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Found 7 results

  1. If not allowed admin please delete. Anyone else agrivated by spawn preference never working. I have Jason preferred and get him once every 10-12 games. My friends NEVER want to be Jason and select counselor. They get him like once in six or so games and I just don’t get it. Once we get dedicated servers could we have preference match where only one or two Jason preferds get in a game? And fix the counselor preference where they NEVER get Jason. Many people don’t like being Jason and quit as soon as they get picked. Thank you!
  2. The following is just a small synopsis of how I see each character. It started with a basic idea of their skills, and then I just kind of thought of a backstory for everyone. You can blame mother nature for this rambling. We were sent home due to weather, the wife is at work, and the kiddo is at Grandma's house. Feel free to critique it to death, if anyone even reads it at all. Adam Palomino- The Edgy Guy. The only reason he is going to this lame-ass campout is because he is low on funds. Every dime he has is tied up in fixing his ride, if he can just figure out how to put it back together. And that guy Kenny mentioned something about maybe being able to make some cash later this summer, that'll get Lucille up and running again. Besides, that rich dipshit Chad is paying for everything. Free beer, a place to crash, and a whole deserted lake campground to party! He might be able to use that "curse" to scare the girls and maybe even get laid! But he's not hooking up with A.J.! Ever since they had broken up, she's been a total bitch. Everybody has problems Alexandra, you're not special! Adam is capable of just about everything that needs to be done, but he's never really applied himself enough to really excel at anything. If you can get past that bullshit "bad boy" attitude, he really is a great friend even if he won't admit it. Just don't piss him off! Brandon Wilson- The Jock. Hey, he was the MVP of the State Championship this year. It's time to take a break and get away. And maybe, just maybe, this campout is his chance to get Vanessa to finally notice him. Sports are great and all, but, you gotta have a social life too girl! Brandon was shocked when Chad invited him out there, but that scrap was a long time ago. All that spoiled brat had to do was shut his mouth. As soon as he saw that Tiffany was crying, all bets were off. And, if this summer camp idea works out, it would be a great way for him to make a little extra spending money. Buggzy is never looking for a fight, but if the shit hits the fan he is definitely the guy you want watching your back. Always ready to defend his friends, you just have to remember that if the time does come to cut and run, you probably won't see anything but the quickly disappearing image of his varsity jacket leaving you in the dust. Chad Kensington- The Doucheba...I mean The Preppy Guy. Chad knows that things aren't going too great with Tiffany right now. He didn't want to invite all of these losers out to his parents' lakehouse. But hell, Tiff likes them, so maybe inviting her friends out there might help patch up their relationship. I mean things have always gone his way he'll figure this out too. Plus, Adam always has the best weed! Buggzy was the last person he wanted to invite out there. How dare that blockhead attack him for no reason! But, he has to let Tiffany get her way every once in a while, just to shut her up. There is no way in hell he plans on watching a bunch of brats flail around in the lake if Kenny does re-open that shithole. But that might just be the ticket to get the others out of his hair so he and Tiff can be alone. Always looking out for numero uno, you really can't count on this tool for anything other than trying to show off how loaded his family is. He's never been much of a fighter, he's scared of his own shadow, and he's really not too bright. But you can count on him...to haul ass and hide, whimpering in the corner if things get bad. Deborah Kim- The Bookish Girl. She was planning on going to Science Camp this summer with Eric, but her parents just couldn't afford it. Deb was ecstatic when Jenny invited her to go to the lake. Jen has always been a good friend. A very introverted girl that everyone seems to like, she just sometimes get overlooked when it comes to social functions. Nobody purposely leaves her out, she just doesn't seem to come to mind. Deb was worried about J.R. backing out of Science Camp, she know how much that meant to him, and she felt a little guilty. But, a little part of her sure was glad he was coming. The others were so outspoken, it was nice to have another quiet person just to chill out with. She has always admired the way Adam carries himself, he's just so confident and open. She couldn't even imagine being that way. But every time she had offered to help him out with Lucille, he had just laughed. Her natural curiosity of how things work have equipped her with a pretty diverse skill set when it comes to repairing just about anything, she really could help. More at home in a library or laboratory than a gym, she's not very athletic. Her little brother has always played pranks on her, so she has found ways to hide from that little shit, and turn his stupid jokes back around on him. Jenny Myers- The Girl Next Door. When Jenny heard that Chad was planning a getaway trip out to the lake, she was apprehensive. But after Kenny called her and told her that he was trying to re-open "Camp Blood" before the end of summer, she thought it would be a great way for her and her friends to spend some time together and maybe bury the hatchet in a few old grudges. Kenny sure was a nice guy! She never believed all of those stupid stories anyway. Not really much of a partyer, Jen has always been the level-headed one that tried to just keep the old group together. They have been friends since Kindergarten! She really loves her friends. They all have their quirks, but she couldn't imagine life without them. A.J. Mason- The Rocker