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Found 28 results

  1. Not sure if it is intended or a exploit/cheap trick. So I posted it in the bug report forum too. If you use the sense perk for 3 seconds then deactivate it you only get a 3 second cooldown doesn't matter which Jason you pick. That cant be on purpose, right? The stalk ability gets a full cooldown even if you just switch it on for a second. I mean if Jason had a full cooldown on sense like 10 seconds or so on you could atually have a chance to get away or at least trick him for a few seconds.
  2. I tried to buy a perk in the store after I finished a match, but the store froze and I couldn't go back.
  3. I do not agree with the Physic perk . I feel like part of the charm of the game is the proximity chat and having to discover items in game to assist yourself. That includes finding other players with your voice to communicate and then a walkie is a good find to help progress the match. Starting with a walkie just removes that whole aspect of the game to me. Imagine later in the game everyone owns that perk and then you lose that charm when a match starts. It is just my opinion personally. If anything I think the increased range of your voice on the perk should stay just remove the start match with walkie feature. I should also note it is hard enough to get people to use in game audio we should not have a perk that discourages the use of in game chat further. I can see it now "well we have this perk anyways might as well use party chat instead i.e. (Discord, PSN, Xbox Live chat)". Just my two cents.
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