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Found 12 results

  1. Savini, Counselour clothing packs, are all KICKSTARTER BENEFITS, meaning you weren’t here in 2015-2016 and you didn’t donate enough money on kickstarts et to get the game going, then you don’t have these, and you won’t get these. That is final. Xbox and PS4 physical copy Clothing, again this was just for the physical copy releases of the game on Console, so unless you own such, you won’t have them. That is final. Jason X, he was never released fully, and he has been cancelled I definetly due to legal restraints, so you won’t have him ever, and nobody currently does. This is final. So everyone please stop spamming in all caps with 8 exclamation points about why you want these things to be released, because they are (atleast most) released, you just don’t own them for specific reasons. And I’m sorry to say it but spamming the forums and twitter accounts won’t get them.these things will not become public release and they haven’t for years. So please stop being a child, and grow out of your savini phase, your kickstarter late phase or your “I want my promised content” phase and please grow up and enjoy the game. Because your behavior like this is toxic for the community. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
  2. Hi everybody, I'm trying to get in touch with someone inside Gun Media. I've been emailing with a Sarah, but she simply doesn't respond. I paid for the physical game with autographs and shipment to Germany. I wrote this Sarah that in Germany they ignore the invoice sticker and make you bring the paypal payment slip. That would mean I have to pay over 40$ in customs, which is simply wrong, because is not the real worth. I wanted her to arrange that someone ships the game as used or sends me an invoice for the store price of the game. No answer. So the game came and got sent back. Now they're sending the sleeves. I don't know if they got my game back. And I still don't want to pay 40$ in customs. Does anyone have any contact data of someone (preferably a telephone number) at Gun Media. Please help.
  3. Ok, so, I have been a very avid customer I donated alot of money back on the backer kit, close to 215$. I purchased the counselor clothing pack, and savini Jason, even bought a few extra and did a giveaway. i even bought and gave PSN cards to friends just so they could get this beautiful game I've been waiting my whole life for. All around I've given this franchise close to 500$. I got my savini and clothing codes for Playstation, unfortunately I was banned from PSN with my account being hacked and used for whatever nasty stuff the hacker used it for and PSN aren't doing anything about it. I ended up buying an Xbox after weeks of nothing from PSN. I was excited to jump back into your beautiful game even without my save data and friends. After rebuying the game I decided to also rebuy all the dlc too then realizing my beloved savini jason and clothing pack weren't here, it hit me like a ton of bricks. One of my prized possessions were stuck on a hacked banned account....my slasher backer and Kickstarter account used to buy and donate this money was used with this email address. so I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find out I'm not lying just to get a code out of the amazing developers. I've been a fan of f13 my entire life and put so much money down on this. I am begging you please for Christmas or for the fact I was screwed by PSN or for the fact I have given a load of money to this franchise please. I only ask for one Xbox savini Jason code please I can forward emails from backer kit and gun media itself confirming I did donate and purchase these items please I'm begging you guys.
  4. Recently, Randy has sent out e-mails regarding the imminent physical release of Friday the 13th: The Game. It is stated that all backed physical copies will be shipped essentially "as soon as they arrive." Now, purely out of curiosity, what I am hoping to see with this thread (hopefully it doesn't get locked) is community members post when they receive their copy in relation to the retail release on October 13th and see if we have staggering shipping (as in a bit earlier than the 13th or just about on), a large bulk shipment (either on the 13th or 1 day before or after), or later shipments (after the 13th). Also, post if you are receiving a standard edition (Backerkit) or one of the special versions from Kickstarter (which may take longer to ship). @lHeartBreakerl, I'd consider that a retail copy, but ok. Specifically referring to copies GUN/Illfonic are responsible for shipping.