Chick. Why the hell was she even doing this? Because she was tired of listening to her mom and step-dad fight all of the fucking time, that's why. That, and the fact that Jen just have a way of convincing her to do just about anything. Besides, if she sticks around listening to that, she might just slit that prick's throat while he is asleep! An independent girl that has always taken care of herself, she figured it would be a good way to just get out of that damn house and party her ass off. If the bullshit gets to be too much, she'll just bail and have her own private party. No doubt that Adam will have a killer bag she can score from. Surely he's forgotten about that stupid fling by now, right? If she can sneak out of a second-story window in the middle of the night, she'll have no problem getting away from these guys if the need arises. Besides, aren't there like, a dozen cabins out there? She doesn't have to stay at Chad the Choad's place! Don't tell anyone, but she does have a secret soft spot for all of these idiots. Even Lachappa is kinda cute...in his own awkward, geeky way. Vanessa Jones- The Athletic Girl. Nessa has aspirations of being an Olympic Triathlete. She was planning on training all summer, but Jenny explained to her that a little time off might help her get focused again. She's seen the map, so she knows that there are plenty of running trails for her to keep up her regimen. She should be able to get 5 miles in, take a shower, and eat breakfast before most of these guys even stumble out of bed. Vanessa has never had a relationship, she doesn't have time for that nonsense! Maybe she'll think about that after the 2020 Games. She has always wanted to hang out with the gang more, but her schedule would never allow it. Besides, Buggzy has been giving her "the look". That guy was like her brother! She had even farted on him in grade school! You can't date after that...ever! Kenny Riedell- Head Counselor. Kenny has been trying to get his idea of opening a summer camp for the kids off the ground for a while now. There really isn't much for the children to do during the summer since the campground was shut down. All he needed was a core group of counselors. He feels that the main group needs to know each other and be able to work together. The first people he could think of was Jenny and her friends. They had been a close-knit group basically all of their lives. He had heard that there might have been some bad blood, but surely lifelong friends can get over any petty squabbles. This might even be a way to get closer to Jen. She was a couple of years younger than him, but he had always thought she was beautiful. Kenny needs some help restoring the place too. It's in decent shape, and he can do most of the work, but he will need a little muscle for heavy lifting. Plus, there are some electrical issues and they had to find a way to get that damn phone working again! No way in hell you're gonna get a cell signal out there. The phone company said the signal was fine to the main box at the camp, and there was no way he could afford hire a professional to go all the way to camp to troubleshoot it. But, he had a couple of geniuses coming out that should be able to fix it with no problems. Tiffany Cox- The Flirty Girl. Tiffany is always looking for a reason for everyone to get together and have a good time. Of course she is getting sick of Chad's shit, but his parents have that sweet house on the lake. After she accidentally overheard his parents talking about their money problems and trying to figure out how they were going to keep Chad from finding out, she decided this might be the gang's last chance to party up there. Jenny told her about Kenny's plans for the Summer Camp, and it sounded like a great idea! Tiff loves kids! Children are honest, it's adults that will lie to your face and stab you in the back! And, it would be a great way to make a little money. Besides, it should her get her mind off of the tragedy that took her little brother away from her a few years ago. Now that school was over and she didn't have cheerleading to keep her occupied, she needed something. Remembering the games of tag and hide-and-go-seek with little Mikey was like a dagger in her heart. He was starting to get pretty good too, even though he could never find her. Man, how she missed that little guy! Everyone assumed that Ms. Cox was too busy teasing the guys and partying to ever graduate. Imagine everyone's surprise when Tiff walked across that stage! She deserved this. And if Chad decided to be too much of a dick on this trip, maybe Buggzy would kick his ass again! Eric Lachappa- The Geek. Ever the outsider, J.R. has always been grateful for his real friends. Even the other "geeks" in school only tolerated him because he was the the best lab partner. If J.R. decided that things were going too slowly, he would just finish the project himself. It was always a guaranteed "A". Except for Deb. Sweet, gorgeous Deb! She was always there when he needed someone to talk to. He was so upset that she wasn't going to be able to go to the Science Fair this year, he backed out himself. Even though he knew that it was a great chance to get an internship with NASA if he did well. And, he always did well. No worries, there was always M.I.T., and he knows that Deb was a little anxious about going out there. His family life wasn't much better. His dad and older brothers ran that stupid garage, and it was a point of contention that Eric never showed any interest in the family business. Of course he could do the work, a chimp could do the damn work. It just wasn't challenging. It didn't help that both of his brothers had lettered in football. Sports really wasn't J.R.'s thing. He had asthma! He could barely run 20 yards without losing his breath. So every time Alex and David tried to make him play football or basketball, he would just hide. He may be a little heavy, but he could fit in some tight spots, and they never could figure out where he was. J.R. knows that this trip will be great, he just has to remember to pack his inhalers!
