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Found 19 results

  1. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th: The Game or Jason X. All those properties belong to Sean S. Cunningham, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brother Pictures, New Line Cinema, and created by Victor Miller. Friday the 13th: The Game belongs to Gun Media & Illfonix. Please support the official release. Authors Note: This story ignores the events of Jason X. I had difficulty deciding if I wanted to ignore the events of The Final Friday part IX: Jason Goes To Hell. Then I saw Savini Jason and decided to keep it canon. Jason X isn't even a Friday the 13th movie. Also, Friday the 13th Part IV was titled "The Final Chapter" as part IX is titled "The Final Friday: Jason Goes to Hell" 6/12/18 ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ Monday, July 9th, 2018 ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ In the Wessex County Medical Center, near the town of Crystal Lake, New Jersey, a woman in her mid 50's awoke from a nightmare. Lightning crashed as a heavy storm moved in on the town. A cold sweat washed over her as she let out a short scream and the nurse on duty entered her room. "Chris, Ms. Higgins, are you okay?" Inquired the nurse. "I had another nightmare, Cathy. It was the same one. The one of the man in black digging up from the ground and attacking me." The sweat rolled down Chris' neck. "I'll get you a sedative." Said Nurse Cathy before she shut the door. Her hand reached out and grabbed a water container then poured a small cup for herself. Chris sat in her hospital room and thought to herself, it has been almost 34 years since her nightmare at Crystal Lake in the Higgins Haven area. The area was named after her family as they're one of the first families to live in the town of Crystal Lake. The nurse returned a few minutes later and gave her a pill to help her with her sleep. Off and on for years, Chris returned to the Wessex Medical Center for treatment to deal with her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and nightmares. One day Chris hoped that she would no longer need the assistance of medicine to sleep or see a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, near a treeline by the Medical Center, the ground began to erode and bubble. The ground turned black at a fast pace then cracked open with a blackened hand reached out. Steam raised from the ground. Hellish screams filled the air as the figure pulled itself up. The figure is of a large man almost six and a half feet tall, built like a like a professional weightlifter and completely covered in dirt and mud. He looked to the Wessex Medical Center and walked slowly toward it. Meanwhile, Chris Higgins rolled in her bed. The memories that happened at Higgins Haven at Crystal Lake's north side rushed back to her. The meeting a deformed man in 1982 that would later come to Higgins Haven and murdered over forty-three people, including twelve in Higgins Haven alone, all over the course of one week from Thursday, July 12, 1984, until Wednesday, July 18, 1984. The thoughts of Jason crushing her boyfriend's Rick's skull and throwing his corpse through a window woke her up. With a cold sweat and panicked breath, Chris called for the nurse again. "Nurse, it didn't work. I need another sedative." Chris said into her IMATIS system. With her legs thrown over the edge of the bed, Chris wiped the sweat off her with a light blanket. It was 2:37 AM, it's been several minutes and the nurse didn't respond. Once more, Chris called for the nurse, however as she called the nurse, the power died. Panicked, she screamed as the emergency power kicked on. With a feeling of dread, Chris stuck her head out the door and saw nothing but the Nurse's Station. "Nurse? Cathy? Anyone here? Did you all fall asleep or go to the bathroom?" Chris walked towards the station. Nurse Cathy was slumped over, hand under her head. Chris walked over and shook her. "Cathy, are you okay? You can't be asle-" Chris pulled on her shoulder and gasped loudly as Nurse Cathy's face has a deep slash, almost two inches deep. Her screams echoed down the hall and Chris ran for her life. As fast as her feet could carry her, Chris ran to the Fire Escape and hurried down. At the bottom of the stairway, the door to freedom laid in front of Chris. As she reached the door, it swung open violently. "No! You're not alive! You're not alive! YOU'RE NOT ALIVE!" Chris' voice broke down as she burst into tears, fear took over and caused her to slowly back into the corner of the stairwell. The man now stood at the door. One hand holding a trident and the other hand pulled out a panga machete and slowly walked to the hysterical woman. Defeated, Chris's legs slowly gave out on her as she collapsed in a corner. Tears ran down Chris's cheek as the man walked closer and lifted the machete up. "You're dead, Jason Voorhees! I put an ax in your head! You're not here! You're not alive! You're-" Chris's words are cut off as Jason sliced through her neck. The machete dragged slowly across her throat, from hilt to tip. Jason's strength shoved the cruelly sharpened edge three inches deep in her neck. Blood gushed out of her throat at all sides. Having accepted her fate, Chris choked and the light faded from her eyes as she stared at Jason Voorhees, the killer at Crystal Lake, stand before her. Jason Voorhees, the boy who drowned in Crystal Lake in 1957 stood there, alive... partially. Without a word or grunt, Jason turned around and left as lights are restored. FRIDAY THE 13TH PART X: THE HOMECOMING GAME Chapter One ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ A fast car that carried six young adults, between twenty and twenty-four are packed in a 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander