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Found 30 results

  1. Rage quitting as host should be met with a match making ban of at least 15 mins. This game asks people to stay through matches after dying. No problem with that but if a host gets impatient the entire room shouldn't lose all their xp. Sorry but having a great run and dying then waiting 10 mins for the game to end only to lose my xp because a host rudely leaves is extremely frustrating.
  2. I agree with jason not being over powered and would hate to see a sustem innplace to further empower counselors. It is not just thematically appropriate but encourages unique the unique gameplay i hav found so refreshing. So all the preamble out of the way. Counselors should be rewarded for gameplay that may lead to their demise but ultimately helps the team. In my experience on of the most valuable teammates is one that can kite jason continuously. Having a slow accumulation of experience for constantly kiting jason would be a great reward. However i acknowledge this could be abused. Especially in private matches. It isnt a perfect idea but one that could be flushed out.
  3. On Xbox One, when I finish a match the screen shows all of the xp I earned and the 500 xp match completion amount too, but when I go to the counselor customization screen, only the xp earned from doing stuff is there and the 500 XP from finishing each match isn't being added/counted. It takes me 5 or 6 games as a counselor just to get enough xp to roll for a perk one time.
  4. I had a little over 2000 CP. I went to but the JAW RIP kill and got an error. I tried several times and got the same error. The next day I logged on my CP was under 400. I think the error caused my CP to spend without giving me the kill. Is there any way to get my CP back?
  5. So I haven't been able to find a straight answer to this question. My question is if you end up being the second counselor dead in the game and therefore are unable to return as Tommy Jarvis and you decide you don't want to waste your time watching other people play for another 15 minutes and leave the match before it ends do you still get xp? I understand there's a bonus for staying until the end of the match but if I'm alright without the bonus would I still get the xp I earned while I was alive if I leave a match?
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