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Found 5 results

  1. Can we get a dev response if they will ever lift the 150 cap please? I love playing the game but also like to see/work on progress. Currently players that are dedicated don't have much to work for. Most games now have Prestige, or another method to show the time you put in. It may be cool to have a logo that changes every time you hit a level by your name. It helps pre-game understanding who may be good (or plays a lot). You can't check rank if you get second screened or in-game, and sometimes it's a pain to check each name. Not a big deal but much more important with the rage update. I don't care about CP - I have the perks I need and enough CP to retire comfortably. Badges are mostly complete beyond boat flip. Same with achievements excluding the 1000 matches as Jason. Again, a lot of dedicated players are in the same situation.
  2. Has anyone figured out a loose calculation for the XP earning scale? I've had the game since it came out, and I do pretty well for myself, but I'm only able to play 10-12 hours a week. Obviously, the XP needed for each level increases exponentially (duh,) but has anyone figured out the amount needed for each level? I'd love to hit the level cap, and I'm gonna hit the game hard this weekend, but how many hours am I looking at?
  3. I know there's going to be new unlockable content with the new Level raise, but what kind of clothing will we unlock? Is it going to be new variants/patterns of the Regular Clothing that we all unlocked all the way to Level 101?
  4. So I finally reached level 101 and it got me wondering why this is the highest level you can get to, and it hasn't been a year since the game has been released. I am suggesting that the maximum level should increase every 4-5 months by 101 levels. (The maximum level is currently 101, then it would be 202, then 303 and so on) Every 101 levels, the counselors would unlock a new outfit, which you would then unlock a variety of reskins for as you level up. (These new outfits can be mix and matched with other outfits for that counselor) Also you would unlock reskins/bloodied/altered versions of Jasons current costumes (E.g You could unlock a red part 2 Jason at level 114 or a Torn up part 8 at 121) Aswell as a whole new costume every 101 levels.
  5. I thought it might be fun if we had a thread about people's levels as they progress. I'm curious about how other people are doing beside me, ha ha. I just made it to level seven and I feel very accomplished! ? Needless to say, I'm not the world's best player. What level are you up to? No judgment!
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