drive along Millbrook road in Crystal Lake, New Jersey. Two young men sat up front, the driver a cranks up the audio as "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour played loudly. With a look that matched a 1950's biker than anyone from the 21st century, the man rocked out hard and headbanged while driving. With a quick peek, he turned to his companions; a heavyset man with who looked like he's ready to golf, rocker girl with purple streaks in her hair and next to her an east Asian young woman who's busy in a book. "Adam, can you turn that down!" The heavyset man shouted over the radio. The driver now known as Adam turned the radio down a little. "Sorry Eric, I love that song. Didn't mean to blow your ears. A.J., Debbie, how are you two holding up?" The rocker girl turns to Adam. "I'm fine, Debbie's busy with her book. Good luck reaching her, I don't think your music did." "What's she reading?" Asked Eric as he couldn't get see well enough. With a quick dip of her head, AJ read the book title then looked to Eric and Adam. "The Sons of the Dragon by-" "George R.R. Martin. Good book, I've read it." Interrupted Eric, a smile on his face as they have similar taste books from his assumption. "I have no idea where that's from." Added Adam as his look returned to the road, which allowed him to turn down the road they needed. AJ sighed loudly, her gaze returned to out the window as they're driving in a forest. Eric looked back at her, then Debbie and finally to Adam, with a smile and a wink towards his friend. With the music turned down, Eric started reaching through a backpack he brought. All the credentials they'd need for where they're going. "Thanks for the summer job, Adam. I know I'm missing Gen Con 2018, but I could use the few extra bucks." Eric fixed his glasses as he searched for some manuals they were given to read. "No problem, J.R. Thought you guys would want a little extra work. We won't be the only counselors there, Brandon Wilson, Jenny Myers, Vanessa Jones, and Tiffany Cox from high school will be there. You guys remember ol' "Eagle Scout" Kenny Riedell?" Adam checked the mirror to see both Deb and AJ look up. For a brief moment, Debbie smiled at Kenny's name, which caught both Adam and AJ's attention but once more, it was AJ who did the talk. "Yeah, I remember him why?" "Make sure you thank him. I was working on his car in late May and he told me he got promoted to Head Counselor at Camp Crystal Lake, I mentioned a few of us are looking for summer jobs and he needed new counselors as a number of them went back to school or something." With that, Adam turned down a road. The large gate had a large sign that read "WELCOME TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE, EST. 1935." Most of the road had been cleared up of foliage. It didn't take long for Adam to find the counselors cabin as well as several cabins for the children. Seeing the car, a bit of a rugged young man in flannel and blue jean shorts flagged them down and pointed them down a road, which Adam followed. After a bit of a drive, Adam parked at a garage, which allowed the four to get out. Eric is the first one to make a scene as he puts a foot on the front bumper. With his chest out and fists on his hips, Eric shouted. "Fear not ladies! I, Eric "J.R." LaChappa will defend you from Geists, Goblins, and Were-Wolves. But not wear bears, you're on your own there." With a minorly worried look in his face, Adam turned to Eric. "What about me?" "I said ladies didn't I?" Countered Eric. "Ah, touche!" Adam took the keys, locked his car as they see the flannel man again and shouted at him. "Hey, Kenny!" "Adam, glad you made it! Dead last, but you're here!" The Head Counselor Kenny walked over and shook hands with everyone, which included Debbie who had found her way out of her book. Kenny went into the workshop, checked a desk and found some packets that he's made for each of them. "Adam, mind introducing me to the others as I had out their packets on rules and what I expect from them in each their predesignated areas." As Adam named them, Kenny handed each of them the packet. "Tons of Fun over here is Eric LaChappa. The young lady with glasses is Deborah Kim and my girlfriend-" "EX-Girlfriend." Interrupted a peeved AJ. "My Ex-Girlfriend, just call her AJ Mason." Said an irked Adam. With a quick look at his packet for AJ, Kenny raised an eyebrow. "But her name is-" "Can you PLEASE call me AJ?" Once more, AJ interjected. "Alright, AJ. You win, follow me, we're going to go to head counselor's shack to meet up with the others before we go swing by Packanack Lodge for some chow." With that, Kenny grabbed a lantern and walked out. "Better safe than sorry." At the counselors' shack, three other counselors sat around. A young black man is tossing a tennis ball to a young black woman, both are clearly dressed for athletics throw the ball across the room. Nearby, a young brunette woman with her lucky red and yellow striped shirt was reading her packet, received the ball as it thrown by the black man. "Sorry about that, Jenny. Toss it back?" Without a look or a care, Jenny tossed the ball back towards the voice. "I'm almost done, Brandon. Can't you and Vanessa take that outside? And where's Tiffany?" A door is pushed open, Tiffany was clearly overjoyed as she threw a hand up. "Here! I just had to change into something more comfortable." "So you went with booty shorts and a shirt that's too big for you?" Questioned Vanessa as she caught the ball one last time from Brandon and sat it down. "Yeah, I think I'm dressed better." Tiffany laid out on a bed. Brandon thought to himself a moment, then realized what's different. "Instead of a grey shirt, you went with a pink one?" As Tiffany was about to speak, the opposite door opened up with Kenny, Adam, Eric, AJ, and