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Found 57 results

  1. Some bugs report: - I have experienced various freezing/crashes just after Jason´s Morph. One time per day, at least. - Sometimes I start the game as a counselor and try to open the map (I have map perk) and the game freezes / crash. - When I am starting the car, if I hit the map button, sometimes the map stay fixed on the screen and I cant drive. - When I was Jason, I grabed a guy and all my executions was blocked... I was walking with the guy for about a minute until the executions turned on again. - There are various problems with turning on and turning off Jason´s skills and Jason´s map in sequence... This actions seems to be triggering bugs. One time my Shift becomes blocked half of the match. PC - Windows - Steam
  2. So I have a curious issue. While I'm getting badges, I'm not getting any of the stand alone achievements. I can get the accumulative achievements ("Do x 13 times") and it will keep tally and unlock, but the achievements that require a single action refuse t pop for me. IE: Be a counselor for a match, be jason for a match, get 1 kill, get killed, use the fireplace kill, use the door slam kill, finding the teddy bear, and so on. I'd really like this fixed so that when I perform the much more complex kills/activities, I can actually get them to pop up.
  3. Just a friendly reminder that we have an established Steam community if you're looking for fellow legitimate players. It currently sits at 51 members. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/f13forums Standard etiquette is basically just invite people you see playing if you want to start a lobby, or send out some messages and see if there is any room in a current one. People may be in the middle of a match or AFK, so don't get frustrated or take it personally if you don't get a response right away
  4. Ever since the most recent patch my game will randomly lockup. I do not receive a error message it just locks up. It does not become unresponsive either. I was not having these issues until patch 1.03 When I was Jason on crystal lake I just broke a door down to a cabin in the north of Camp Hillbrook. I then used the phase ability to go into the cabin soon as I got into the doorway to the second room it locked up. I could still hear the game sounds but was stuck in the door way in phase ability. I waited about a minute then my friend said he got disconnected from party. I alt tabbed to see if it was a crash or the game was unresponsive but it was nothing I had to end the process. Second time I was a counselor on Higgins Haven My friend and I were at Blair's cove we just got the car fix then Jason showed up. I got out of the car turned left towards the cove and my game locked up again. Similar to what was posted above. It seems to happen at random times. Nothing that I can replicate.
  5. I am not one for witch-hunts, but until there is a report system and blocking in-game, I want to warn people of a team-killer on PC. He goes by RAGER1 (private profile) and purposefully kills teammates to tilt players. He killed myself and tried to injure and kill the rest of the players June 25th around 3am. We reported him on steam but that's about all we can do. If you see him in a lobby, I suggest leaving unless you want to troll him back. Happy playing... and killing. FreyatheFerret/SlytheCat222
  6. This glitch happened while having the car keys in my pocket i stepped into a trap when i hit "E" it opened the car door and put me inside, let me start the car then it gets stuck on this screen. You cant do anything until jason pulls you out of the car.
  7. Hey everyone! So I've been playing since launch but haven't come onto the forums and introduced myself. I'm a big fan of all F13 films and love playing the game. I'm looking to find some cool people to party up with! Kick back, drink some beers, and play some F13. I have run into a lot of crummy people playing so far (a lot of really cool people too), but I'm looking for a solid group of people to play with. Let me know if anyone wants to play...See you guys out there!
  8. So a while back I decided to back the game on backerkit, and supposedly I should have received DLC codes for Savini Jason and counselor clothing. Yet all I got was the game code, with no other codes or anything. Please help, I have been emailing support but I just keep getting automated responses. I am on PC in AUS region if that helps. Also, here's a screencap of the purchase order I got
  9. When ever i try to launch the game on steam, the window with the green bar pops up and finishes but, after the game syncs and just ends. I have tried validating the files and it says that one file is missing and is re-added however the game is still not launching, only the green bar menu and after that nothing happens. I uninstalled then reinstalled the game but again it remains to do the exact same thing. I have tried downloading files again and nothing has worked thus far. No error message or anything, not even the file that apparently is missing doesn't show itself. I posted on the steam page and apparently others are suffering this issue as well. I have run out of ideas at this point and just simply want to play the game. I hope there is some sort of fix to this problem. Anyways great game from what I've played so far just wanting to re-join the action. Kind regards, Nun
  10. Anyone facing problems trying to play Friday 13th (PC VERSION) with PS3/XBOX 360 controller? I had played many recent games like Ghost Recoon Wild Lands and Fallout 4 with my EA Sports PS3 controller and I never had any problem, but in this case, Friday 13th doesnt even recognize thats a controller pluged in. Is there any configuration I can change so I can play using the controller? I also tried to use a normal USB PC Joystick and nothing happens... Thnx for the attention guys.
