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Found 3 results

  1. Is there any chance of adding a stat tracker maybe similar to badges so that us trophy hunters know how close we are to the requirements. I know that Xbox players can check their hero stats for games played etc so the infrastructure is definitely there. It would be nice to know how many boats have been repaired, baseball bat hits, counselors killed and how many games have been played and so on. I love the game but we have to admit it's coming to the end of its life cycle. Lobbies can sometimes be hard to find with matchmaking search times evidently increasing. On another note maybe its about time to lower the requirements. I know this will annoy people who have already earned it but the game wont be alive much longer. I'm not begging and I know its a long shot but it would be nice and may even spark other trophy hunters interest. Thanks to the devs for the hard work and dedication to the game.
  2. Here is a top 13 reasons why Jason is king of slashers! 1. Has one of the highest slasher films with 12 films to date! (2 Excluding him only.) 2. Jason has one of the highest body counts in Slasher history. 3. Jason made it number 1 in a horror poll to see who is the scariest and he beat both Godzilla and Xenomorphs 4. Has the most memorable kills within the horrorverse from the sleeping bag kills to the nitrogen face slam. 5. Is one of the most well known and most influence slashers in modern pop-culture. 6. Jason faced Freddy and won! 7. Has multiple characters based off of him from Victor Crowley from Hatchet to Charlie from Charlies Farm. 8. His Hockey mask is easy to recognize. 9. Help create iconic actors through out the film industry. 10. Has the most actors to play as him. 11. Has dided multiple times and can't be put down. 12. Has numerous comics and music named about or for him. 13. Has a rumored movie in 2020 giving him 13 movies in total.
  3. One thing I wonder about is why there ain't a statistics screen there I can watch my progress in the game itself. Something in style with: * How many matches I have played as a counselor, or Jason. * What the most performed killed is, or how many killes in total. * Which counselor I have played the most as, or which Jason. * Most played map. * How many times I killed Chad. Etc. I would love to see these types of statistics.
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