Deborah behind them. Seeing that his counselors are in one place, Kenny started to hand out packets to the others. Each of them takes a few minutes to read them. Some questioned why they got the job they do, others do not. "Okay, I'm Kenny Reidell, I'm the new head counselor of Camp Crystal Lake. We just finished a late renovation and starting this Monday, the 16th and we'll all be here I know a few of you already. But let's introduce ourselves, we'll start with you." Kenny pointed towards Adam. Adam leaned against the wall after he set his papers down. "I'm Adam Palomino, according to this packet I'll be the shop counselor. I've also known Kenny, Buggzy, J.R., AJ, and Deborah since high school." "Guess I'll go next." Brandon stood up before everyone and turned to see all of the others. "I'm Brandon Wilson, but you can call me Buggzy, on the account I was the fastest wide receiver in high school football. They said I run like I got bugs in my pants, so the name stuck since pee wee. I'll be the head coach for sports and swimming." "You can call me AJ Mason, or AJ for short. Adam and I were in a relationship, but now we're not. He did help me get this job, and I do thank him for that. Kenny assigned me to Arts and Crafts." "I AM... ERIC, J.R., LACHAPPA!" Shouted Eric as he stood up on a footlocker for all to see. "I've been buddies with Adam since fifth grade when I fell on him climbing up a rope in gym. And Kenny has me teaching... sports and swimming? Are you serious?" A few of them chuckled between Eric's showmanship and his unexpected assignment, however, Jenny stepped up. "I'm Jennifer Myers, but you can call me Jenny. I'm Kenny's partner, and I met him at a bad time in his life during high school. He has me in charge of Games and Activities." "I'm also in Games and Activites. I'm Vanessa Jones, Brandon's my 3rd cousin. We're actually trying to get into the same college. This my first time meeting anyone here that's not family." Vanessa said as she sat down. With a loud yawn, Tiffany blew in a harmonica after she laid out on a bed. "Hey! I'm Tiffany Cox, I heard about Camp Crystal Lake's reopening and the Christies hired me and I've known Kenny all over three hours longer than anyone else. I'm going be in the music activities." Upon closer inspection, Kenny noticed something wrong. "Wait, we're short a few counselors. Where is-" A door was pushed open as a blonde woman, pretty brown-haired man and a bearded man walk in. The bearded man is clearly high as a kite, he huffed and puffed as he stumbled to a wall and caught his breath. AJ, Debbie, and Eric fan the smell of marijuana away from their faces. On the other hand, Adam, Vanessa, and Buggzy take a deep breath. Deborah takes a look at the one girl and is visibly frightened. Luckily for her, AJ noticed this and stood up, she and the blonde were shooting daggers at each other. "Care to explain this, Mitch?" Asked Kenny, clearly, he's not impressed and he's not in the mood for excuses. "Whoa, sorry about that, Kenny. Chad and I picked up Victoria from town, her car's tire somehow got glass caught and it shredded it all to Hell, man." Mitch, the bearded hippie, walked over and showed pictures on his cellphone. "My apologies, Victoria. Mitch, I know you have a prescription for that, but tell me you're NOT planning on doing that around the children. I'll have to fire you on the spot." "Naw man, I'm good. I found a place I can go, do my medicinal, walk back and not smell like a Bob Marley Concert. Oh, we're introducing ourselves? I'm Mitch Floyd, I'm 48 years old, so I'm clearly the oldest one here. I'm got Arts & Crafts covered with someone named "Mason" and I knew one of the last owners, Steve Christy, when he bought this place back in 1979, a great year by the way. I smoke medical marijuana to help with my seizures." Mitch's speaking slowed down with as he calmed down, the gave everyone a big cheesy smile. "Good show, Mitch." Said Chad with a snooty and stuck up voice as he pulls out a pipe and lights up. "I'm Chad Kensington, I've known that rogue Adam Palomino since freshman year in high school, the rest of them I don't care about but know. I graduated with a 4.0-grade average and already have my college taken care. I'm here because my father and mummy dearest wish me to do something for the summer." AJ and Victoria stopped their malicious glaring long enough for Victoria to speak. "I'm Victoria Sterling, my dearest Chad Kensington and I are engaged to be wed in three years time. I don't honestly care to know any of you. Chaddy told me this would good for us, so I'm here. I know AJ and Deborah, VERY WELL. I and Chaddy will be cooking for ALL of us." The two glared at each other again but Kenny stepped in between them. "I don't care what happened between any of you. I will NOT have any of you fighting around Crystal Lake. If you do, I will make sure neither of you gets paid and I will fire you on the spot. AM. I. UNDERSTOOD?!" The two of them, having been put in their place, agree with Kenny. Both AJ and Deborah took a deep breath as AJ turned to Deborah which in turn caused Debbie to stand up. The two talk a moment before Deborah walked in the center of the room. Most everyone could see how nervous and shy she was, to her, this moment was going to be the hardest moment as Deborah found kids easier to talk to than adults. Despite Chad and Victoria's dirty looks, Deborah finally looked up from the ground. "I'm Deborah Kim... I'm Korean and Filipino. I've been best friends with AJ since preschool. I'll be with Tiffany teaching music." Both her hands played with her hair nervously, Deborah fumbled around the entire time she talked but as soon as she finished the short speech, her gaze returned downwards then towards AJ. "Good, now that I'm understood and we know each other a little; I'm