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Found 6 results

  1. I was re-watching part 6 and i thought to my self, "what if there was a counselor based of sheriff Garris." i thought of this during the scene leading up to his death where he beats the crap out of Jason. While not exact i think his high stats would be strength, (because of the scene where he beats the crap out of Jason.) stealth, (because the reason Jason found him is because he jumped out to attack Jason.) and his weak stats could be speed, (he didn't seem that fast running from Jason.) and i can't think of any more stats, so open for suggestions. now before you give arguments against this, let me give my rebuttal to a few i see. "But he's not a counselor." neither is fox but she's going to be in the game, plus in the game, I feel counselor refers to anyone who isn't Jason (or Pamela or Roy if they're added in the future.) "But, what reason does he have to be there?" in-universe it can justify the my dads a cop perk, he's just with his kid. "But wouldn't he start with a gun/radio for back up from his car?" no actually, i don't think an officer would have their gun on them 24/7, and in some places the officers leave their cars at the station when not on the job. And i rebuttal anything else with, it's just a game, not everything has to make sense.
  2. This is my first (and probably last) post here. I have only created this account as a way to express my feelings towards Tommy as the game's development seems to be wrapping up soon. Some of Tommy's lines that are currently in the game make him sound rather wimpy and pathetic. In the movies, he was nigh fearless and fought Jason MULTIPLE times, so I thought that maybe something should be done about the lines currently in the game. Note: this is merely a suggestion. I'd love it if this was implemented (as it's a rather easy fix/tweak) but I know it might not happen and that it won't be a top priority. When running from Jason: "C'mon, maggot head!" "C'mon, chicken shit! C'mon, you pussy!" "Jason, come and get me! It's me you want, remember!?" (All recycled from when he stuns Jason.) Remove lines: "Help! Oh God!" "Please no!" "No!" When the power goes out: "*Heavy breathing sounds". (Recycled from when he's hiding inside a wardrobe/under a bed. Remove lines: Everything other than "*Heavy breathing sounds". When stunning Jason: "Jason, come and get me! It's me you want, remember!?" "Fuck you, Jason!" "You want some more!?" "*Angry scream" "Yeah, fuck you Jason!" "C'mon, maggot head!" "C'mon, chicken shit! C'mon, you pussy!" Remove lines: "Why won't you fucking die!?" "Dammit, just die, just die die die!" "You like that, huh?! You like that, asshole!?" When unmasking Jason: "Take that, you bastard!" I'll kill you, I'll fucking kill you!" Remove lines: "Ugh! What the fuck!?" "You won't kill me!" I know you can die, Jason!" When injured "*Pain grunts" Remove lines: "Help me! Please, anyone!" "Dammit! No!" "Oh God... No..." When dying by getting slashed: "He's killing me!" Remove lines: Everything other than "He's killing me!". When calling the cops: "Yes. Yes, is this the police? We're the kids at Camp Crystal Lake. We need you. We need you now. He's killing us, he's killing everyone." Remove lines: "Oh thank God! Please send help! Camp Crystal Lake! It's Jason... he's... back..." "Jason's killing my friends! Please get out here! No, this is not a prank! Jason's here. Jason's here. Oh my God, help!" "You need to get every last motherfucking cop out here to Camp Crystal lake. Jason's here. Did you hear me!? It's Jason, he's back." "I need you to listen to me! Jason Voorhees has returned and he's killing my friends. Oh my God! We need you here right now, please!" When fixing car/boat: No lines added or removed. When starting car/boat: No lines added or removed. When hiding: "*Heavy Breathing sounds" Remove lines: Everything other than "*Heavy breathing sounds". My two last suggestions (not related to lines) would be to make Tommy incapable of tripping and to remove his "Frightened" stance once he reaches max fear, having him only stay in the "Looking over the shoulder" stance. These changes should make Tommy feel more heroic and less like a scared, defenseless victim. I do not know if Gun will even read this, and I do know that this is not a top priority, but if they do acknowledge this, I'd like to see these ideas implemented if possible, as the current Tommy feels out of character compared to the one we see in Jason Lives.
