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Found 67 results

  1. How cool is this? I'm on PS4 sadly- if you're on Xbox you need to add him and get in a round with him. If you do, let us know how it went.
  2. Been play quite a few games post patch on the Xbox. I've noted a couple of old glitches...and a couple of never seen before on my end. OLD: 1) Jason holding a counselor and can't break the grab or kill them. Needs to enter water or get hit by a car to stop the issue. 2) Breaking down a door as Jason results in Jason being stuck in the doorway unable to move. Sometimes the whacking sound of him hitting the door continues. Eventually sorts itself out without need someone to save you. NEW: 1. Ran at a door running from Jason with the intent to throw it open and get inside the cabin quickly. Run up against the door and popped through the other side when I pushed the "A" button to open it. 2. Went to break down a door in combat stance as Jason, hit the door, and popped through to the other side. The counselors inside needed a change of underwear. 3. Was killing someone as J7 with the dismemberment kill. They were about 6ft offset to one side and Jason was hacking at the ground...meanwhile parts were flying off the actual counselor. Funny and a bit disturbing. 4. Flare Gun could not be aimed. Pulled LT and nothing happened. I've heard someone say this is old, but it never happened to me before.
  3. As anybody on this forum knows the update that fixed quite a few bugs on the Playstation version some time ago but after that nothing has been heard from a fix for the Xbox version of this game. Now I know this takes time to do for the people at Gun Media but I just wanted to know if there is any information about a Xbox Patch that I might have missed. If someone on this forum or from Gun Media itself could provide me an answer to this that would be amazing but untill then keep up the good work on this game
  4. I've gotten a lot better as Jason since the game has come out and now if I let anyone escape it's usually only 1 person. I want to find out if I'm actually good or if all the people I play with are just scrubs. If there's a team of good survivors here that wouldn't mind humoring me I'd like to try a few games. GT: XxHotBobXxx
  5. 1. Grabbing a counselor as Jason who has a pocket knife in an area where you have to move around a bit to find room to do a kill. You move around but instead of the pocket knife triggering instantly to break the grab you get the option to initiate a kill. You push the button and the kill starts (sound only) and the counselor and Jason are separated. After the kill noises finish, or partially finish on a longer kill, Jason reacts to the pocket knife. The whole time as Jason you can do nothing because you have the surrounding field of view black fog indicating he is stunned. Counselor gets away. The thing is you don't know what is happening until the very end when you get the pocket knife reaction. 2. Counselor goes into 100% fear (loses mini-map) and can no longer drop items. I could not drop a gas can near the car no matter how long or how many times I held down on the d-pad. This is the first time this has happened to me. I don't know if this was a one-off thing or if it happens to others. 3. Jason completes the animation to break down the door and gets stuck just outside the door. You can't move (only wiggle/rotate in place). Sometimes it clears on it's own. Other times you have to use an ability like morph or shift to escape. 4. Jason gets stuck in the throw knife animation. Arm is raised with the target crosshair visible but he cannot throw the knife. He cannot move, He cannot use abilities. Typically clears up after a 10-15 second wait. I thought this was a lag issue, but I have had as of today, it happen in both laggy and pristine connection games. 5. Jason comes out of shift in the combat stance. Happened three times today. I thought maybe I had accidentally depressed the right thumbstick, but it was not the case. 6. Selecting a morph location as Jason have having it take you in the exact opposite direction, same approximate distance selected, but sends you away from the area you selected no towards it. 7. Jason ignoring a shotgun blast when not in a kill animation or stunned. I've shot him point blank and he ignored it. In another case I shot him to save someone else and he ignored it. This doesn't happen often, but I've seen it three times. The game was not lagging. It may just be the dispersion of the shot reticle for the shotty, but I'll include it here because I'm not sure if it is an accuracy issue/RNG or what.
  6. Hello, Thx for the great game (dont even expected this), so far i play on xbox one and try to calm down my self from very often crash during the game online. What i wanna ask if any plans for dlc for money, free, any? maybe new maps or new jasons? Any hope to get later in future dlc savani jason? Thank you:) p.s. waiting patch for xbox one
  7. I think that XB1, or I guess any platform, needs host migration. It happens too often where a host rage quits and no one gets XP because the game suddenly ends. It would be great to either have host migration or to have the XP already earned so far be rewarded upon match ending.
