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Found 3 results

  1. I was re-watching part 6 and i thought to my self, "what if there was a counselor based of sheriff Garris." i thought of this during the scene leading up to his death where he beats the crap out of Jason. While not exact i think his high stats would be strength, (because of the scene where he beats the crap out of Jason.) stealth, (because the reason Jason found him is because he jumped out to attack Jason.) and his weak stats could be speed, (he didn't seem that fast running from Jason.) and i can't think of any more stats, so open for suggestions. now before you give arguments against this, let me give my rebuttal to a few i see. "But he's not a counselor." neither is fox but she's going to be in the game, plus in the game, I feel counselor refers to anyone who isn't Jason (or Pamela or Roy if they're added in the future.) "But, what reason does he have to be there?" in-universe it can justify the my dads a cop perk, he's just with his kid. "But wouldn't he start with a gun/radio for back up from his car?" no actually, i don't think an officer would have their gun on them 24/7, and in some places the officers leave their cars at the station when not on the job. And i rebuttal anything else with, it's just a game, not everything has to make sense.
  2. sorry for the swearing but this glitch was way too funny and i wanted to share with you guys what i was able to do
  3. This idea is for a counselor with ever changing stats. They could let you customize the look or just add a character that this works on but that's not the important thing here. Just like in real life you actually have to use a skill to keep it sharp. It would work by recalculating stats as you play that character (not during a round). So, if you play as a fixer and repair lots of stuff the skills related to that would increase over time. Same would go for fighting Jason(strength), running(stamina), surviving or saving people (luck), etc. But, skills would also decrease if not used. So, it would be a battle of finding and maintaining a play style appropriate to how you want to play. You could probably even max all stats but you would have to be a very versatile player. In order to be the best you can it would require being a team player because you would never be able to achieve Max stats without it. It would recalculate stats at end of game based on your performance in that game and an unspecified number of previous games. So if you start slacking in an area the related stats will start taking hits. Could be a way to increase cooperation and give you another goal to strive for.