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Found 3 results

  1. I'm predicting a five o'clock pm drop on the new update. Any takers? All bets will be made in virtual bananas.
  2. Since I completed Virtual Cabin 2.0, I’ve been curious as to how the map will work (Since, y’know, you can’t simply drive an old car into space). I made this post to see if I’ve missed anything, and I’m curious to see others’ theories. At first, I though it would strictly be for Paranoia, but that’s obviously not the case now that it’s been delayed/canceled. I’m pretty certain that it’ll be a entirely different gamemode, because I’ve lost confidence that Friday would redesign everything for a map, especially after seeing Roy. But hey, that’s just my speculation. It’d be great if you told me your speculation!
  3. This has nothing to do with gameplay changes, and I hope it doesn't deteriorate into whining about it like other threads have. It is strictly about Roy, his motivations, and possible reasons that he hears Pamela's voice in his head. This is a theory that I actually came up with during a Ft13th marathon/party I was having for Halloween in the early 2000's: It seemed to me that Roy knew much more about Jason, his motivations, and his method of killing than the average person that lived around Camp Blood. I was thinking "This guy has been obsessed with Jason for a while." There are plenty of examples of people in real life that study serial killers. Some have even engaged in copy-cat killings to try to emulate their idols. My idea is that Roy was one of these people. He had been preoccupied with the story of Jason for years. I'm thinking that he had probably searched the area and found Jason's shack, which would explain why he spawns there. That fanaticism could also explain why a paramedic was unable to take care of his son. Now we come to the turning point...When Roy saw that his son had been killed he snapped. I mean, look at his face: At that point, he had become Jason in his mind. That would explain why he hears Pamela's voice in his head. He truly believes that is is Jason reincarnated, and his killing spree is a result of that. A normal reaction from a father that is pissed off about his son's murder would be to go after Vic, the guy that did it. Instead, Roy decides to kill random people to assuage his grief. He was the embodiment of Mr. Voorhees. I mean, hell, look at the kill count in that movie. Roy was a beast. Personally, I disregard all ideas that Roy was "possessed" by the spirit of Jason a'la Part 9. Actually, I just disregard Part 9, even though it had one of my favorite characters in Creighton Duke. Roy just lost his mind due to grief and believed he was Jason. I believe that explains him hearing Pamela's voice in his head. Of course, this is only my opinion. It is just something I came up with 15 or so years ago. TL;DR Roy thinks he is Jason, that is why he hears Pamela's voice, and spawns in the shack.
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