sure you want to get settled in your cabins as well as get lunch. I'll show you guys the path to Packanack Lodge, that's where you'll be staying, I'll be staying out here on Cunningham Road as I'll be closer to the kids, each night I'll have a second counselor with me to help watch over the camp and children." With that, Kenny walked over and gave everyone walkie-talkies and showed them out. Before she left the house, AJ took a moment to shut the windows and lock the back door. Once everything was secure, AJ looked out a window towards the lake then towards the forest. The sight is beautiful, AJ saw why people kept returning here year after year. Despite being her first year at Camp Crystal Lake; AJ saw this as a job she'd like to stick with a few years. Before AJ walked out, she looked once more at the forest. For the briefest moment; she swore she saw a man in black and read stand in place and stare at her. AJ wiped her eyes again and looked out. This time, there was no man, it all had to be her imagination or an animal. Once the door was locked, AJ ran after the others to catch up. What she didn't know, there was a tall man in black that watched over them. Silent as death; the man watched over the counselors from a distance but he left and retreated to the woods. The base of a large black metal trident dragged behind Jason Voorhees, the man who watched the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake. The long track home didn't bother Jason as he remembered how to get home, no matter where he was at Crystal Lake. It took two hours but Jason found his way back to the run-down shack he built years ago. Vegetation had grown over most of the structure but luck would have it; his trophies remained. The long decayed corpses of Alice Hardy, last seen in 1979 along with remains of Terry McCarthy, Paul Holt, and Deputy Winslow from 1984. In the center of the shack's second room, was the shrine to Pamela Voorhees, his mother. All four remains laid at the floor beneath her sweater, pants, and skull. Red flames shot up from Jasons' right arm, upper right peck, and upper back right shoulder. The black chains around his neck hit the ground as hard as Jason when laid on the ground to rest. ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ At Sunset ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ ~ * O * ~ Near the Pinehurst area of Crystal Lake, the only man to kill Jason Voorhees and live to tell the tale, Tommy Jarvis; was cutting wood with his 11-year-old son. Each time Tommy split a log, his son placed another for him to cut. From a nearby window, Tommy's wife watched her boys as she washed dishes. "Allen, we got enough firewood for tonight. Help me out here." Tommy leaned down and gave several pieces of wood to his son. Both men with arms full of wood, the older Jarvis carried the most, walked in and sat their lumber near a fireplace. The two adults talked a few minutes before a concerned look crossed Tommy. In turn, he headed up to the second floor. Not too long after, Allen followed his father up and went to the den. His father sat in a chair and read a newspaper article about a young woman and nurse who murdered at Wessex Medical Center. "Dad, what are you reading? Can we talk?" Asked Allen as he walked over and read part of the article with Tommy. "A newspaper article, your mom found one and I thought I would be interested in it. Yes, we can talk." Said, Tommy, as he put the newspaper down and covered the article. "Mom told me that you two met when she was working at Camp Crystal Lake They've been open for 3 years and nothing bad has happened. Are you ever going to tell me about what happened at Crystal Lake?" Allen looked into his fathers' eyes, they shared the same eyes and skin tone but Allen definitely took more after his mom's personality and hair. It's been almost 30 years since Tommy talked about the events at Crystal Lake. The event with his mother's death or at Pinehurst Youth Development Center and all of the surrounding areas. The older Jarvis looked at his son with one of pain and of unease. Tommy placed his hand on his son's shoulder and came down to his level. "Not yet, Allen, that's not a story I feel comfortable sharing with you now. When you're older and I know you can handle it, I'll tell you EVERYTHING about Crystal Lake and why I won't go anywhere near that damn place. Neither will you or your mom. Okay?" The look that his father gave him along with his cryptic words made Allen wonder more. "I rather know now. I know I can handle it, dad." The look in Tommy's face got very serious. "Not now, Allen. If I told you now, I know you'd want to leave." TO BE CONTINUED... Feel free to leave comments or reviews here or at this link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12967804/1/Friday-the-13th-Part-X-The-Homecoming-Game
  2. This is an idea I've just thought about and I'm unsure if there's a topic discussing it so here goes. For adventurous types who want to kill Jason but aren't great at combat, there should be an alternative to dealing enough damage to remove his mask. Perhaps using a shotgun or even the flare gun to shoot and ignite a gas can for a high-damage dealing explosion? It should be nearly enough to remove Jason's mask, but can insta-kill counselors if they're too close to the blast radius. Damage will also fall off the further the distance to the explosion, so if Jason can move from the epicenter in time, his damage received will be reduced. Keep in mind this will eliminate that particular gas can, limiting escape options. What do you all think about this idea? Should it also be possible to shoot the gas tank and a repaired car for the same effect? Or would the limiting of escape options make the game far too unbalanced? I look forward to everyone's thoughts and suggestions!