  8. I think that XB1, or I guess any platform, needs host migration. It happens too often where a host rage quits and no one gets XP because the game suddenly ends. It would be great to either have host migration or to have the XP already earned so far be rewarded upon match ending.
  9. Right now on Xbox One you can't play more than two or three straight rounds. After every two, basically everyone in the lobby quits out of the game, goes all the way back in, and you have to reform the lobby. Yeah, you can play the game, but it gets irritating having to quit out after two rounds, and most people don't know about the workaround, so people are constantly getting dropped from the game.
  10. Some things I have seen on Xbox this weekend. 1) Saw a counselor get stuck in the "boat starting" animation after being knocked out of the boat by Jason near the dock. She was stuck in that animation floating around vigorously trying to start thin air. 2) Went to bar a door against Jason. The barring started at the same moment he "opened" the door. Door got locked and barred, but it pulled Jason inside next to me. Dead. 3) Saw the undroppable counselor glitch today. Jason picked them up, tried to kill, it got stuck. The counselor goes into endless struggle and cannot break free. Jason can do nothing to them. The only solution I've seen to this one is to take the counselor into the water. It separates the two. 4) In game Party only works if you all join on the main menu screen. Any attempt to join an in-game party in a lobby or game in session leads to and endless load loop. The only solution is to open Xbox window and pop yourself into a club. When someone invites you, you can try to join them and it will pull you out of the endless loading. The other option is to restart the game. This also sucks because if you get into a game using in-game party, then subsequently lag out or get dashboarded by the memory leak, you cannot re-enter the match or go into endless load loop. Everyone has to exit to main menu. Re-party up. Then go back into a lobby. Super annoying. I tell everyone just to use the normal Xbox party system and not in-game party. 5) Saw the teleport kill glitch again today. Jason grabs a counselor and executes a kill. Randomly teleported to some other location on the map. Happened to me once as Jason a few weeks ago. A bit confusing as the Jason player and frustrating if your skills haven't come off cooldown and now the prey is halfway across the map getting into the car.
  11. So with the double Exp weekend going on I manged to get enough Xp to unlock all the counslers and decided to play as them all for the Super Fan Achievement. After doing them all and checking after every game I noticed that I didn't get credit for using Kenny, Brandon(Buggzy) & Eric. As much as I love this game it's just plain annoying to play with characters to get an achievement out of the way just to not be rewarded for using almost half of the characters in game even though I played a full match with them from beginnning to end without any disconnects
  12. Now, as an Xbox user, I'm not particularly stoked to suggest this, but I'd also like to have the opportunity to keep all of that experience In earning, plus the bonus experience. Think about it. I'm level 34, and I should probably be up in the high 40s at least by now. PS4 and PC users aren't experiencing near the amount of crashing we are, and I can accept that there are differences in the builds to account for this. However, if this event is an apology, it's not doing any favors when the activity for which the apology is warranted is still occurring. I would humbly suggest (as I have several times via the F13 Support twitter handle, receiving no reply) that the double experience weekend be delayed for Xbox users until the crash issue is resolved. I would also submit that experience and CP should be IMMEDIATELY attributed, not having to wait until the end of the match. Crashing at the "return to the shack" postgame cutscene is the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced. This is certainly possible because achievements linked to badge progress manage to unlock before the badges themselves (case in point, achievement for trapping Jason 13 times despite badge progress reading 4/13). For the record, I prefer this game immensely to Dead By Daylight, but I'm getting that old familiar Ubisoft feeling when I start up this game. We all love this game, but our love is not unconditional. If you feel the same, Xbox users, I would suggest that you also request that the double experience weekend be delayed, and that experience and CP be allotted immediately after earning.
  13. Hey guys i want to talk with you for 60 FPS which it's possible to reach on all consoles. how i came to these result look at battlefield 1 it's playable at 64 players 3x bigger if not more Friday The 13th is playable with 8 players and map are big but less than battlefield there not destructible items except windows for counselor. What do you think guys. PS: even if BF1 is not stable he is above 30 FPS.
  14. So on June 20th we were supposed to all receive clothing packs, 13000CP, and double XP this weekend coming up(23rd-25th) I just went on at 3:30AM the 21st and my clothing is there but no cp. Im poor and have no good perks and I need that cp. What's going on, HELP!!!!
