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Found 71 results

  1. When playing as a counselor sometimes when you try to knock out jason with a bat or other high stun item when jason is busy with either busting down a door to a cabin, or when he grabs a counselor and prepares for a kill, there is a high chance of the game freezing up on the last frame of the action for a few seconds then boots you off to the dashboard. This also happens sometimes to anyone that is spectating jason or the counselor that is hitting jason. Im guessing that the code for the animations in the game have a slightly unrefined portion that is suppose to "interrupt" the animation and put jason into a stun, but it probably doesn't happen as clean as it should.
  2. Maybe someone can shed some light on this: When I have a few smaller items (First Aid, Car Keys, etc.) and I pick up a bear trap, when I go to place the bear trap, it drops all of my smaller items first. I'm using "down" on the arrow to place the bear trap. I'd like to just able able to place the bear trap and arm it, without wasting time dropping and picking up other items. Anyone else have any issues with this? Thanks! P.S. I know it's impossible to pick up a trap without dropping a currently held weapon.
  3. Hi all, I haven't had a chance to fire up the XB1 as of 11:30am CST. Is the 'Day One' patch/fix available yet?
  4. So I haven't been able to find a straight answer to this question. My question is if you end up being the second counselor dead in the game and therefore are unable to return as Tommy Jarvis and you decide you don't want to waste your time watching other people play for another 15 minutes and leave the match before it ends do you still get xp? I understand there's a bonus for staying until the end of the match but if I'm alright without the bonus would I still get the xp I earned while I was alive if I leave a match?
  5. Trying to host Lobby when 8 people send message or join off my gamer tag Gt. Rondoja
  6. Hey my gt is KSI red dragoon and my name is Gerald i just bought the game and am looking for people to play with since the servers are broken basically
  7. I want to see more customisation for Jason and counsellors maybe something to do with badges like finish a badge and get a cool
  8. Finally able to get into Quick Matches on the XBox ONE in the UK today. Glad I had the patience to give it a couple of days because it's as fun as it looked when I was checking out the gameplay online. My wife has stopped reading her books just to watch me play and is now playing herself as well. You don't need me to tell you the game is good. It's been a shame about the server issues but its nice to see them gradually being ironed out. Hopefully more and more people are able to get on and enjoy this and thanks to all those involved in trying to get things up and running.
  9. Looking to play. Servers won't let us play. Add my gamertag if you want to play jakeyTS93 Add also gamertag zombieblood1150
  10. Message me for invite Shadow Kantuss looking for players
  11. Looking for new Xbox players to party up with and enjoy the game and horror!
  12. I'm having in game mic issues some ppl can hear me and others can't , when I join a regular Xbox part out of the game everybody can hear and talk to me plz help
  13. Me and a friend are looking to play a private match, drop your gt for invite or invite us to yours if that's preferable GT: Storm Blackgate
  14. Yeah I could finally download it is anyone playing on Xbox live? Looking for a session for more than 17 mins ☹️☹️ Xbox Gamertag is: CreepyGypsy
  15. I was wondering if anyone on Xbox One wanted to play together since the Quick Matches aren't working. I'm making a Private Session and if you want to join, message my GT: ObssesiveGamer
  16. Waited 5 minutes and still never found a game? Is everyone on PC?
  17. Hello all you sexy campers! Simple question here, is the game cross platform? Will all three platforms be able to play online with each other? THANK YOU ALL
  19. As the title suggests, what are some good Xbox one horror games out for the system (or that are coming out eventually) I'm not including PC or PS4 titles, just Xbox one. However they can also be coming out/released for PC and PS4. If your looking to horror games coming out for the PS4 or PC/steam, you will find other topic threads dedicated to them in this part of the forum. One I'm waiting for is The Call of Cthulhu video game that will hopefully be released this year. http://www.polygon.com/2014/1/16/5316636/call-of-cthulhu-concept-art-gallery-frogwares
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