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Found 4 results

  1. So before yesterday, I decided to be a nerd and take down notes of the weapons that were going to get their pips changed. Turns out, when the update released, I checked the weapon stats and I noticed the bat's durability is now 2/4 and the pan's stun is 4/4, which.. is really weird considering it's just a pan. Anyway, weapon stats: Bat: 4/4 Stun, 2/4 DMG, 2/4 DUR Pan: 4/4 Stun, 1/4 for anything else. Pot: 3/4 Stun, 1/4 DMG, and 2/4 DUR Plank: 2/4 Stun, 2/4 DMG, and 4/4 DUR Fire-Poker: 1/2 Stun, 3/4 DMG, 1/2 DUR Branch: 1/2 Stun, 1/2 DMG, and 3/4 DUR Axe: 3/4 Stun, 4/4 DMG, and 1/2 DUR (Used to be 3/4 instead of 1/2. Hmm..) Wrench: 3/4 Stun, 1/2 DMG and 1/2 DUR (Used to be 4/4 durability) Pipe: 3/4 Stun, 1/2 DMG, and 3/4 DUR Machete: 1/4 Stun, 4/4 DMG, 1/2 DUR (Used to be 3/4 DUR) (Off topic: Tiffany's shorts are now her beta shorts!! HOORAY!!! )
  2. I thought this is coming? So that people with Jason preference get more Jason games and no one is forced to take over the role of the pinata? I´d still like to know why this is not in the game from release on.
  3. So, you're going to hit Jason. Your swing is perfect, you swing you hit... something. The bat connected with Jason, but made the sound of a wall. Before you can even comprehend what happened, you're dead or left the game before he could grab you. If the weapon system was like the grab system(Which is AOE), this wouldn't happen. Please consider this! I don't think it's lag doing this, but the collision system, and weapon hit boxes are absolutely garbage. This will make the hit detection much cleaner to the point a bad ping host could work. If we just make it the range and cone way the grab was, this would fix all of the problems.
  4. What's the point of let all the windows closed? I mean, jason can't pass through. If it is closed, it makes difficult to run from jason if you need to go through it... Furthermore, Jason can break them being closed or opened. Is there any advantage to leave windows closed? Or whenever i enter in the houses should I open all the windows to help with a future escape?
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