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Found 4 results

  1. How about a gamemode that is like the 9th movie, "Jason Goes to Hell". Now I know that movie was a huge disappointment and all, but I think it could work as a game mechanic. Jason spawns in as the 'slug' and crawls into a dead body in his spawn. He takes over this body and looks like his preferred counselor. The major difference is, teamkilling is active for everybody. Killing a normal counselor has a major consequence, so you have to be careful of who you decide to kill. Jason would be able to do everything a normal counselor could do, and more. This way, people can't defuse the situation by telling a suspicious person to repair the car, turn on the radio, etc. Obviously there would be no proximity music, so stalk wouldn't be necessary. They could probably replace it with an ability to leave the current counselor they're in, and change into a new one. Any dead counselor could act as a new skin for Jason to get into, but only a limited amount of times. Jason's HP would be like a normal counselor's before the body is ruined, and Jason is forced out. There would have to be a new method of killing Jason, probably having something to do with getting the dagger shown in the movie. All in all, I feel like adding this gamemode would be a huge addition to the game, and I hope it gets considered.
  2. Alright, so this Agony game got hyped up after a trailer a while ago. I don't think anyone was asked how they thought it would be? Post your opinion below, if you haven't viewed the gameplay trailer, go look it up. Below is my opinion. Personally? I don't think it'll turn out. To me, it looks like another, "Run and Hide from the scary monster" game with little innovation gameplay wise. Those types of games are fun and great for survival horror but that doesn't mean you can't make a generic one. To me, it will seem to suffer from Outlast II Syndrome or Battlefront Syndrome; beautiful exterior (Agony is beautiful, but horrifyingly so) but the gameplay and content itself is generic once you strip that away. This is pure speculation so don't take it to heart; I think Agony will be generic and people will fall for the setting and graphic style of the game to suck it's dick. I may be being pessimistic here but honestly I have a feeling what will fill this game is shock horror/gore and being as edgy as possible. Intense gore-fests doesn't make a game scary. Hanging babies on hooks from the ceiling doesn't either. It has shock value but you earn that shock, and I fear that this game will feel like it doesn't need to earn any shock horror just because it's set in Hell. That's really it. I hope I'm completely wrong, and chances are I am, but how about yourself how does it look to you?
  3. I bought the Savini skin blindly to support the game. Per my taste, the Hell Jason is a disappointment. It's especially disappointing after hearing the scrapped Teen Jason concept. I loved the Mrs. Voorhees shemagh idea. On the upside, knocking off a mask is probably a little more gratifying than "Hold this thread as I walk away." Anyone else prefer the proposed sweater mask idea?
  4. Solium Infernum is without question the best strategy game from 2009, and my personal favorite game of all time. It's a Play By Email turn based strategy game with very original gameplay mechanics. If you like thoughtful strategy games, I can't recommend enough! Taking place in a Dante/Milton version of Hell, you are an archfiend. Hell has been ruled by Lucifer since the fall... Until now. Satan has vanished. Is he dead? Is he hiding? Did he repent? No one knows, and really, no one cares. What matters now is that the Infernal Throne has a vacancy. You plan to claim that throne. However, it won't be as easy as just waltzing up to Pandemonium with a big army and declaring yourself the king. You have rivals. But what makes this game more than just another turn based strategy with a cool skin? How you deal with people. You see, The Devil might be gone, but the Inferno isn't about to descend into anarchy. The Infernal Conclave acts as a kind of demon parliament, and they're running the show in The Dark One's absence. They're also the ones who are going to vote in the next lord of Hell. They have rules every fiend has to follow. You can't just conquer your foes. You need a Vendetta. A reason to attack them The Conclave will recognize. Then you need to actually set the conditions by which you mean to win the Vendetta. This mechanic alone makes the game wholly unique, and it's full of other interesting mechanics. This makes the game play far more Machiavellian than a simple war game. It's all about politics. The artwork is fantastic, (and there's plenty of it) and the flavor text is amazing. Right down to the characterization of the demons as haughty, but deep down regretful monsters. The artifacts are all cool to look at and use. The game really makes you feel like a demon from hell. It takes some getting used to, but I can't recommend this game enough! Please check it out. It's only flaw is the small community that plays it. Help me make it bigger. Check out the game here: http://www.crypticcomet.com/games/SI/Solium_Infernum.html If you need some convincing, check out this incredibly fun to read AAR by RockPaperShotgun here: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/tag/gameboys-from-hell/ I've got some cool stories myself. Join me in the darkness brothers! (And sisters)
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