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Found 10 results

  1. jason specific deaths- i tried to think of these without new maps in mind, so some maps may need a scene added here and there. but continuity isnt out strong suit lol jason 2: players call the cops and npc deputy winslow shows up defending 1 player w gun that stuns jason. he then calls backup and all players may escape random exit like a normal cop call. but if jason kills the cop, then 2 players: one male w machete and one female w sweater barracaded in jasons cabin can kill him via cutscene. jason 3: npc ali needs a health spray in the barn, alert to jason. if they can hang him from the second floor (move that dayum haystack) a player w a machete can kill him. jason 4: find npc rob campin in the woods, he makes a b line for the big house and is bright on jasons radar and is good for xp. a male player must use kid jarvis makeup table to become kid jason. a female player must get attacked in the front room then the made up kid jason can trigger killing cutscene. jason 5: female player gotta find npc reggie, several tractor parts (like the car) and run him over to trigger cutscene kill. (cause that woulda killed that dipshit lol) jason 6: tommys gotta find the chain and loudly, painstakingly roll a rock to that boat whe jason attacks him out there make some kinda qte in tommys favor for cutscene kill. jason 7: find a tent stake to trigger cutscene doctor jerkwad to piss off npc tina (carrie) who becomes the only thing jason can sense until he kills her. a player must then find an escort her to the lake dock before they both die. a couple psychic environmental defenses can be employed such as power lines in puddles. but if all 3 are in the lake at the same time tinas dad comes up from the dead an takes jason w him. jason 8: theres a toxic waste barrel in a shed you knock him over into er somethin? i dunno that one sucked. jason 9: the call summons bounty hunter creighton duke who quietly runs around the map lookin for the magic knife, if he finds it a male can distract jason by getting grabbed a female can kill him if she got it from duke.
  2. Bots would try to kill you,its just glitched. Many times i have found jenny or fox stuck outside jason's cabin,sometimes chad will be with them. I think this has something to do with the sweater bug from multiplayer .
  3. just played a few rounds with a group of 6 or 7 friends (incl myself), and one random player, and we have tried to pull of Jason kills, we came close all 3 times, we managed to get everything in place, the problem is when it comes to activating the sweater, Jason players tend to use their shift ability to get away and the sweater is then wasted... on one occasion the sweater was triggered just as Jason activated shift, and whilst he re-appeared where he had been standing, it was not possible to knock him to his knees as the hit with the baseball bat knocked him flat on his back, what I would propose is that the sweater should function in a similar fashion to Jason's abilities... instead of being a one use item, the counselor wearing it should be able to re-use the sweater, but give the mesmerise function something like a 60 - 90 second cooldown... the whole process of killing Jason is quite complex and difficult, which I am not faulting, this makes it all the more rewarding when players manage to achieve it, but I do feel it may need to be re-balanced in some way if not the way I am suggesting the changes I propose would still allow Jason players to Resist the sweater ability, and if Jason manages to kill Jarvis, or the counselor wearing the sweater, then Jason cannot be killed, and so forth anyone else have any thoughts on my idea? or any other ideas to add to the pot?
  4. Are the videos online real that jason can be killed with his mask left on? It is my understanding that you simply have to damaged him fairly well before using the sweater and tommy to start the cut scene. Aka hit at least 5 times with bats and stunned 3 or 4 times plus at least knocked down 2x before doing the kill sequence. You must drain jasons health down 90% and he must be in rage mode to finish him before knocking off mask.
  5. It is time to just cut the middle man out of this... Thats right im talking about the one and only guy that is Tommy.He is the only one who gets to kill Jason and I think that it is really hard to try and kill Jason unless you have all the requirement to do it. 1.knock off Jason mask(Takes way to many hits which gets you killed for trying) 2.Call Tommy and wait for Tommy to arrive(takes two player to either die or escape the map) 3.Girl counselor have to run around map to look for Jason house to get the sweater that have not been wash in YEARS(could take 5 to 7min and thats not counting the fact if Jason find you) 4.with any luck have to survive and meet in one spot to kill Jason(Good luck with that) Also I think it would be nice if the girl counselor was able to drop the sweater instead of keeping it forever until she use the ability So I say let just cut Tommy out of the requirements to kill Jason so it can be a little easier to kill Jason because its to much of a slim chance at killing him if Tommy dies or the girl with the sweater dies or to many of the team has died to try and attempt to kill him.
