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Found 4 results

  1. It's been stated that every version of Jason can use only one weapon. So who gets the pitchfork? Parts 2, 3, 6, and 7 will likely have the weapons seen in the Cabin, and Savini's is going to have a brand new weapon, so that leaves 8 and 9. The issue I'm having is, Part 8 never used a pitchfork to my knowledge, and I'm pretty sure Part 9 ONLY used a machete when he was in Jason form. So what do we think?
  2. I remember whenever the initial trailer for this game came out, it shown Part II Jason wielding a pitchfork, and I've heard rumors that Part III actually had a machete at some point. With that in mind, I've always thought it would be cool if Jason had interchangable weapons. Much like the button you hit to toggle Part 3 Jason to Retro Jason, this would work the same way. This would give us three new kills each for every Jason, and it would also give us a bit of variety if we get bored with the weapon he already has. Examples: Part II Jason can have either a pick axe or a pitchfork. Part III Jason can have a machete or an axe. Part IV Jason would have either the pig splitter or a kitchen knife (three kills with a kitchen knife in this movie). Part VI would either have the spear or that huge machete he keeps on his belt. The knife he uses to kill the guy in the RV would also be a good second choice for a weapon. Part VII would have either a machete or the tree trimming saw. Part VII would have either the fireman's axe or the wrench that he kills the sanitation worker with Part IX could have either an axe or a machete, and so on and so forth.
  3. As an owner of Savini Jason, one of the more common statements is the whole "pay to win" saltiness and how people will leave en-mass if you pick him. I think the best way to quell this would be to include another Jason that is available to everyone, wielding the same stat layout ( +shift, +Destruction, +weapon strength, -run, -water speed, -grip strength), and wielding a farm pitchfork. The suggestion therefore is Scarecrow Jason, a concept that was touched upon once long ago where Jason's spirit would inhabit a titular scarecrow and then do Jason things. It would make sense for it to be slow in water ,weak grip, unable to run, and using a pitchfork used to toss hay, the other aspects firmly tying into the supernatural aspect. Naturally, this is something of a pipeline idea. We obviously want the other Jasons in the game first, but this is a suggestion that the creators of the F13 game could possibly look into.
  4. Now i've seen a few topics on this but none really have had the same sort of ideas ive had So the pitchfork still needs to have a jason the big issue with this is mainly early movie jasons used this meaning that it cannot be 6 7 8 9 or 10s weapons meaning our options are 2 3 4 so logically it would be 4 right? nah not really considering it was only used as a weapon in 2 and 3 and and it didnt match 4 for me anyways atleast to me and imo I have always felt like the pitchfork was more suited for 2 due to the sack and overalls giving him a farmer feel but wait he already has a weapon well what shall we do I have a suggestion give 2 the pitchfork give 3 the pickaxe considering he still has a similar feel to 2 and due to his outfit change has a more miner feel and give 4 the axe because it is a nice generic killer weapon which is what that jason would probably get considering he had no iconic him specific weapon and that the new hole in his mask was made with an axe also doubling as a subtle joke the weapon is jabbing at to reference how the hole in his mask was made These are just a few ideas i had to remedy the fact that no jasons left to be added to game match or used a pitchfork considering only 2 and 3 used it and they already ahve weapons
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