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Found 71 results

  1. Every now and again the game crashes and I have to restart it, invite my party back and start a new game. This doesn't happen with any other game so I doubt it's a hardware problem.
  2. So with the double Exp weekend going on I manged to get enough Xp to unlock all the counslers and decided to play as them all for the Super Fan Achievement. After doing them all and checking after every game I noticed that I didn't get credit for using Kenny, Brandon(Buggzy) & Eric. As much as I love this game it's just plain annoying to play with characters to get an achievement out of the way just to not be rewarded for using almost half of the characters in game even though I played a full match with them from beginnning to end without any disconnects
  3. I logged on today I don't have the free cp you promised everyone
  4. my game crashes on me and game close and send me to the xbox dashboard during gameplay in game matches and times me out and sometime sends to main menu. is there connection issue on xbox one? and i am not runing into any bug ingame just random game crashes right to xbox dashboard like 3 times and sometime game menu connection issues i get kick out error or lost host drop outs during gameplay and sends me to the games main menu screen it happens when i be chosen to be jason or not. my twitter username ironzombie1965
  5. Here's just a few ideas i think that need adding Crawl Text chat Weather Find a Game (Not quick Match as 9 times out of 10 you end up in a game by urself) Different endings to games, if counserlors win or Jason Taunt above all else, fix match making and game crash! (Xbox one issue maybe) I really wanna like this game, but i hadly finish a game cause it crashes midgame, or it takes me 20/30mins to find a game with more than 1 person in! Also Random Jason needs looking at, think in total i've played about 30 games been Jason once and that was when everyone left a game and let just me and one other person, so even then i didn't get a proper go at Jason
  6. I don't know how this works on other systems, but I noticed that after the update, players in my game that spawn as Tommy crash about 50% of the time, making the Tommy spawn absolutely useless. I had this happen to me yesterday, and my friends yesterday and the day prior in private matches. I don't know what triggers it, but all I know is that I spawned in as Tommy, the animation started, but then the game crashed. The night before, it happened to someone else as well, and Tommy was still spawned on the map (I hit him once with a baseball bat and then he disappeared). My friends and I usually play private matches together, and we have noticed the crashes happen more often when someone is spawning in as Tommy.
  7. This bug is kinda funny, though very frustrating for whoever is Jason. http://xboxclips.com/Convicted+Devil/6b73285a-c122-47b3-8b53-31559958808a ^^^This actually had 2 glitches involved. The first one is the notorious closet glitch where you can't seek and destroy them, then the second involves trying to execute a kill animation and somehow getting stuck in the grab. My guess is that the counselor is right at the moment of breaking free when the animation is beginning. http://xboxclips.com/Convicted+Devil/11674fb7-434e-4760-9d71-0580c3d96b32 ^^^Second occurrence, coming from the perspective of the counselor, this is how I got my hypothesis for the first video. (Video is 3 minutes long most of the time Jason is carrying me around, shows that he can't let me go)
  8. Using the standard issue Xbox One wireless controller is causing multiple in game issues. 1) No targetting dot for Jason's Morph ability 2) No nameplates over other players heads 3) When using a headset with mic you can hear other people but your voice doesn't transmit 4) Perk loadouts for counselors and kill loadouts for Jason don't save 5) Rotate minimap with player setting doesn't save. In the meantime it appears that using a cable to plug the controller directly into the X1 resolves all these issues as long as you leave it plugged in. I've tried a few things and if you unplug the controller anything you do after WILL NOT SAVE. You also lose the ability to target morph again.
  9. So there are these 2 guys that have been joining private games through the LFG and every game they join have been using the exploits in each map. If you see these guys in your game on Xbox One report them on Xbox live, kick them from the game and probably block them. Gamertags: TheeLaFlame, zSavagePanda I got a video of them doing it too but I need to figure out how to post it to the forums.
  10. Hey everyone! I am looking for a group to play this awesome game with, I am on Xbox and my Gamertag is the same as my username DarthKnight532. Feel free to add or message me. Thanks for reading!
  11. So these are the two main issues I experience with the game on Xbox One. Just to make sure it wasn't the download, I deleted the game from my hard drive and reinstalled it. Same issues occur constantly and I notice it happens at certain times. GAME RESET - Happens after 3rd game I play. I could be playing online when all of a sudden, the splash screen for FT13 comes on. Usually after 20-25 minutes it happens. Really annoying! CONNECTIVY LOST TO HOST - I don't know if it has to do with the Packanack map but it always seems to happen on this map. This really makes the game unplayable. Sucks just to know your XP points wont get added to your profile. I really hope your dev team can fix these issues.
