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Found 6 results

  1. 1 - [ENG] Put bullets of shotgun in the drawers. / [FR] Mettre des balles de fusil de chasse dans les tiroirs. 2 - [ENG] Allow Jason to change weapons. / [FR] Permettre à Jason de changer d'armes. 3 - [ENG] Power to hide inside a pile of hay in the barn. / [FR] Pouvoir se cacher à l'intérieur d'un tas de foin dans la grange. 4 - [ENG] Give Jason the ability to kill the police arrived to prevent the players to flee with them. Players will need to remind the police to bring them back. / [FR] Donner à Jason la capacité de tuer les policiers arrivés pour empêcher aux joueurs de fuir avec eux. Les joueurs devront rappeler la police pour les faire revenir. 5 - [ENG] Add as a weapon, a bow and arrows. / [FR] Rajouter comme arme, un arc et des flèches. 6 - [ENG] Power to hide inside a bush. / [FR] Pouvoir se cacher à l'intérieur d'un buisson. 7 - [ENG] To have to hit Jason until he falls to the ground, then search him quickly to get the keys to the car. / [FR] Devoir frapper Jason jusqu'à ce qu'il tombe à terre puis le fouiller rapidement pour récupérer les clés de la voiture. 8 - [ENG] Add an irreparable caravan with two dead inside, blood everywhere and a new more effective weapon against Jason. The caravan will not appear on the map, it will get get her on his own. / [FR] Ajouter une caravane irréparable avec deux morts à l'intérieur, du sang partout et une nouvelle arme plus efficace contre Jason. La caravane n'apparaîtra pas sur la carte, il faudra la chercher par ses propres moyens. 9 - [ENG] Add a motorcycle in two places in the forest to escape, it will nevertheless put gas and find the keys to start. / [FR] Ajouter une moto à deux places dans la forêt pour s'échapper, il faudra néanmoins mettre de l'essence et trouver les clés pour la faire démarrer. [ENG] That's what I think at the moment. / [FR] Voilà ce à quoi je pense pour le moment. @wes
  2. First off, love the game. Was a huge fan of the franchise as a kid, and the game perfectly captures the feel. Love the details that add to the verisimilitude, and also reassure fans that you devs are not only intimately familiar with the films, but understand what they’re about. I’m only on level 15 so far, but while playing, had these ideas that I thought might help add to the perfect glory of this game, once you guys are at the stage where you start expanding. I understand you guys have your hands full with more important and critical issues atm, but I hope these help keep you guys inspired, in the event you are ever feeling burned out: Would be cool for more abilities for Jason to set booby traps, like the rope trap in the woods from pt. 2 that got Scott killed. Maybe player can elect to swap out 4 bear traps. Maybe you get 1 of these for every X amount of bear traps you would normally begin with. These would take longer for counselors to get out of (maybe equal to the total time of X amount of bear traps), but they have to use trees on the map so they’re not as versatile. Would be cool if added a feature on later maps for Jason to be able to go under certain cabins and stab thru floor. Tradeoff being he can’t shift out, so risk for Jason. But more dmg to counselor if they’re crouched or under bed. POV for Jason player would be similar to swimming through the lake (first person). Could detect people making noise above you. If you add pt. 8, instead of a downtown Manhattan map, would just be cool to add the yacht out in the lake u can swim to. Maybe have an electric guitar you can pick up as a weapon, and turn on the disco room (a la radio mechanic). Cool to find PAINTBALL GUNS on Camp Forest Green map for stun. Cool to find laser scope on Camp Forest Green map. Wherever the red dots goes… yabang! If you add Camp Forest Green from pt. 6 would be cool if one car is replaced by Cort’s RV, which Jason can get in, too. Also Megan’s orange Camero should replace the other car. If you ever add DLC for part 7 would be great to have Tina Shepard & her powers instead of Tommy for that map. Would be cool if you could turn on the TVs to distract Jason, in addition to the radios. Would be cool if you could find a portable BOOM BOX to take out into the woods and turn on, confusing Jason’s senses, similar to the radios. Would be cool if you could find cans of beer to add fear resistance bonus, but increase stumbling chance. Cracking open the beer should also be a short but intense sound burst for Jason to detect. Would be great if you could find CRAZY RALPH’S bicycle that you could ride more quickly on the roads with (but not escape, just make traveling around the map faster/escaping from Jason easier) It’s a bummer you can’t damage Jason when he’s stunned. It would make the strategy of trying to kill him more viable. An epic-level perk suggestion: Start with a six-shot revolver. Stuns Jason but less time. Must also have “dad’s a cop” perk, and possible level prereq before you have a chance to roll it. Flaming log as a weapon from the campfires would be cool. Sheds light, helps reduce fear, but burns out after a time. Would be cool to add the loft in the barn, and you can shove a bale of hay onto Jason to stun him. Would be cool if you could use the gas to set a trap to ignite with a flare gun to burn/damage Jason. The drawers next to windows are cool, because Jason can snatch you if you’re unlucky. More risk/reward moments on maps would be great. If you ever add Pamela Voorhees one of her powers that would be cool would be to summon Boy Jason from the depths of the lake to drown people, limited use ability (player would morph to the lake, similar to Jason now, but the kill would be Boy Jason leaping out; after the kill, appear back as Pamela wherever she was when she used the ability). Would be really great if Jason could also hide in cabinets and under beds. Fun to get to cabins before counselors do and hide in the back, but they notice you too soon. Would be a lot of fun to hide, wait for them to bar the doors, then emerge. Great scare. Maybe level unlock ability. If you ever add Roy aka Imposter Jason, would be cool if he could go to the phone if police are called and call it off pausing timer until a counselor calls again to resume. Another Jason power nerfed for balance (maybe worse Morph of Shift). Would be cool if you could add a feature to be able to climb out of second-story windows to the roof. Jason can teleport there. Makes for some exciting drama if you're up there with him. If you add the cabins from pt. 4 on a later map, cool to add shower w/sliding door to hide in similar to closets. Environmental kill for Jason being similar to the film. Cool to include a CHAIN that you can find & if Jason comes at boat u can stun by chaining him around the neck, a la pt.VI Would be cool if u could find a RAZOR (1 per map) so male counselor could shave head 4 similar effect to the sweater. Stuns Jason and adds bonus to knock off mask. Would be cool if Jason could pick up dead bodies and string up in doorways or prop up places for fear inducing tactics (for example, killing someone in a cabin, but taking the body and pinning it up next to the phone fuse box, or on the top of a car, etc.)
  3. I know that you're planning on adding TONS of new content, and personally I'm 99% sure I'd buy most, if not all, of this additional content. So will you be releasing a Season Pass? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys! Great game, keep up the good work. I had an idea regarding the perk menu. Atm it feels really messy and difficult to sort through and see which perks you have. Maybe splitting up the perks into their specific colours? And then an option to move around perks so us players with OCD can get a certain order maybe? Thanks!
  5. @wes no matter what i do my mouse won't move forcing me to crtl alt del and log off profile to get my mouse working again i have not been able to play since the first night with this and the database error. Update i uninstalled the game reinstalled it now i can move my mouse but as soon as i got in a room it's gone and not able to move again.
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