  3. Hello, everyone. I love playing Private Match on F13 and the new feature where you can un-ready up during the countdown is now being abused. There is always that one person who clicks un-ready during the countdown to just "troll" or be funny. It takes more time to play one game now. Btw, I have already reported this feature, but I want to know what you guys think? I think the feature should be taken out of the game.
  4. Hello, everyone. I love playing Private Match on F13 and the new feature where you can un-ready up during the countdown is now being abused. There is always that one person who clicks un-ready during the countdown to just "troll" or be funny. It takes more time to play one game now. Btw, I have already reported this feature, but I want to know what you guys think? I think the feature should be taken out of the game.
  5. Hello everyone and Friday the 13th game creators! As an avid and proud player of your game and happy to be a part of this community, I had thought of an idea that I feel like could be really cool for the creators to do! This idea spawns from Freddy Vs Jason. Although F13 didn't get the rights to the title to make it a DLC, hopefully this idea could maybe get into the right hands so that the rights can be handed over? Sadly, probably not as I am only one voice and do not know how detailed the legal system can be.. But who knows, maybe so? Anyway, what this FvJ idea is, is this: Imagine you would allow a fellow player to die, whether its maybe through a sacrifice, simply being killed, being hit with sleep, etc. etc., whether it'd be simple or convoluted. Once this player is killed, sacrificed off or even asleep, the player is then transported to Hell as a tormented soul or demon who must track down and persuade Freddy to rise onto the real world. If done successfully, the player would then be consumed by Freddy and eventually possess and control the now knife glove wielding, walking nightmare. Once you play as Freddy, your job is similar to Tommy's, where you are called to take down Jason. It's basically, I feel, a more in depth and similar style to the way of calling in Tommy. What do you think? Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated!
  6. A friend sent me this video of someone else. But this guy is awesome playing a counselor and troling the jason! I really have absorved a lot of tactics after seeing this guy playing and maybe helping you too. Https://youtu.be/hluuTqSufG8 Channel Name: ZorcKe Tittle: ZorcKe's Counselor Highlights - Friday the 13th: The Game (XB1)
  7. This is my list of things that need to be added to the game and some that could be added to game for fun. First of all, before I get to my list, I want to get to something that I think needs to be changed greatly... and that is taking Rob Dier out of the intro scenes for all 3 of the existing maps. Rob was a hero style character in The Final Chapter and not just a one note victim, I'll get to what I think should be done with his character model later, but right now I want to suggest who should replace him in the intros. In the Camp Crystal Lake and Packanack Lodge intros, I think the victim should be Crazy Ralph and instead of just walking in and getting wacked by Jason, he should get a different line to say before being attacked on each of those maps. They could use sound samples from the actual first two movies, in Crystal Lake he could walk in and say, "I'm a messenger of God. You're doomed if you stay here!". And in Packanack he could come in and say, "I told the others, they didn't believe me. You're all doomed. You're all doomed." For Higgin's Haven they could use Abel from part III, and he could come in holding the eyeball and say, "I found this, there were other parts of the body", after which each of the doomsayers would be axed by Jason and the intro would continue the same with all the counselors running off. Now, my suggestion on what to do with Rob is a bit more complicated, I think on the original three maps and the possible part 4 map... Rob Dier should replace Tommy Jarvis as the hunter in those maps. And Tommy Jarvis should only be usable as the hunter on the maps after part 4. This would make sense in the context of the films, as Tommy was only a 12 year old boy in 1984, not to mention he was only 6 in 1979. Also, when Rob is summoned he should come equipped with a pocketknife, 2 health sprays, and a shotgun with 3 rounds. And when Tommy is summoned he should come equipped with 3 pocketknives, 2 health sprays, and a shotgun with 5 rounds. Afterall, these 2 characters should be unique to the counselors and should come with more items to help them save the remaining counselors and keep Jason at bay. Tommy coming with 3 pocketknives would represent him surviving 3 films. I also believe friendly fire should be turned off completely in the game, since in none of the movies did the counselors or other characters in the series ever attack one another, this would force those morons out there who team kill to either play the game properly or don't play at all. The counselors and hunters should only be able to attack Jason, just like Jason can only attack them. Now onto my list for updates and DLC: #1: Pamela Voorhees (single player mission only) (Map: Camp Crystal Lake, 1979) Single player is the only way I think Pamela should be presented in the game, and since the developers already have her location in the game, it would make giving her a mission in the more stealth based single player an ideal place for her. #2: Part 2 Jason (single player mission and multiplayer) (Map: Packanack Lodge, 1984) Since this Jason is already available in multiplayer and his location is already in the game, all the developers will have to do is give him his own stealth mission in single player on that map, simple. #3: Part 3 Jason (single player mission and multiplayer) (Map: Higgin's Haven, 1984) Just like Part 2 Jason, everything is already in the game to be able to give this powerhouse Jason his own mission in single player, again simple #4: Part 4 Jason (single player mission and multiplayer) (Map: Camp Crystal Lake, 1984) Adding this super popular Jason to the game as DLC is a no brainer, and adding the Final Chapter based map would make those who purchased him not only able to use that Jason in multiplayer, but also unlock a mission for him on single player. #5: Part 5 Jason (multiplayer only) and Roy Burns (single player mission only) (Map: Pinehurst Halfway House, 1989) Part 5 Jason would be the Jason that Tommy sees and dreams about throughout A New Beginning, this would give us a playable Jason from this