  11. "A map exploit on the map Packanack where Jason is unable to reach the counselor on top of the rock in the water. Can't drown, can't get on top of the rock, can't morph to it and is unable to hit with throwing knives." I didnt see how it was done, but I guess it was just him swimming up to the rock and climbing on top of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rTCnRseRo
  12. So i have tried multiple different "fixes" for this, uninstall / re-install of the game, uninstalled direct x and reinstalled it. Hard powered my machine and cleared the it that way, removed steam and started from scratch, with no luck i am still just sitting here waiting to play the game. It get stuck in a loop of the attached screen shots and never gets in the game is there something else i can try because i would like to play the game again. Running: Win 10 16gb of RAM Nvidia 970
  13. There is never a prompt to use the closet kill in game. Please fix.
  14. This bug (which is easy to recreate) happens when jason grabs a counselor as he's starting the boat at the last tick. The boat is unable to be used at this point.
  15. Hi! I'm having the following issues with starting the game. What can I do to fix these? I've tried reinstalling the game several times: SummerCamp.exe - System Error. The code execution cannot proceed because X3DAudio1_7.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. SummerCamp.exe - System Error. The code execution cannot proceed because XAPOFX1_5.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. SummerCamp.exe - System Error. The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. SummerCamp.exe - System Error. The code execution cannot proceed because XINPUT1_3.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. If this cannot be fixed I demand a refund immediately. No one has gotten back to me in a week and there is no email contact info to be found.
  16. This area of the map where Jason can't reach the counselor is being abused heavily. https://gyazo.com/d2ea067083b96458be6891ebde6f7923
  17. after 1.9 gb update the game gets slow , and before i was a able to play with ultra quality and not now with the new update/patch and before the game was perfect and i cant play sometimes with the most trash options
  18. hi i'm from sweden and i play friday the 13th the game on pc.
  19. Hi there! I'm a 38 years old male. I've been playing all my life since the Atari, Intellivision, NES, etc. Passionate about videogames, multiconsole owner (PS3, PS4, PS Vita, XOne, Wii U, 3DS and PC). I play mostly on consoles but PC gaming has been growing on me lately and I have to confess that I've been moving my library to PC. Well, I LOVE Friday the 13th series. The slasher genre is probably my favorite horror genre and I have fond memories of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface and all the good olf friends from my childhood, lol! I remember vividly the game Friday the 13th for the NES, it was terrifying!!! It was 1989 and I was 10 years old! That game was mediocre but as a child we were not that picky with our videogames as we are today. Anyway, I can't tell you how excited I am for the new Friday the 13th game. I was following every news on this game and even when I didn't get to play the beta I watched streams every day. I was curious about asymmetral games like Dead by Deadlight but not enough to give it a shot, but when I knew about Friday the 13th I was hooked. So I pre-ordered the game and finally get to play it at midnight and I'm happy to report that it is awesome! So well, here I am, feel free to ask any questions and see you in Crystal Lake! PC: zamorian79 PS4: Zamorian79 XOne: Zamorian79
  20. alot my achievements on steam have not unlocked when some have and the easyer ones don't and alot harder ones don't
  21. Exploit. with any weapon when you enter combat stance, hold shift + ctrl, you can glide/ghost around the map without any penalty. (This is major). Bug 1: Items dropped from dead bodies often cant be picked up again, and some simply vanish. Bug 2: Car physics, car will randomly flip over on collision of small objects (like a small rock). Issue: Servers and Server Pings, the regions dont seem to be defaulting correctly. Asia is being dropped in NA servers,so on. Issue: Lost CP Points All over the place, from end of match not ending correctly, to rolling perks and not receiving one and still losing your CP.
  22. Hello all you sexy campers! Simple question here, is the game cross platform? Will all three platforms be able to play online with each other? THANK YOU ALL
  23. Joining the game, freezing for 5-10 seconds and then black screen appears and the only thing i can see is the mini-map.
  24. Hi, How well do you think I'll be able to run the game with my specs, CPU - AMD FX 8350 GPU - GTX 970 RAM - 16GB The charts, show my components but not together...
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