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Found 3 results

  1. I love it when games include as many skins/variants/outfits as possible...I was just thinking about some ideas for new Jason appearances, in addition to the bloody ones. Pt. 2 Battle damaged variant - shoulder wound from end of film Option to change/adjust cover of overalls, plaid shirt, and shoes. Pt. 3 Battle damaged variant - axe wound to head, stab wounds to hand and knee Option to change/adjust cover of shirt, pants and shoes. Pt. 4 Battle damaged variant - machete wounds to hand and torso, hammer wounds to head. Option to change/adjust color of shirt, pants and shoes. Pt. 5 Battle damaged - wounds from tractor impact, gash on shoulder, more weathered mask. Tommy's dream variant - worms crawling from eyes of the hockey mask, dark green shirt and grey pants, weathered mask with a single red triangle. Could have the same unmasked look from pt. 4. Tommy's hallucination variant - very similar to the dream skin, without the worms. Mask has bloody axe wound. Option to change/adjust color of Roy's coveralls. Pt. 6 Battle damaged - Propeller damage to mask, shotgun wounds to torso Option to change/adjust color of shirt, pants, shoes, and gloves. Pt. 7 Extra crispy variant - Burned clothes and skin, embedded with nails Pt. 8 Toxic variant - Partially melted from the toxic waste, warped mask Option to change/adjust color of shirt, pants, shoes and gloves. Pt. 9 Reversed eye variant - Jason's eyes appear as they do in the film, with the skeletal socket on the damaged side of the mask. Coroner variant - the first person Jason possessed...a cosmetic change only. Everything else is the same...instead of knocking off the mask to kill him, he must be damaged further with the machete. Josh variant - works the same as above. Cosmetic change only. Police outfit, gunshot wound to temple. Robert variant - works the same as above. Cosmetic change only. Dress shirt and pants, tie. Very bloody with gunshot wounds and tire marks across torso. Option to change/adjust color of each variant's outfit.
  2. Now I'm new to this here game in that I picked it up at release and not a moment before nor after nor some such thing. So am I behind on information? Perhaps I am indeed, and that means that I missed out on a few statements here and there about things that may be coming down the pipeline. But one thing I'm curious about is if there has ever been comments from Gun in regard to "Silly" skins for Jason. An example would be Jason dressed up like a clown with a big poofy colored afro and everything.
  3. Down the road, probably way down the road, there's some stuff I'd like to see, as in possible DLC or added content: Add the Jasons and Roy from Part 4, 5 and X and possibly from the first film- I imagine the one from the first film being similar to a hunter from Left 4 Dead. Ari Lehman's a pretty cool guy and I think he'd be stoked to be in the game. Roy could run but would be missing the shift and morph. A straught cat and mouse character. With Jason X, I like the idea of his rage ability changing him into "Uber Jason" with the option of being Uber Jason with a regular rage ability also. If there's ever a Jason X map, I'd like to see the map half spaceship and half woods with the woods being a holograph like in the movie. Even just the addition of the missing Jasons and Roy would make this game complete for me.
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