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Found 2 results

  1. Pranks, fun things to do while waiting to be brutally murdered. These aren't ideas to change the core mechanics of the game, just fun things that could be used to add items and interactions to the world of F13. Not all of them are meant to be pulled on Jason, some are for counselors to do to each other. One in particular might require a lot of work, and could effect balance but maybe it's worth discussing anyway. The Classics - Pranks from the movies, others that everyone knows about from pop culture. The Bucket Prank This prank doesn't hurt the person that it happens to, a bucket or open paint can is suspended over a door so that as it opens the edge of the door tilts the bucket and dumps the contents on the person entering through the doorway. For this prank to work your counselor must collect the paint can or bucket, and the hammer/nails. Then find a cabin and get to work, the first person to walk through the doorway by opening the door gets covered in paint or water, annoying to be sure but not really harmful. If this happens to a counselor and paint was used/added, maybe they would leave marks behind when climbing through windows. I don't think it would be necessary to do that level of work as Jason has sense, and doesn't track by any form of trail. If Jason hacks down the door the prank is spoiled. The Spider Prank This one is lifted straight from a movie, with a Rubber Spider and thread/fishing line a counselor may booby trap a closet. This is just a cheap jump scare, makes the counselor who finds it scream and step back, then they can hide in the closet. Finding the Spider in a drawer could cause a jump scare too (someone else suggested this, but not sure who off the top of my head). Ted's Jason Costume Part two in the camp fire scene, the prankster Ted appears to scare the counselors in training, he's dressed as wild man Jason with a spear. It could be cool if some closets where open and had costumes your counselor could put on by going inside for a few seconds. Not all counselors would be able to wear all costumes, this costume seems appropriate for Chad or Adam IMO. The spear could be used as a weapon but would have very low durability, or break after a single hit, with a very low chance of stun. It would be cool if the first time you approached another counselor or counselors, the Jason music played, making the players believe he is coming for them, the music would end when you see the prankster. The Tow Truck Prank If bots are ever permitted to be summoned into QP or PM, I'd like to see a tow truck. This is how I picture it working, first you need to find the business card for the tow truck company in a drawer or on a table. Then you need to get to the phone house, it doesn't matter if the cops have been called or not, the phone has to be in working order. If you're carrying the card in your quick select slot that is the number you call, (other numbers could be added later, ambulance could be funny). The tow truck would drive into camp ignoring the goings on and simple drive up to the two seater (four seater if the two seaters not available). Back up to its front end, the driver would get out and set the wheel catchers. Spend about half a minute raising the car up, then walk back to the cab and drive away. This prank could actually be useful as while the bot is out of the cab, you could steal his truck. Which is running and ready to go. Jason could find and kill the driver if he so chooses or he could just let him drive away with one of the escape vehicles. The driver ignores all attempts to get his attention, other than attacks he will defend himself. (This doesn't mean you can't kill him, that is an option) The Tow truck has an extra gas can and battery, on one on each side. This could allow you to repair the car if the driver is stopped from taking it. If an ambulance is summoned instead the paramedic will use health spray to heal up the counselors but the ambulance itself isn't useful for escape as it gets a flat as soon as it stops moving. Don't want to give the kids to many advantages at one time. The paramedic won't leave the ambulances general area, he's scared of Jason getting him. Savini's Trick Shot Only doable at the archery range, your counselor interacts with a bow and single arrow that has been left out on a hay bale or railing. Hit an X prompt to pick it up and aim it out over the archery field, your counselor can then shoot it at a target, fellow counselor, or Jason. After the victim suffers a tiny jump scare stumble the shooter yells "Wanna see my trick shot?" I added this one because of the movie but really it isn't the best idea, don't shoot arrows at people, it's a bad prank. The bow and arrow don't have to be added as weapons it could work like a turret, locking you in place till you shoot or back out. The SledgeHammer (Vietcong surprise, by @Redcat345) Using the hammer/nail and fishing line you suspend a weapon above a door like the paint can. The door is left open as a trip wire is used to set it off, this has a chance to stun Jason but at a decreased percentage, it can also injure counselors who run through it. This prank can be deadly in real life but in the game it should do minimum damage, so as not to be a troll favourite. Playing Possum with Fake Blood A kit that lets you quickly make your self look like a body and lay down. In the drawer it would be a tube of fake blood, after finding the spot you want to hide at you activate the quick slot and your counselor squirts the blood on themselves and falls to the ground. This lasts until you use the prompt to get back up, once back on your feet you can't lay down again without another tube. It uses your counselors stealth stat to determine how long you can go without being sensed, rage negates its ability to hide you from sense. If Jason is close by you still have a chance to give yourself away using the same system as hiding under a bed. Mostly this would be to freak out other counselors, by standing up when they think you're dead. Fire Extinguisher This prank makes use of the fire extinguishers that are placed around the map, working similarly to Jason kill points they can be rigged to make a smoke cloud that Sense doesn't work in, but dissipates quickly. The effect should last for about twenty seconds or so, and require a trip line to activate. This doesn't stop Jason in anyway, he can still move fight and grab, it's only good for running away or surprising other counselors. Item: Bucket or Paint Can, carried in your weapon hand, see above. Hammer and Nails, occupies two quick select slots, for securing objects. Spool of Thread, occupies quick select slot, heavy black thread that can be used as a trigger line. Fishing Line, occupies a quick select slot, can be used in the same way as the thread. Rubber Spider, takes up one quick use slot Fire Extinguisher, if added as a weapon it could blind or if a Co2 extinguisher it could slow whoever it is sprayed on temporarily. I would actually really like this as a weapon, it should be fairly close range and have three uses. If sprayed Jason moves at slow walking speed for five to ten seconds, enough time to save someone but not enough to piss anyone off to bad. Drawers - The drawers my need to be modified so they don't close when you leave something behind, that way counselors can just glance down to see what's inside them. It never made much sense to me that counselors take the time to close drawers after seeing a map they don't need in it. This is one of those ideas that need to be tested to see if it has unforeseen consequences. It may not be easy enough to see what is in a drawer, if the power is out or some other effect like lens flare interferes. The drawers could also be modified so the item sticks out after it is left open. I have a few ideas for the battery or gas but using these in a prank/trap might be to unbalanced, even if you can take them out again, the time lost would be annoying to a lot of people. If anyone thinks I should add them anyway let me know, this is getting a bit long, so I might added more later.
  2. [sELF-PLUG] Jason Takes Omegle is a weekly, Friday* offering of reactions on Omegle - https://www.youtube.com/c/JasonKaiineTakesOmegle NO CHIT-CHAT! NO LOUD JUMP SCARES! NO SIMULATED CAMS! NO MERCY! ALL JASON! Jason may be floating at the bottom of Crystal Lake, but his soul is terrorizing teens on the internet, in a bid to rise again! New video every Friday* https://www.facebook.com/jasontakesomegle https://twitter.com/JasonKaiine https://instagram.com/jasontakesomegle/ [/sELF-PLUG]
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