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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Gun. So, I have an idea since a lot of us are annoyed by insane trapping usage near the phone, although we ( I) are forced to do it ourselves due to how fast the cops can arrive and matches end. Could you possibly change the phone mechanic so instead of having counselors escape immediately, upon calling the cops, a police car arrives, drives in to the area, and 2 dead players will be brought back to life as cops within it. They will both be armed. Furthermore, the police car can contain 4 people and can of course be used to escape with. Furthermore the cop players should have incentive to help their teammates as police officers. So they could get a 500+ bonus for being in the police car if it escapes with a counselor player or more. Let alone shooting jason, defending them. The "my dad is a cop" perk will be removed and the deadline is upped to around 8 minutes more or less. To give Jason a chance to kill someone but also to prevent him facing legit resistance so early in the match. Reasons for this idea? 1: Friday part 6. When Jason arrived at Crystal Lake and began killing counselors, the cops arrived. No counselors escaped, instead the cops began investigating and all ended up killed. So this is more realistic / accurate based on the films. 2: The phone is the most dangerous kill zone for both couselors and Jason alike. If you play counselor and see that you spawned next to it as the match begins, your initial words are: "Are you F'ing serious?" Then you hear the VCR static sound and murder music plays. Jason is knocking on the door. RIP. For Jason its the same way. He wants to trap that phone immediately and excessively because he doesn't wanna chase people towards the cops after 3 minutes which is incredibly difficult if counselors play well and have high stamina characters. Let alone the fact that there are 7. If they work together with weapons Jason may as well just quit right there. Which brings me to part 3. 3: If the phone is called within the 1st 5 minutes Jason players tend to give up immediately and the game ends. Because the experienced players know that they are screwed. I'd personally like to see this for no other reason than it is a extremely accurate portrayal of the movies. Being part 6.
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