  15. Let's team up and play while we wait! Fellow Xbox One players, we've been handed the short straw. Content update #1 has been delayed due to failing the Microsoft certification process. Why sit around feeling sorry for ourselves? Let's get some positivity flowing and team up! To random or not to random, that is the question... I've taken part in a few random lobbies recently, it's been a blast! It adds another layer of difficulty to the game, we all need to adjust our play styles to suit the counselor that we're dealt. Add me, or drop your Gamertags! My Gamertag is Slashin Passion Of course, you don't need to play random, you'll be welcome to join in either way.
  16. Hey everyone, I'm looking to start a party for Tuesday night (9 pm eastern time; i'm from canada!) Anyone interested in meeting in game and coming up with a strategy. Let me know! xbox tag: iamterribadd
  17. Looking for people to play with on Xbox one. Send me an invite. Gamertag: ITz Aaron 777.
  18. The game does not detect my mic about 90% of the time, the symbol doesn't pop up when I talk. When it rarely randomly does, nobody can hear me. I switch to party chat and it works fine. So it's something within the game. I found a *temporary* fix by connecting my controller to my xbox by a cable. I was then given a pop up that said controller pair connection lost. But after that my mic was actually working in game chat. However that fix only lasted for a few games. Now I'm back to not being able to communicate. It must be something to do with the controller pairing, which doesn't make much sense. Hope it gets fixed. -playing on Xbox one, tried multiple controllers and headphones.
  19. The game has greatly improved for Xbox since the stability patch. Good job team! The one major crash that I keep getting is a complete and total shutdown of F13 while spectating a match after I have died. It happens a once in awhile and is not consistent (maybe once every 8-10 matches). The game is not giving me any sort of error related to connection lost or disconnected from host. In fact, I've found my way all the way back to the game which is still happily continuing. Sometimes when I get back there may be another person there who had the same thing happen. Literally the whole game goes down and has to start back from the opening credits and it only happens when I'm spectating a match... provided I died in that match. If I pop in a spectate an ongoing match I never started in, it does not happen.
  20. So these are the two main issues I experience with the game on Xbox One. Just to make sure it wasn't the download, I deleted the game from my hard drive and reinstalled it. Same issues occur constantly and I notice it happens at certain times. GAME RESET - Happens after 3rd game I play. I could be playing online when all of a sudden, the splash screen for FT13 comes on. Usually after 20-25 minutes it happens. Really annoying! CONNECTIVY LOST TO HOST - I don't know if it has to do with the Packanack map but it always seems to happen on this map. This really makes the game unplayable. Sucks just to know your XP points wont get added to your profile. I really hope your dev team can fix these issues.
  21. If not for the "looking for group" features and the community willing to jump through hoops to play the game. Then this game would be dead on arrival. Simple. Let's take a moment to appreciate the group feature on both consoles, and pat ourselves on the back.
  22. I live with a few people. When we try to queue up. It causes one of us to sit in wait while the other gets in a lobby. Until the other person finishes the other person can't connect to the game what so ever. We can't create parties to try and queue up either.
  23. On Xbox there is no red dot to morph properly, I'm just sorta taking guesses at this point and failing hard. Also when the game first released I was able to talk in game chat but now I can't. I've tried everything. Uninstall, hard reset. All that good stuff. It's upsetting to the point where I can't communicate with anyone and I kicked from private matches because I died with keys on me lol and I can't have fun playing with Jason because I hear someone messing up the phone but I can't morph to crush their dreams. Please fix this. It's ruining my game experience.
  24. In-game chat cannot be picked up from an external device (Elgato for example) on Xbox One. Even when you set chat to play "from headset and speakers" in the Xbox settings it still doesn't work. It kinda is a bummer, the whole point of making videos on the game is so you can hear everyone and their reactions. Only way you can currently do that is if you're all in a party. Which defeats the purpose of the Proximity voice chat. There is a setting in the options of the game that seems like it is what I was looking for, but that too does nothing. It'd be great to see implemented cause if not it kinda doesn't allow for there to be a YouTube or streaming community for the game. Look into it, please?
  25. Looking to add friends to play on Xbox. Gamertag Soomilk.
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