  6. For me tonight we have managed to kill Jason twice, nearly 4 times if they didn't screw up last minute. You have to play with people with mics, no communication = no kill. I play a Buggzy and I get the mask off 90% of the time and when you fully understand how to use him, you've done most of the hard work because if you communicate you can batter Jason and at the same time someone is going for the sweater. If you play with some good people it's easier than you think! Also kudos for anyone playing Jason who doesn't quit when in the kill execution! Respect to you guys!
  7. Friday night I was helping a couple friends to unlock the kill Jason achievement and let them see what killing Jason looks like. My friend was playing Jason, I was Brandon to knock off Jason's mask. The other two players would call Tommy Jarvis and find the sweater. We started out knocking off Jason's mask, then Jason would kill the players not wearing the sweater so they would come back as Tommy Jarvis. Literally each time (at least five or six times) the player going for the achievement came back as Tommy, that player's game would crash. I do mean every time and just that player's game. I decided to wait to have the player come back as Tommy Jarvis then knock off the mask for the players. Each time I did this, it worked fine. I think I helped out four or five players get the achievement that night using this method, and it worked each time. The point, I think if Jason's mask is knocked off first, and another player has the sweater, coming back as Tommy Jarvis will crash your game. This was done on the Xbox One, so I don't know if it affects PS4 or PC players.
  8. Hi! I'm not too sure if this would be frowned upon, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in taking turns killing Jason for trophies? I don't have a mic so it wouldn't be a good idea for me to try lead this thing and I've never done it before, but as far as I understand you need to do the following: -Have at least 3 players (or 4?) -Have one counsellor be a female -Have Jason kill one of the counsellors after Tommy has been called with the radio -Have the female counsellor grab Pamela's sweater -Equip Tommy with a machete -Equip sweater girl with a bat -Knock off Jason's mask (machete sounds the easiest way to do this) -Have sweater girl stun Jason with the sweater then immediately smack him with the bat -Have Tommy machete Jason's face when he's on his knees -???? -Profit Again, I'm sorry if this is frowned upon to look for a group to try this out, but I really don't see myself getting the trophy otherwise lol. My PSN is Jared_117 and again I don't have a mic, so if any of you are familiar with the steps above and have a mic and wouldn't mind leading something like this, send me a message :)!
  9. Only female counselors can wear Pamela's sweater to stun Jason to make him vulnerable to death. Males need a method as well, otherwise I don't see a benefit in playing a male. Here's my idea: Just like in Part 4 with young Tommy, male counselors can find a shaving kit(a bag with razors, trimmers and whatnot). There is only one and would always spawn at a single or two-room cabin with no bathroom, or somewhere else far from a cabin such as the boat dock at Camp Crystal lake, or even one of those camp sites. Just like with Pamela's sweater, it does not take an inventory slot, instead this is a waist pack(aka a "fannie pack") that is worn on the waist. The men would then find a bathroom at a cabin with working electricity. At the sink in the bathroom they shave almost all of their head to look like Jason. Then when Jason gets near they press Q to say "Jason! Remember, Jason. Jason, don't you remember?" Just like Tommy in part 4. Jason is then vulnerable just like with females and Pamela's sweater. Gender equality. Fair is fair. Make it so.
  10. I do not know if there's any way to kill Jason over the course of the game. But there should be that possibility, that would make it different from other survival games. My suggestion is that as long as Jason killed without attention, the weapons in the scenario would not be available to players, and even if they did, they could only kill Jason in a well-made ambush. So all players would play in a more strategic and cautious way rather than just running wildly fixing guns like in the game Dead by Day Light. It would be really cool if everyone could try to defend themselves instead of just running away. This is my suggestion, as it would look as well themed as in the franchise films.
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