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Found 32 results

  1. So I don't know if this has been a covered topic or not, or if it's even a bug at all, but I need to ask; is Part 9 Jason having Part 3's theme music a bug? Every other Jason has an individual track, so I thought it was weird to hear Part 9 having Part 3's music. Is it an actual bug or is this intended?
  2. I talked briefly on this before, but I want to know what everyone else thinks as well, because I think it would really help out the character integrity of Jason in general and the overall atmosphere variety for the player counselors. When things are calm, and there's no chase music, I think Map Music could change depending on the map being played, so we don't have to hear the same music over and over provided the map chosen... but what about Jason's music? What if Jason's (alert) music, while the counselors are being chased, changes depending on the Jason that is picked? So, in essence, Jason 2 would have his own chase music (themed to the movie he was in). Jason 6, and so on through the years as the synths and 'sounds' change, you would get that reflection in the game by having a variety of music. This not only helps provide variety to our ears, but also boosts the character integrity of the Jason being played. No longer is it the same chase music slamming your ears over and over, but now it would have a foundation around the Jason that is coming for you. Just to give a few examples of each Jason having their own sound. Jason (Part 2) & (Part 3) | (these two sound similar, but I still think they should both have their OWN sound musically to separate them in-game) (Part 3 should maybe keep the track that was in beta, while part 2 gets a whole new track) Jason (Part 6) | (timestamp 8:25 similar music like that) | Jason (Part 9) | Jason Goes to Hell (below) It's hard to place examples because in movies the sound track is broken up to flow with what's on screen, while in a video game when you are being chased, everything is typically 100% adrenaline at all times with maybe a few seconds of hiding here and there, and so Harry's music will have to flow with the game, which is the big challenge, but definitely can be done. I'd just love to see more musical variety with the TASTE from each film, while counselors are being chased.
  3. So here's the thing,i like Harry Manfredini music,he did a fantastic job,but because of the fact that a music play each time Jason is in the proximity of a player,it makes it impossible for the player controlling Jason to be stealthy or truly surprise counselors. As soon as that music is heard peoples are instantly warned of Jason presence nearby. So the solution would be to ask peoples in a lobby to turn off their music volume before starting a match. Just imagine this kind of situation,a counselor go inside the Higgins house and check around,that player suddenly hear footsteps above,but is not sure if it's another player or Jason (of course it's Jason waiting patiently for a player to show up),so that person goes up and get surprised by Jason and get caught. Now at the same time this happen another counselor is moving toward Higgins House when he/she suddenly see the other counselor being thrown trough the 2nd floor window from inside,the counselor is surprised and now know that Jason is inside that house. Now you see,that's much more interesting and tense for a scenario compared to players constantly being alerted when Jason is nearby. So like i said,turn off the music for the best of experience.
  4. Let's hear what you're favorite artists/bands are. I love music as much as I love movies, so my list is quite extensive. Bear with me. Here are mine: Aaliyah // Adele // Alicia Keys // All American Rejects // Amy Winehouse // Azealia Banks // Beenie Man // Beyonce // Billy Idol // The Birthday Massacre // Bjork // Black Eyed Peas // Blondie // Britney Spears // Bruno Mars // Bush // Busta Rhymes // Calvin Harris // Charli XCX // Cheryl Cole // Chris Brown // Chvrches // Ciara // Coldplay // The Cranberries // Cyndi Lauper // Deftones // Drake // Ellie Goulding // Evanescence // Eve // Fallout Boy // Feist // FKA Twigs // Fleetwood Mac // Flyleaf // Foxy Brown // Franz Ferdinand // The Fugees // Garbage // Goldfrapp // The Gossip // Grimes // Gwen Stefani // H.I.M. // Hole // Icona Pop // Iggy Azalea // Imogen Heap // Jack Off Jill // Jakalope // Janet Jackson // Jay -Z // Joan Jett // Justin Timberlake // Kanye West // Kate Bush // Katy Perry // Ke$ha // Kelly Clarkson // Kidneythieves // Kittie // La Roux // Lacuna Coil // Lady Gaga // Ladytron // Lana Del Rey // Lauryn Hill // Lights // Lil' Wayne // Lil' Kim // Lily Allen // Linkin Park // Lorde // M.I.A // Madonna // Marilyn Manson // Marina & The Diamonds // Maroon 5 // Metric // Michael Jackson // Mike Posner // Missy Elliott // Muse // My Ruin // Natalia Kills // Nelly Furtado // Nicki Minaj // No Doubt // The Noisettes // OneRepublic // Outkast // P!nk // Paramore // Pat Benatar // Peaches // A Perfect Circle // Prince // Rihanna // Rita Ora // Robyn // The Runaways // Santigold // Scarling // Sean Paul // Seether // Sheryl Crow // Sia // Sky Ferreira // The Sounds // Switchblade Symphony // Taylor Swift // Tegan & Sara // The Ting Tings // TLC // Tove Lo // Uffie // The Used // Usher // The Veronicas // Veruca Salt // The Weeknd // Yeah Yeah Yeahs // I think I got them al! A lot of that music is the GAYmer in me, lol.
  5. Send More Paramedics Murderdolls
  6. Have the song alice cooper made for "Friday the 13th part 6 Jason lives" in the game. maybe have it on the radio in a cabin and if turned on, Jason will know...... or if you fix the car up the radio starts and the song plays... loudly!
  7. Hey there everyone, I made this tribute to Friday the 13th a few weeks back. Took a E.G. Daily pop song and put it too F13th clips from various movies. I hope everyone enjoys.
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