film on the film's actual map for multiplayer. Meanwhile, just like Pamela, single player is the only way I think Roy should be presented in the game, and if the developers add the film's location in the game, it would make giving him a mission in the more stealth based single player an ideal place for him. #6: Part 6 Jason (single player mission and multiplayer) (Map: Camp Forest Green, 1990) Much like part 2 and 3, this Jason is already in the game, the developers just need to make his map available to us (which considering there is a loading screen showing this area, I don't think this is far off from actually being added). All that would be needed then would be to add a single player mission for him. #7: Part 7 Jason (single player mission and multiplayer) (Map: Shepard Retreat, 2001) Again like part 2, 3, and 6, this Jason is already in the game, the developers just need to make his map available to us and then add a single player mission for him. #8: Part 8 Jason (single player missions and multiplayer) (Map: S. S. Lazarus, 2002) and (Map: Manhattan, 2002) Again, this Jason is already in the game, the developers just need to make his maps available to us and then add a single player missions for him. It scares me how claustrophobic a map for the S. S. Lazarus would be in the game, and that's the very reason I'd love to see it added. #9: Part 9 Jason (single player mission and multiplayer) (Map: Crystal Lake, 2003) Again, this Jason is already in the game, the developers just need to make his map available to us and then add a single player mission for him. This Jason's mission in single player could be really cool if they made him able to kill the first counselor and then possess their body and kill the rest jumping from body to body, until the final 2 were left then he could revert to Jason again to finish them #10: Jason X Classic (single player mission and multiplayer) (Map: Camp Crystal Lake Research Facility, 2010) This Jason I believe is one of the last of the essential Jason's we need in the game for the cannon films, this location would be an easy map to design and would be a claustrophobic setting similar to the S. S. Lazarus, which would be scary fun. #11: Jason X Uber (single player mission and multiplayer) (Map: The Grendal, 2455) This Jason is the last of the essential Jason's we need in the game for the cannon films, this location would be another claustrophobic setting similar to the S. S. Lazarus, which again would be scary fun. I'll do a separate post for the more fun additions I have in mind
  8. I wonder will Pamela Voorhees (Besty Palmer) ever be playable in this game, tbh (To Be Honest) she was the first killer in the series.
  9. So, I don't own a Playstation 4 yet, so the only way I can play on the game is at my cousin's house. He's a well known member on here wildthing73 and I was at his house yesterday to play the game. At first I was just connecting to Quick Play matches, which I had no issues connecting to on the newest version of the game... and for the first few games on there I had fun playing with some fairly legit players. But then some of them left and a few more players joined, it turned out they were team killers, so after a couple of games suffering with playing with them... I dropped out and tried to connect with a different group in Quick Play. I found a group of very young kids playing the game and after playing two games with them (one as a counselor and one as Jason), my cousin decided to try and get a private match going. This was where the real fun of the night began, as he connected with a player who is a friend on both of our accounts CowardlyBadger and then he in turn invited a few of his friends and pretty soon we had an almost full group and were playing a few games. During this time I leveled up to 13 and equipped part 2 Jason because I wanted to play with him, and that's when the group asked if we wanted to try a legit Jason kill, everyone agreed and in the first attempt I was Jason. I'm not as good playing this game as my cousin, but I was aware of what the rest were planning with killing me, my cousin warned me not to try grabbing anyone unless they are solo away from the others. I didn't listen the first 2 encounters and tried grabbing and the rest of the group let me have it. So I finally just started swinging my pick axe and killed one of them, but soon after they knocked my mask off. But I was still sure I had a strategy to not allow them to kill me, I ending killing a member of the group that I was able to grab before the rest could save him. Then not long after I killed a third member, I came upon the rest of the group and went to try slash them all. I'm still not very good at following my character with the camera, so I was completely unaware that the girl with the sweater and Tommy were there and didn't even see the girl use the sweater. So, I was hit and fell to my knees and Tommy killed me. Even though I died, it was a thrill playing it and I wasn't even upset and congratulated the group on a job well done. Then we played a few more times trying to kill Jason and me and my cousin were pretty much alternating playing on my account with the group. My cousin changed Jason to part 6, because that is his favorite and we agreed if it was a counselor I'd be playing, if it was Jason he'd play. The group then decided to go for another legit Jason kill attempt, but this time it was my cousin playing as part 6. I'm still amazed at how good he is at this game now, the group gave him some good shots, but they were never able to get his mask off. He ended up thwarting their attempts to kill him and killed all 6 of them. The 2 kills that impressed me most watching him was his first kill, in which he used his sense then shifted into and back member of the group and grabbed him and killed him before the rest of the group even knew he was there. The victim yelled, "Oh man, you and your damned stalk"... but he didn't have stalk activated yet. Then later in the game he did enable stalk after using sense to figure out that everybody was in the main Higgin's Haven house, the back door by where the car was was already broken down, and he walked into the house then enabled stalk and waited in the kitchen watching through the doorway with the fireplace visible. Soon a member of the group went over to the fireplace to pick up a poker to defend himself with, and that's when my cousin shifted right into him and did the fireplace kill on him before anyone even knew he was there. It was awe inspiring and I can't wait to be able to play the game more to get as good as he is as Jason!