  3. Apologies if there is a dedicated thread for this, but I couldn't find one and haven't seen it brought up for a while. I know many people play private matches and select Jason manually so this isn't an issue. But regarding random pick and particularly quick play, this is by no means resolved. Here's what I read in the PS4 patch notes from June 6th, on the official Facebook page: "Increased effectiveness of Jason and Counselor spawn preference options. Shuffling the possible Jason list 3x as much to help randomness." Now this is all well and good, but the fact that I always have Jason preference on, and played in the same lobby for something like 6 hours and was not picked to be Jason even once means that something is very wrong. And that has happened on a few occasions, rarely for that length of time (and only because hosts don't generally stick around that long) but for hours nonetheless. And I've noticed a few things which I'm going to list here: Keep in mind this is still speculation, but I have enough reason to believe it's a possibility too. 1. The host of the lobby is picked as Jason far more often than anybody else. 2. Newcomers to the lobby have a higher chance of becoming Jason than players already in the lobby. 3. At some point, for some reason, it seems that some players in the same lobby for an extended period of time are kicked out of the shuffle entirely. 4. To be included back in the shuffle, it seems that switching to a different Jason is a possible solution. This has occurred a few times now, where I have changed my Jason selection after waiting for hours, and became Jason the very next match. Again, this is all speculation and it is hard to determine otherwise due to the amount of testing and especially time needed to make certain. It could very well be a pointless endeavour to even attempt. But these notes I've made are based on consistently playing almost every day, and what I've seen has convinced me enough to make a post about it. So I imagine the best solution might be to eliminate randomisation entirely and replace it with a system that actually provides fair opportunity. Otherwise fix the algorithm or whatever glitch that is affecting it, because the current system is clearly broken somehow. It is not fair how some players only experience 1 or 2 Counselor matches between their Jason matches, while other players are not picked at all for hours on end. There is something wrong here and I'd love to see more discussion and feedback from other players here to shed more light on the topic.
  4. So I have "counselor preference" when it comes to spawn preference, and I've just played 5 games, the two first I was selected to play Jason, even though there were people in the lobby that had Jason preference. the two games after that I played Counselor. And I were then selected Again to play as Jason. That's a 3/5 Jason, if I have Counselor preference, so I can only presume there's a bug so far? Since it doesn't really seem to do anything compared to what I choose for my spawn preferences.
  5. The Jason/Counselor algorithm appears to either be broken or just poorly designed. I've played a few matches where folks with the Counselor preference selected are still playing as Jason an equal amount to others in the lobby. The following is how I thought it was going to work and how I think it should work: Ex. 8 playing: 4 prefer Counselor, 3 prefer Jason, 1 prefers none Jason should be cycling through the players who have selected the Jason preference and "None" No player with counselor preference has to play as Jason in this scenario It should possibly be weighted heavier to those who selected Jason over none Ex. 8 people, all prefer Counselor Each has to take a turn as Jason If a Jason preference player enters the match, he plays as Jason every time Ex. 8 people, all prefer Jason Each takes a turn as Jason If a player with Counselor preference joins, they do not play as Jason I get my examples are redundant but I'm spelling it out. Is this possible? Basically, those who prefer Counselor should only play as Jason when it's a necessity. I've been in a few games where folks have said they have the Counselor preference set and end up as Jason even though there are folks in the lobby with the Jason preference. When you enter a new lobby- it appears to put you at the bottom of the list, behind even those (who were there when you joined) but have selected the Counselor preference. Feel free to add your thoughts.
  6. Hey, I was just wondering if anybody knows how much setting your spawn preference actually affects your chance to spawn as Jason/counsellors. I have my spawn preference set to counsellor, but I still have had to play Jason about 4 times I think in 18 games or something around that. I realise that is not that many times, but I figured setting my spawn preference to counsellor would have me bottom of the list for people to choose for being Jason. If I get chosen to be Jason, does that mean every other player also has their preference set to counsellor? Or does setting my preference to counsellor simply lower my odds so that even if somebody else has their preference set to Jason, it can still pick me, albeit at a small chance? Thanks for any help, and sorry if this has been asked before, I did look around the forum a little bit though.
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