21:30 - Roy is hit in the back with something wooden (?), not stunned 1:21:55 - Roy is knocked out of the barn but manages to hold on, apparently with the arm lacerated by the chainsaw 1:22:50 - Roy's hand is chopped with a machete causing him to lose his grip and fall to his death Traps Roy uses no form of traps throughout the film, at least not that we see. This is on par with other Jasons. Water Speed Roy is never seen swimming or in a situation that requires it. We would assume he's not above or below average. Weapon Strength Roy is an effecient killer and doesn't require more than one blow/cut/stab/etc to kill a victim. Weapons Roy's preferred weapon is the machete. Over the course of three days, Roy uses the machete on the first day and then enters the film's climax on the third day with the machete. It is the only weapon to be used on multiple days. The cleaver and machete are both used three times. The machete may have been used up to five times as two victims are found with their throats slashed. 25:40 - Flare 26:30 - Machete 37:20 - Axe 38:51 - Axe 43:50 - Knife 45:00 - Shears 46:10 - Belt 54:55 - Unknown weapon (throat slashed) 56:00 - Spike 58:45 - Cleaver 59:00 - Cleaver 1:03:55 - Cleaver 1:06:20 - Machete 1:07:55 - Machete 1:11:10 - Unknown weapon (throat slashed) 1:12:25 - Railroad spike 1:13:10 - Unknown weapon (eyes gouged, similar to shears kill) Mods- if this post is too similar in topic please merge with whichever post, as opposed to locking it. Thanks.
  18. Just curious if anyone has any information as to when part 5 Jason will be avail ?
  19. What is Paranoia? Who is the antagonist? I'm here to explain to you. ***Keep in mind this is all speculation and not confirmed by the devs*** Okay so lets get started. Paranoia is gonna be the same exact thing as the normal gamemode but with a twist. The killer will only be Roy... how can i speculate this? How can i back this up? Well there are 2 things to back my theory. #1: In the trailer we see a glimpse of the Roy mask from part V accompanied by the famous black dots and one blue Dot. (Being that Roy's mask has blue on it.) #2: Also in the trailer we see a hashtag that says "#whoisfiVe" while the V being blue this points in the direction of Part V. (Roy's Mask has blue markings on it, as stated above.) So in theory that we are getting Roy but only in this gamemode. Also this gamemode will focus on more of a hard core style mode. No teleportation, No Sense and No Stalk! Classic Murder style gameplay. What are your thoughts? Let me know!
  20. Ok so the F13 posted another Bluedots picture, but I know this isn't a explanation, but it could lead to somewhere look at the Posts from August 11th and August 15th examine them closely then look at the Post from October 19th. The August posts are paper, but the October 19th is a napkin. I know it's far-fetched, but there could be a meaning behind that change. And oh yea 8-2-1
  21. Ok so I have been thinking about this, someone else posted a tid bit on Facebook and it got me thinking about how we could incorporate Roy as Jason in the game. 1 in 10 or 20 games a random male counselor is either spawned with a hockey mask as the Y (xbone) option in the same way the sweater is, or occasionally a blue chevron hockey mask can be found in a drawer and equipped like the sweater ready for use anytime. this would need to be rare enough to make it something to look forward to but not as rare as Pamela tapes. This would need to verify the lobby has enough players before it activated. upon using it, the player instantly turns into part V Jason and gets an unbreakable axe, drops his inventory and can no longer search drawers to prevent him from stealing keys, this Jason would be able to run faster but still at the limits of counselor stamina, the walkie would go away. This player would have no special Jason abilities but would come pre-perked with extremely thick skin but could still be killed by the other players in traditional fashion. This Jason could go about his business stalking and trying to kill the other counselors and would also be completely invisible on Jason's sense ability, this player would have the choice to use the mask or play as a regular counselor. Real Jason could kill him in traditional Jason ways if he pleases but cant grab him easily at all. Jason would have to take say double the slashes on him to kill him also. Real Jason could also let him go about his business as a helper to make sure things don't get repaired at the cost of loosing a few kills. if Roy Jason is the last character alive, besides Jason the game ends and gives Roy credit for his kills instead of a betrayal hit as a regular counselor.
