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Found 3 results

  1. Freddy Krueger has been announced as a new Killer in Dead by Daylight, and with Micheal Myers and Leatherface also in the game it’s getting harder and harder not to compare these two titles. The horror movie icons have moved out of film and into our video games, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. So It’s a simple question, which game do you prefer and why? Also open to honest discussions as to why either game is better than the other or why you prefer one over the other. Lastly, what could either game learn from the other? In my opinion, DbD has the balance issue down. Whereas F13 keeps messing up the game balance with every update. Yet, F13 at times seems a lot more fun to play and has more to do when you’re playing as a counselor. You can actually fight back against Jason if you know what you’re doing. In DbD you really don’t stand a chance against the Killer once they have you. The community is the biggest difference here in my opinion. F13 is filled to the brim with trolls and other toxic players, DbD has a pretty good system set up to discourage and eliminate that kind of behavior.
  2. Simply Bringing this up again as I'm sure its been mentioned before. However the game realy does need dedicated servers. The game is still a mess with hosts quitting because they were killed buy the player playing Jason. Its extremely Detrimental to the players when the host just up and rage quits cause they were killed buy Jason. I will also add in that the peer to peer servers the game uses. Is simply put just outdated. Most games rarely use peer to peer connections anymore. Most have Dedicated servers with Dedicated matchmaking. Thus making Games easier and quicker to find and join. Dedicated Servers also would prevent players being dropped from connection timeouts. Or simply loosing connection the match All together.
  3. Alright! A lot of people on this forum are fans of slasher movies. I am one of those people. A lot of people are fans of vs discussions. I am one of those people. So I have elected to start a blanket discussion on the matter. So here's how it's gonna go. I'll start by listing a vs match between two slasher villains. We'll discuss it until a general consensus is reached, or the conversation runs out of steam. Then I'll mark the winner ON THIS POST, with a caveat likely elaborating on why, and possible reasons the loser might of won instead. I shall do my best to remain unbiased, and in general accept popular opinion. After that, I'll let everyone else suggest the next topic by PMing me directly. Whichever seems the most appropriate, interesting, and/or popular, I'll mark on this post as the official discussion. Rinse and repeat until everyone loses interest. As always, keep it civil. We're trying to have fun. Do keep in mind when suggesting a match that the battle should be interesting and, on the surface at least, even. No one wants to see Ghostface vs Michael Myers. Also keep in mind, this is a discussion on who would win in a fight. NOT on which is the better character, or which one you like more. For all intents and purposes, ALL fights take place in an area equally beneficial to both slashers. Neither is aware of the other before meeting, but both are equipped with their best gear. It's a battle to an end of movie state. After all, many slashers can't really be "killed" so if it would incapacitate them well enough to garner a movie a happy ending, they lose. ROUND 1 The Prowler VS Harry Warden. (Winner: Harry Warden) Harry pulls out a VERY close victory here. Managing to outdo The Prowler in strength. ROUND 2 Freddy Krueger VS: Pinhead Two formerly human demons duke it out. Sadomasochism vs pure sadism. Lawful Evil vs Chaotic Evil. WHO WILL WIN!? By the by, once a match ends everything between here and the rules will be deleted and replaced with a winner, and the next match. Feel free to leave feedback on how this set up could be improved.
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