  12. On Xbox One, my friends and I played for about 5 hours continuously last evening and noticed when the Jason is the one with the Spear, the crash frequency seems to increase dramatically. My friends and I have stopped picking him and crashes decrease significantly. I was able to simulate with these steps: 1) Play as Part 6 Jason 3) Within the first 5 mins, the game will crash back to xbox home I was playing on Xbox One and my GT is DarthYoda19
  13. Anytime I attempt to use Jason's Morph ability it brings up the map but DOES NOT display the targeting cursor for it. I have attempted to uninstall/reinstall game and nothing I've done has fixed it. Also I have to reassign all perks to counselors and all kills to Jason each time I shut off or exit game it doesn't save. My gamertag for xbox one is SLAPNUTS840.
  14. First of all, thanks for patching things but the game still crashes on Xbox live. As a player we're not lagging out the completely game closes mid game without any warning. When it crashes, I'm back on the dashboard of the xbox and have to start the entire game new. its very frustrating . Sometime it happens after just 2 rounds, then again after 4 or 5 or even 6 rounds. It differs every time gamertag: creepygypsy
  15. I am an Xbox One player, and not once have I been able to speak in game chat. I can hear everyone else fine, but my mic symbol doesn't even light up when I speak. I have tried everything that I could possibly think of: I am definitely in game chat, and my voice does work in party chat and in all other games I only have one headset (Skullcandy), but I have tried two pairs of headphones with mics as well (also both Skullcandy, so if the problem is "on my end" then using Skullcandy mics is the only think I think it could be, although it still would a problem with the game). I have also tried a different controller I have tried setting the "Output Voice in World" option to both yes and no, neither work (although I heard that that option has nothing to do with speaking anyway) I have quit and restarted the game multiple times, as well as hard resetting my Xbox As a last resort, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and that didn't work either I was patient with it throughout the week because I saw a thread in which PS4 players were having the same problem and it seemed to be fixed by a patch. So my hope was that the Xbox patch would fix it, but unfortunately it did not. Thanks for any help!
  16. Was playing as Machette or Axe Jason, have not tried on other Jasons. Start the game by teleporting to one of the cars. Lay traps along the car right away before any other ability is added to Jason. While laying traps, mash the lay trap button while next to the driver side door. Multiple traps will be placed at once and Jason will get frozen in upright position. Jason will not be able to walk or grab, but can swing weapon. Once the shift ability propagates, you can shift in place and then the grab ability seems to return. After you mash the grab button, Jason breaks free of the glitch. As Jason, on spawn, warp to a car location Stand right next to the car (for me it was the yellow car next to the driver side door) Mash the lay trap button multiple times during the lay animation You will hear the trap sound play twice in quick succession Two traps will lay down at once and Jason will be stuck in standing position This happened to me twice, I am unsure which map sorry. This is not game breaking, but slows down the process of finding the counselors and could be frustration for a user who doesn't know how to get out of it. I was playing on Xbox One and my GT is DarthYoda19
  17. I found this glitched counselor while running through a cabin.
  18. The door breaks a couple seconds after I finish my animation. I was not the host, but my ping was good and i wasn't lagging.
  19. On Xbox One, when I finish a match the screen shows all of the xp I earned and the 500 xp match completion amount too, but when I go to the counselor customization screen, only the xp earned from doing stuff is there and the 500 XP from finishing each match isn't being added/counted. It takes me 5 or 6 games as a counselor just to get enough xp to roll for a perk one time.
  20. Right at the start of the match i can still see the phone box repair and can hear my counselor moving but everything is black. The game had crashed for the host.
  21. While playing as Jason on Higgins, I got stuck while in shift. There were many counselors around and many things happening (ex. firecrackers). I think this may have crashed the hosts game. my gamertag is BmOrx KINGZ
  22. Thursday I played this game and loved it, then your patch came out... I have been sitting here for two nights now and for nearly an hour I haven't found one damn session... my Internet is fine, my Xbox one is fine, your game is broken and you need to say something or atleast own up to your broken patch ruining your game, I work retail, I want to suguest this game to people... I would... IF I COULD PLAY THE DAMN THING!!!!
  23. Sometimes (happens most of the time with me and people I play) when you spawn in as Tommy Jarvis the game will freeze up about a half second into the animation that happens when you become Tommy Jarvis, then you get booted to the Dashboard. This glitch also causes the bug where you kill everyone as jason but the game does not end and the person playing jason has to wait out the clock in order to get the match to end.
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