  5. So if you backed at a normal physical level and have not received tracking, there is a good chance you never will. I contacted LR Games and there isn't much they can help with but she did say that they have shipped out everything except the games that require sleeves as they don't have those yet. And since we've seen the postings that regular physical backers aren't getting sleeves those must all be the steel book ones. Since we know that Gun NEVER responds to anyone, at least none of the emails I've sent have been replied to, that means we are most likely SOL and not getting what we paid for. So for the 100.00 I gave them I got the "exclusive" DLC that they leaked and a digital copy. I've got no physical to show for it, no exclusive kickstarter version of that physical and my name isn't in the credits like its supposed to be. Lesson learned I guess, I'll never buy anything from Gun or Illfonic again.
  6. I'm bothered by the narrative of the panel Gun had at PAX West. Isn't a Kickstarter successful once you've fulfilled all of your promised rewards? I'm bothered that Gun considers it a success since the game was funded and has been financially successful. No one has a physical copy, soundtrack, single player... some people still haven't had their name included in the credits. Hey @PowellCampsNAKED, have they started those virtual team member Skype sessions yet? There's likely other stuff too. The game is successful. The Kickstarter was successfully backed but the Kickstarter is not a complete success yet because they haven't delivered on everything promised. Yea, they intend to deliver but as yet haven't. They're jumping the gun- pun intended. This feels to me like "People gave us money and we made even more money!". What about all those promises? Now that they made their money do they even care or intend to fulfill them?
  7. Hello this is just an idea. I looked at the Kickstarter page from friday the 13th and there a so many cool things i wish they would edit in the game. And maybe its a new way to get Savini Jason (or a other new jason) and everyone who donated can get a shirt for each Counselor with a "I am a backer" text. Everyone now can play the game and it would be cool if we could donate so we could help the producer of the game If i wrote something wrong please dont hate me because im from germany and my english is not the best And if you have an idea or like the idea please leave a comment under this post Have a great day Mr-GamerMP
  8. I was thinking about one of the stretch goals from the Kickstarter campain: The Mirror Smash. If I am not mistaken, it was actually reached. But i do not think I have seen any mirror smash kills in the game, was the idea scrapped?
  9. I was thinking about buying the game, as I'm an avid fan of the F13 series, and this game is one of the only ones coming out recently, that seriously interests me. Anyway, I can't seem to find somewhere to preorder this game. I've checked the kickstarter page, but it says that Preorders are disabled. Can anyone help me with this problem, or has anyone experienced this as well? any help would be greatly appreciated! I can't wait for the Game to come out!!
  10. Before reading any further, please note that *I don't want a refund*. This post is to help clarify things for those (specifically on social media) who have asked for a refund. From what I've seen, the general reply is that the game developers refuse to refund your money and your payment is considered a "donation" to development. Kickstarter and Backerkit both allow for projects to refund your money. Your request is simply being refused. There's some debate on whether your "donation" is actually a purchase if you're recieving a physical or digital item but that's a post for a different day...
  11. I remember a while ago that the slasher back was only like 2k away from reaching the next stretch goal. Im pretty sure we obliviously past that by now, but i havent heard anything about it and was curious. Im hoping that we did cause that was the Tommy Jarvis stretch goal of him helping us counslers. Any updates on that?
  12. I thought I'd post an Allison Road topic since a P.T. one is up and Allison Road was surprisingly... not. I'm just so excited for this game. The spiritual (fan [?]) Silent Hills game we'll never get. It's too bad we Won't have Norman Reedus acting in it. It's too bad Guillermo del Toro has nothing to do with it. Both would have been such fantastic contributions to a survival horror video game.It's too bad Konami had to be a poor sport about Kojima leaving, they couldn't just leave P.T. up for the fans? Rediculousness! I definitely see Allison Road as a light at the end of that dark tunnel - as ironic as that sounds. Whether or not Kojima is behind it (it'd be super cool if he somehow got behind it after it got picked up to help out) but it definitely looks like something that is doing P.T. and the Silent Hills trailer justice. I am so fucking excited for this game, I can't even contain myself! What are you guys' thoughts and feelings on Allison Road? What do you expect from the game and do you plan to get it? I for one am going to pre-order it as fast as I possibly can.
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