  10. I think it would be cool if you guys added an option while customizing your Jason to choose from between 2 to 3 weapons as their choice for that particular Jason (it would also make the Jason's constantly fresh, so that if you were getting bored with using a certain Jason with x weapon you'd have the option to switch it). Since this was in the game pre beta, I'm sure it would be possible to reinstate it into the current build. part 2 = 3 weapons: Pick Axe (default), Spear (part 2 design), and Pitchfork (4 Tine) part 3 = 3 weapons: Axe (default), Machete (dark blood stained), and Pitchfork (6 Tine) part 6 = 3 weapons: Spear (default), Survival Knife, and Machete (grey blood stained) part 7 = 3 weapons: Machete (default), Sythe (like the one he kills Maddy with, would work exactly like the Pick Axe), and Axe (similar to part 3's default) part 8 = 3 weapons: FireAxe (default), Guitar, and Machete (shiny silver looking blade) part 9 = 3 weapons: Axe (default), Metal Sign Post (would work like the spear), and Machete (slightly aged shiny silver looking blade) Savini Jason = 2 weapons: Devil's Pitchfork (default) and Demonic Sythe (would work exactly like the Pick Axe) Also, if you didn't want to make all the weapons mentioned available from the start, you could always make certain ones unlock at a certain level. What does everyone think of this idea?
  11. So, yesterday I tried to get a group of friends together in a Private Match to legitimately try and kill Jason. So, I invited a few of my friends to the match (one of whom was all into enjoying the great find of the roof glitch, more on that later), then a couple of them proceeded to send invites out to some of their friends. We finally got a full house with 8 of us and I notified everyone what our goal was. Everyone was on board, we had like 6 guys and 2 girls playing, and I said I'd go ahead and make myself Jason to start. I played as part 3 Jason since he's one of the easiest to knock his mask off and I don't play with him much anymore (I prefer playing as part 6 and part 9). The team did really well, calling Tommy right away and a person was able to get the sweater fairly early. Then they smartly all got together to team up on me to get the mask off which they successfully did, but not before I killed 3 of them. Tommy showed up and they all went into Higgin's Haven, but this was were they made a mistake as the person with the sweater used it on me and unfortunately nobody hit me while I was stunned by it. So, I finished killing all of them since we couldn't complete the goal. Next game I made Jason random with the same team, I played as AJ and immediately went and got the sweater (which I had to swim to the island to get), I found my fellow teammates and checked to see if any of them had called Tommy... they said no, they hadn't found the radio cabin yet. So, we all continued to try and find it, while Jason (part 8) continued to try and find us. He killed all of us except me and another friend playing as Chad, yet we couldn't find the damn radio cabin at all. We made our way down to the last few cabins and I was killed, and then while spectating I saw my friend come up to the last cabin which had the radio in it. He was then killed by Jason there, and I was in awe that we could have been that unlucky in that game. So, after this the 2 girls had to leave the game, and some of the other players invited some other people to join us. Again I let them know what the goal we were attempting was and they were all supposedly on board. We again had a random Jason and I was playing as AJ. After looting a couple of cabins, my one friend (that was screwing around with the roof glitch earlier in the day) told me he had the sweater and I checked my map and saw Tommy had already been called... so I gave him my baseball bat and I took his axe to save for Tommy. So, we began getting together with the rest of the players to work on knocking Jason's mask off more (as one of us was already killed), I checked the map again and another player had been killed and Tommy was spawned. We kept creeping to where the rest of the players were, then the player who spawned as Tommy came up... and I just told my friend with the sweater that now we got a great chance to get this done. No sooner had I said that, the guy playing as Tommy took his shotgun and shot my friend wearing the sweater and killed him. I was like, what the hell!! We had this and this selfish prick had to screw it all up. After the game was over this douche claimed that someone snitched on him and he was paying them back, I was like are you completely nuts, we were all on the same page trying to kill Jason and you have to get paranoid cause Jason found you fairly easy and blame it on someone else. Especially considering that the person he shot was off getting the sweater and was right with me the whole the rest of the match, till this dipshit shot him. So, I went ahead an kicked that asshole from the game, and we went into the next few games with someone else being invited to join us to replace him. Next couple of games didn't go very well as we failed to get to the sweater or failed to get to call Tommy. One game we had part 2 Jason in (which I think is glitched sometimes to have issues spawning Tommy with that Jason in), we called Tommy and I went to get the sweater and the guy playing Jason thought it would be funny to use everyone of his traps around the front of the shack. I