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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I'm a playstation 4 player of Friday the 13th. Brand new to the Friday the 13th Forum. My Favorite Jason's to play as are Part 6 and Part 8. Least favorite is Part 9. I usually will play as Buggzy, Adam or Mitch. I also have a Youtube channel with Friday the 13th Videos and WWE 2K18. If you interested check it out. See video below. Thanks.
  2. Hello! I just got Friday the 13th today for the Playstation 4. I was wondering. How do I activate voice chat? I speak into my mic although there is no indication that I am actually speaking in game. I was wondering if I could get a bit of help.
  3. Does anyone know if a Playstation Plus subscription is required to be able to gain XP and CP while playing the Offline Bots mode? Or is an internet connection the only thing neccesary?
  4. Sup all! I've been addicted to Friday the 13th The Game ever since I decided to take a break from Smash Bros 4 on Wii U (Mainly addicted to Street Fighter and older RPGs). Friday the 13th is the first non-fighting game I've played in a while and i'm loving every minute of it. Aside from games, I also enjoy 80's horror films, shonen jump anime, and the usual smut you see on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim! Sadly I've only watched Friday the 13th parts III, VIII, and X in my lifetime, so i'm not super knowledgeable about the movies other than the basics. I only own this game on PS4 and I mainly made this account to read upcoming content updates and report my share of bugs/glitches.. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're seeking a player on Playstation 4 to get some games going with (or Wii U Smash 4...) hashtag #Jennyforlife
  5. Here's a quick list of things, I think, would make the game a better place for players: A friendly-fire option in the settings. Group the people who have it on together and the people who don't together. Host migration (I know, it's in the works but I wanted to mention it) Experience reduction and a time out for players who quit. If you did a warning and then a reduction/time out, this would lower the amount of players who quit. 75% exp reduction for 5 matches and the player can't rejoin a game for 15 minutes. Make it reset every 24 hours and have the timer go up if it continues. 1 warning, a strike, a second strike, and then the third strike is a 24 hour hiatus for that player. (Been playing some tonight and had 4 players leave. Disgruntle players are leaving between 4-6 out of 10 matches. The problem is running rampant.) The ability to mark the map. Being able to add something as simple as dots to the map, showing specific things, would be incredible. If you find the battery, and the propeller, you could mark the propeller. You could even add an feature that allows you to swap map info with another player. This would make it easier to convey ideas to players who aren't in the game chat. Separate in-game, no chat and people with party chat. I see this, a lot. Players enter, one gets Jason, and their friend helps Jason hunt down the other players. I'm not sure if this would solve the problem but putting all the players who aren't chatting in a room, you're more likely to get a fair game, which is what we're all looking for. It happens all the time with parties who enter a game, less often with people in general chat, and almost never with people who don't chat. Like I said, I don't think this would solve the problem 100% but it would at least create a fair environment for players who are looking for a casual, no chatting, experience. The other two, Party chat, and local/in-game chat, is a bit more complexed. Open to suggestions. This is coming from a huge fan of the classic movies, and the game, who plays on PlayStation 4. If you have things that need added to the list, feel free to let me know. Lets make this game the best it can be!
  6. Seeing how this is my "first stop", I should introduce myself. I'm Nightswarm. I like pushing verts, play games, and long walks through a D&D campaign. Seriously, I'm happy to be here and am willing to help in any way I can. Look for me on the PSN under the same name. Dismemba' ya' later.
  7. Sup Campers!!! Im basically looking for more friends in the forums community here who want to friend an lobby up from time to time. Im a pretty decent Jason. I can grab on the fly! I'm an amazing counsellor that's usually pretty tricky and hard to catch unless your good like this guy I will add you, you add me and everyone is happy happy happy!
  8. Im down to add anybody on PS4 and do private matches.... Lets GO!!!!!!! Add me: PSN: NigalisCage
  9. Hey guys, I'm pressing 'Quick Play' but it's taking me ages (sometimes 30 minutes) to be joined to a lobby, I thought they'd supposedly fixed this or is it still something that they're aware of? Also, the actual gameplay is incredibly buggy, with the camera cutting to places and characters getting stuck on objects.. it's quite ugly at the moment!
  10. I pre-ordered the game before it came out December of 2016, and kept up with all of the news since then, however I pre-ordered it for PS4 orginally, and when launch day came I oddly got a Steam copy, rather than one for console, but didn't complain because I finally got the game I've wanted. It worked fine on start-up but when I got into an actual match the FPS even on the lowest settings could barely run it as my computer isn't the spring hen it used to be. So, I went to Twitter and for two days sent a tweet at them, one where they were commonly speaking to other players, but didn't get noticed. So, I went to their main page and tried to contact them via Email, but for some reason it brings me to an untitled tab for Google Chrome, even when using another browser entirely! So, hoping I can actually get a reply here, and this topic IS noticed... Is there a way to trade a steam copy of Friday The 13th for a playstation version instead? I really want to enjoy the game Gunmedia's worked so hard on. I have an image of the game in my library for Steam as proof (Also, I'm using a program that customizes your Steam, hence the orange and light blue)
  11. For PS4... don't know about other platforms. Change your parental controls... go into parental controls... Games: change to allow... Problem solved... it should let you right in.
  12. Hello, my name is Joe and I saw someone post a Xbox Users topic so I thought I'd take it upon myself to make a Playstation one because I can't find one... I hope this is the right place to put it. My Playstation is Johann_Faust92, message me before you add me, I don't have many games at the moment but come Christmas I'll have more. So far just Borderland: The Handsome Collection. I mainly play Boarderlands 2. I'll also be getting this game on Steam, but I'll wait till somebody makes a Steam topic. Your PSN? Multiplayer games you have?
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