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Found 3 results

  1. This page here tell in details what you need to know about the characters... https://halloweenlove.com/friday-the-13th-part-2s-ted-the-unlikely-survivor-who-defied-slasher-movie-rules/ I must say,even i am surprised,you would think that Ted was going to be a victim,also considering that he kinda make fun of Jason with the whole fake impersonation during the legend/firecamp prank,so you would think that Jason would be kind of p***** off at him if he was there spying on them when it happened,that Jason would make Ted the first on his killing list,but nope...one decision made Ted quite the lucky bastard,if indeed he did survive the events... What do you guys think about this ?
  2. Hi all! I couldn't find a topic that covered what I'm about to ask. I know the luck stat gives an increase to "many other stats", but was it ever clarified how much of an increase? And is it to all stats? Depending on how much of an increase, characters like Jenny and Chad could be very viable. Since she has the highest composure of any counselor and he is the second fastest character in the game, I'm wondering if their lower stats (her 1 strength and his 1 composure) could be upped to a 3, versus a 2. I couldn't imagine it going any higher than 3 (if that is how this works, or if it's more of a 1.775 kind of thing.) I'm just concerned that it may be the least effective stat. What do you guys think?
  3. Hey guys, i just wonder if some 1 think these stats are usefull , in beta there were no strength-based counselor but was lucky one, and literally no one played him more than once(more often didnt play him at all) i personally think Luck should affect skillchecks(Free skillcheck) and give you ability to avoid jason's sense, to avoid grab, damage from climbing over the broken window,possibility of 2nd use of items like spray/ and even shotgun, chance to avoid fall damage,chance to get cops to the map faster, more staff at map at all,decrease the chance to scream, decrease the stumble chance, chance to spawn with the others, chances to get the cops on your side of the map,give a chance to avoid beartrap(it will be triggered but will not damage you) staff like that, that would be really cool, i think you should feel your luck and see it making your life easier, because in beta luck was almost an illusive stat, didnt give some certain profits. And i feel same about strength, its going to increase weapon damage, but what is weapon damage ? Whats the purpose of this stat? I think strong counselors should defenitly swing, set traps , open windows, doors faster, its the least it can give to be relevant stat. I mean you can always adjust the stats, but will you, dear developers? i hope we are gonna have Real choice when the game comes out who we want to play with, without having some counselors in black list.