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Found 9 results

  1. I just got the game but the queue takes forever and not only that but when I do get into a game, Im usually the only one or someone joins then leaves instantly. I play on PC and I just want to play with others that actually want to play too. The more the merrier I say.
  2. Hey Guys, I am new here, is there a discord where people arrange to play and get into teams etc?. Thanks
  3. Hello! Today, I am here to bring you guys the Unofficial Discord a Fan-Base Server of Friday the 13: The Game! I am not exactly sure which topic to post this under as to I am new here. But, the server is very organized with music, leveling up system, rules, communication channels etc; and more to come!!! As of right now, I only have one of my closest friend under the staff team, would like to make that bigger!! Join the server here - discord.gg/qjsuKFW This will benefit the discord community for those who use the website and would like to communicate! We are growing!!! I am running this myself as of now. Thank you for reading - John
  4. Hey guys, After overcoming a couple technical hurdles, the Crystal Lake Post fan website is now live. The site was originally conceived as a way to keep a database of bad players, but with the new reporting function and Gun handing out bans, keeping a list no longer seems to be a necessity. That said, the website still has some great content and will be an awesome place for fans of the game to meet each other and form new private match groups on the Discord server, which features dedicated LFG channels for each platform. Additionally, I will be posting a Match of the Day on the CLP YouTube channel and I'm currently working on getting a live stream set up. So come on by, check things out, and see what your favorite counselors are up to on their fist day at Camp Crystal Lake. Website | Discord | YouTube
  5. (-https://discord.gg/nuDdwFU-) there is a link to a friday the 13th discord group, the group was made for people to find quick private games and not have to invite a bunch of random people who wont answer. all of us have a mic and we all use gme chat because that adds to the fun of the game. Feel more then welcome to hope on and say hello also i have ranks that go with friday the 13th levels so for example "Level 1-10 Player" so make sure to say your level if you want a rank. Hope to see you soon!
  6. Hey guys I just started working on a discord for f13! I couldn't find a good one myself so I thought i'd create one, I am looking for some moderators as well if anyone is interested. Thanks! https://discord.gg/sUjTUrq *lots of setup to do so I am very busy*
  7. So tonight, we formed a sick new rap group in Higgins House. We call ourselves, Higgins Homies. HangInThere recorded our first sensation, as well as including a sick 6 minute intro. Watch it, and realize that our Discord server has the sickest rap group of all time.
  8. Hallo Freunde, wir eine Gemeinschaft aus aktuell 12 Leuten suchen Mitspieler für die Beta und natürlich auch für den späteren Release von Freitag der 13. Unter uns sind Hobby Youtuber und alle Altersklassen. Der alters durchschnitt liegt geschätzt bei 26 Jahren aber wir spielen auch mit jüngeren wenn sich dieser vernünftig verhalten. Wir unterhalten uns aktuell über Discord, da wir vor kurzem von TS3 auf Discord umgestiegen sind. Ich möchte darauf Hinweisen das wir kein Clan sind. Es gibt also keinerlei Verpflichtungen. Aktuell spielen wir ein sehr ähnliches Asymmetrisches Horrorspiel bei Tageslicht bis F13 erscheint. Auch dazu ist jeder herzlich eingeladen. Falls euer Interesse geweckt wurde, schaut doch einfach mal unverbindlich rein und zockt mit uns, wir sind alle sehr nett legen aber wert darauf das man sich und andere nicht immer all zu ernst nimmt. Wir labern viel Durchfall aber das macht uns aus Dazu gibt es bei uns hin und wieder Key Giveaways. Demnächst wird dann z.B ein Freitag der 13. Beta Key verlost. Teilnehmen darf jeder der unseren Discord nutzt. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Addet mich---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steam: Ripoli Discord: www.ripoli.de <-- Direkt auf unserem Discord verbinden. (Es empfiehlt sich aber den Clienten runter zu laden da manche Browser das Mikrofon in der Web Version blockieren.) Fragen: Discord@ripoli.de Youtube: www.youtube.com/ripoli -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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