  3. He has a weird hunchback and his pantaloons are beige, they are supposed to be grey. Please change this little thing.
  4. Fixing Part 6 Jason's Mask, Body, And Overall Design To Look Accurate To The Movie Part 6 Jason: Friday The 13th Part 6 Is my favorite movie in the franchise. It also has my favorite Jason design. And I know alot of people love his design aswell. But sadly, The Devs really messed up on the model on Part 6 Jason. It basically looks nothing like Part 6 Jason but I will go through the things they screwed up and how they can be fixed. Movie: Game: As you can see the mask shape is completely off. The holes and the eye holes are very off as well. And why in the actual hell can you see his eyes in the game! He looks retarded. Like... what the hell. Just because they zoom in on his eyes a couple times in the movie doesn't mean they are constantly visible! His eyes should be completely black just like Part 7 And Part 8! His eyes are always black in the movie SO THEY SHOULD BE IN THE GAME!!! ...Anyways, not only is the mask shape off, The overall shape of Jason is off too. CJ Graham AKA Part 6 Jason is one of the leaner Jasons. So if you want to capture the look of Part 6 Jason you should decrease the overall bulkiness and size of Part 6 Jason. You should definitely decrease the size and width of his traps and shoulders. Decrease the size of his collar too. Also, when it comes to the color of the clothes they should be much darker. The pants should have a little more silver in them, the gloves should be much darker and have way more weathering, The shirt looks like a completely different green and should be much darker, The spear wounds should be black instead of red on the shirt, and the skin should be more grey than black. Game: Movie: When it comes to the mask everything is just completely messed up. The overall shape of the mask is wrong. The holes and the eye holes are wrong. The color and weather are VERY inaccurate. The Devs went for the end of the movie look where he has a bullet hole in his forehead and the mask is it a bit dirtier with some blood stains but the blood stains in the game aren't all in the right places and it doesn't even look like the color of blood so you can't even tell it's blood. Personally, I say go for the early in the movie look. It's much cleaner and is easier to pull off. The color is more of a almond color, NOT a ugly brownish color that it is in the game right now. The chevron is smaller, a brighter red and doesn't touch the top right hole and the eye holes are more circular. There are many different artists you can take reference from shape, color, weathering, etc. Cursed Camp Studios Part 6 (EARLY) The best choice for a EARLY MOVIE LOOK in my opinion would be Cursed Camp Studios Part 6 Hockey Mask. Crash Creations Part 6 (END) The best choice for a END MOVIE LOOK in my opinion would be Crash Creations End Scene Hockey Mask. Although I would say the color of Crash's mask is off but the blood stains are accurate. However, if you take a look at the Virtual Cabin 1.0 video down below you'll notice the mask shape and the overall size of Jason is different to the Final Release. As you saw in the video, Jason is a bit smaller and his shoulders and traps look normal. He actually looks like CJ Graham. But the biggest difference is the mask. The mask has a completely different shape that is WAY more accurate to the movie! It's actually perfect! The color and weathering is still crap but the shape of it looks really good. Down below I put a few things to help make the design of Part 6 look way better. - Change Body Back To Original Virtual Cabin 1.0 Version - Change Mask Back To Original Virtual Cabin 1.0 Version - Change Color Of Mask To More Of A Almond Color - Take Away The Random Brown Weathering Marks - Either Get Rid Of Bullet Hole And Blood Stains On Mask OR Add More Blood Stains And Put Blood Stains In The Accurate Places And Make The Color Look Like Blood - Make Chevron A Bit Smaller And Make The Chevron Color A Brighter Red. ALSO Move The Chevron To Where It Doesn't Touch The Top Right Hole - Make Shirt And Gloves Much Darker - Change Spear Wounds Color To Black - Make Pants A Little More Silver - Make Skin Tone Slightly Grayer - Make The Eyes Completely Black Honestly All They Really Should Do Is Bring Back The Early Virtual Cabin 1.0 Model, Make The Mask Almond, Fix The Weathering, Chevron, And Blood Stains Markings And Blood Color On The Mask, And Make The Eyes Completely Black. In Short Terms... FIX THE DAMN MASK! Thanks for reading this. I plan on doing these types of topics on every Jason... especially Part 5 and Part 7. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  5. I would like to show these two videos that prove the Part 6 hockey mask in this game is not accurate to the film. First we have a video of Paul Phoenix looking at the hockey masks in VR, showing the mask from every possible angle. Next we have a replica mask created by fiberglassmasks.com which was created from a copy of the mold used to make the mask in Jason Lives. It's 1:1 100% accurate to the film. As you can see, the Part 6 mask in the game has an overall shape more similar to the Part 3 mask while the film-accurate one is wider at the side straps and narrower in the bottom half. Additionally, the eye holes of the game mask are all whack, like they are misshapen, while the film accurate mask has smooth eye holes. The film-accurate nose is of course round but the one from the game appears to be a halfway point between round and the squeared-off nose from Jason X, like it's partially flattened with rounded edges. I don't know what mask they 3D scanned to put into the game, but it was not an accurate one.
  6. I must say this first, I love ALMOST everything about how part 6 Jason is in this game! His strengths and weaknesses are great and make sense, his weapon is great, his kills are gruesome, but there is ONE problem I have with this Jason. His mask looks AWFUL! Now I can say this, the mask he has right now is a hundred times better than the first one you guys made, but there is still something wrong with it. I think the axe mark is too big, the eyes need to be blacked out, and something else but can't put my finger on it. I know this was one of the hardest Jason's to make and you guys did great with almost everything about him. I know you guys will probably never fix it but if you do please make it perfect. Also where's the paintball splatter on his shirt?
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