  22. So I have an idea for an alternate game mode for F13. While people are suggesting for Roy to be included as another Jason, he wouldn't really be able to fit into Jason's role since he's just a normal guy. So what I was thinking was there could be a game mode that takes inspiration from the old ZX Spectrum Friday the 13th game. Where everyone is a counselor and one is chosen to be "Jason" and the objective for them is to kill everyone and it's everyone else's goal to find and kill the Jason player. So for this Friday the 13th game, it could be that everyone spawns as a counselor and one player is selected to be Roy. They aren't revealed to be Roy until they are caught killing someone, or are killed. Unlike regular F13 matches, this would have no escape options and the entire goal would be for Roy to either kill all counselors or be killed. So the player chosen to be Roy would start the match like they are a normal counselor, finding weapons etc. And they would try and single out counselors and kill them indiscreetly. The player being attacked would see they are Roy but not anyone else unless they witness them doing it. Roy could work either as a counselor simply wearing the Roy mask and coveralls, or a full-on unique model. The counselor just dressed as Roy seems like a better idea. The Roy player would have the same combat as Jason does with weapon swings and blocking, but much weaker in terms of fighting as unlike Jason he can't outright grab and kill execute someone, he would rely entirely on killing with hits. The most important thing with Roy is he can be killed outright unlike Jason who requires a series of steps to be killed. Counselors would have to work together to defeat Roy and hurt him enough to kill him. If the players succeed in killing Roy or if maybe time runs out, they win the match. If Roy kills every counselor, he wins. It would basically be an asymmetrical multiplayer mafia game.
  23. I'd be happy for a campaign with three different game modes that applied to all the missions: Part 1, Part 4, and Part 5. Have Part 4 as a traditional mode, but just versus AI, Part 5 a 'hardcore' mode with Roy, meaning he's killable by regular damage, and is missing many powers, and Part 1 as a stealth variant to the missions. Pamela can be super vulnerable, but have unique stealth powers. Roy could maybe even do more 'human' stuff as a counterbalance, such as unbarricade doors, cancel the police by calling them and claiming the last call was a hoax, hide parts he finds, and even drive (as he does with his ambulance in the film). His parked ambulance could even replace Jason's shack. You can then complete core series, and get rid of any balance concerns as you're not facing humans. Anyone who wants the traditional Jason experience can just use Part 4 throughout, and scratch the itch of using that skin, but the others mean those who want something unique are not just playing MP with bots. ...if you really wanted to, you could even have Uber Jason as an OP reward for getting 100%, and give him permanent Rage from the start and 1-hit kills. Pre-nanomachines Part X should still be a downloadable MP character though, as he isn't a problematic implementation like the rest on the list.
  24. I've been thinking, if, and that's a big IF, this game generates enough cash for Gunmedia to feel safe to add DLC, what could they do to make interesting Jason DLC? for example. part 5/Roy Burns is infamous for being a copycat, so i'd say if he ever becomes playable, it would make sense that he talks/thinks to himself instead of hearing Pamela's voice, he never was a mommy-boy like Jason was, and was clearly capable of speaking, he just refused as long he "played" Jason. or maybe another what-if Jason? back then there was an idea to make Tommy Jarvis the next Copycat-Jason, could also make another interesting Jason to play as. any other idea's that would make an interesting what-if Jason or interesting spin on the Jason's from the movies that didn't make the cut? again, this is only brainstorming and speculating since it's unclear as of now if this game even will have any extra DLC.
  25. Down the road, probably way down the road, there's some stuff I'd like to see, as in possible DLC or added content: Add the Jasons and Roy from Part 4, 5 and X and possibly from the first film- I imagine the one from the first film being similar to a hunter from Left 4 Dead. Ari Lehman's a pretty cool guy and I think he'd be stoked to be in the game. Roy could run but would be missing the shift and morph. A straught cat and mouse character. With Jason X, I like the idea of his rage ability changing him into "Uber Jason" with the option of being Uber Jason with a regular rage ability also. If there's ever a Jason X map, I'd like to see the map half spaceship and half woods with the woods being a holograph like in the movie. Even just the addition of the missing Jasons and Roy would make this game complete for me.
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