didn't have a pocket knife so I tried to go ahead and get in through the left side and got snapped twice and killed. Then I spectated and watched one of the male characters get killed and was waiting for either him or me to respawn as Tommy, but it never happened and the player playing as the last female character attempted to get to get to the shack like I had earlier and was again snapped twice and killed. Tommy never did spawn, which I had happen to me in 3 games a few days before this when part 2 Jason was selected. So, I asked everyone to refrain from using that Jason from then on (not to mention the fact that the guy playing as Jason had screwed us all over with that trap bullshit, which no real Jason playing a real game would do, it was a douche thing to do considering he knew what we were attempting), so he left the game. We were down to just 6 of us in the game now and someone decided it would be a good idea to invite the guy back that had shot the sweater wearer with Tommy earlier, I decided to go ahead and let him in, maybe he had cooled off and we could legitimately try to do this again. I ended up randomly being Jason this time (part 9), and wished everyone luck in trying to kill me. I killed one person and I don't think any of the other players were able to call for Tommy or get the sweater yet. However in this game my friend (who was infatuated with the roof glitch earlier in the day), decided to take 3 other players (one of those was the asshole that did did the Tommy shotgun kill earlier) to the main house at Packanack and show them this stupid glitch, and after I killed the first person outside that house... I saw them all on the roof. I threw a few knives at each of them, hoping they would just return to the game, but no... they decided to waste all of our time by staying up on that stupid roof the whole rest of the game. During the last minute in the match I went upstairs were they could hear me and told them that I was giving them fair warning that if they continued this idiotic shit that I'd kick them from the match. The douche that did the Tommy shotgun kill, got really belligerent and apparently the other 2 that went up with him were friends of his, so they joined in with him. So, I kicked all 3 of them and warned my friend that really started it all that I'd kick him too if he didn't stop screwing around with that glitch crap. He stayed and we played a couple of more games, but couldn't end up killing Jason. Then as another person was trying to join our team, I got the blue screen Suggested Actions error screen, so I just gave it up and quit playing. So, it really takes a committed bunch of serious players to come together to really pull this Jason kill off legitimately, all it takes is one oddball to really screw this plan up (either on the counselor or Jason side of things).
  12. Does anyone else have an issue starting a private match? Every time I go to private match, I invite my friends to join me, and then they get kicked from the game... then if they try to join the game again the game crashes and goes to the blue screen (suggested actions, etc.). I wasn't having any of these issues before the last update, and I can get one of my friends to start a private match and then send me an invite and I can get on fine... don't know why they can and I'm having this issue. It's not because I have Savini Jason, is it? Cause I don't even have him as my default Jason in the game... can anyone help?
  13. We finally got a release date! & what are the thoughts on the improvements or things you guys don't like with the trailer?
  14. What do you guys think the biggest problems with the game will be on release or around release? Just out of curiousity. These forums keep me busy enough to wait for the game????
  15. I know there's already a thread on the release date. But, I figured since the last post was in March & that thread seemed like it was dead I'd start another. Do you guys think now that we're getting towards the end of April they'll make the release date timeline of early 2017 or will there be a delay? Just wondering what you guys think.
  16. With the Backerkit page shutting down today- our part is complete. We successfully backed a Friday the 13th video game. Through word of mouth, social media, YouTube, cold hard cash and more- the Friday the 13th fan community (with help from others) helped make the first Friday the 13th game since 1989 (28 years) a reality. Obviously there is no release date yet but with the Backerkit page shutting down, no more pre-orders will be considered donations. No more "feeding the machete". I know everyone will still be involved as much as we can be but I thought we should take a moment to throw around some digital high-fives.
  17. I was browsing through the game lists on Steam when i suddenly saw Friday the 13th: The Game but behind it, it said as "release" date "March 2017" ??? Is this Possibly accurate?
  18. I was wondering. Would it not be nice with some RPG moments in Friday The 13th: The Game? Experience points that unlocks new skills, weapons and other fun stuff. It would be super if both Jason and the counselors would gain some new abilities the further you play the game. (If this type of topic already excists, please delete this topic.)
  19. Hey guys! Check out our new Friday The 13th Facebook fan page! https://www.facebook.com/FridayThe13thFans - Danny
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