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Found 64 results

  1. Hello everyone! I saw a quite few introductions so I figured I'd follow suit. I just signed up today, hoping to meet some chill, ADULT, people who play on Xbox. I recently started playing again after going on a hiatus due to the very common issues of not being given my CP points, being kicked from a match, and of course the always dependable host kick. I play on the Xbox One and I've seen some really unfavorable feedback from folks hearing that. I do want to get the game for my PC but not while its $40. Anyway, I'm your typical player, not great, but not too bad either. I'm the type that will try and hit Jason if he picks you up and I try to find the essentials for either calling the police or starting the car/boat right after weapon gathering. Nothing worse then someone who hides the entire game, imho. I watch F13 gaming as played by Typical Gamer, H20Delirious, and Ohmwrecker. My gamertag is OffJupiter1515 and I always have my mic at hand, though only on if there are others in the party that chat.
  2. I'm FishTacos, because Fish Tacos is to the max. (In the spirit of the Jason movies and the 80s, I'm using that time period's lingo).
  3. Hello; I'm new to the forums, and I was yelled at a few times for not making a post before making an introduction. Now that I've done one, stop yelling @ me. I always liked the Friday the 13th series, and seeing the game come out was great news. I bought it instantly, and played it since. I'll be contributing ideas for FT13 whenever I get a new one. Peace out!
  4. Sup all! I've been addicted to Friday the 13th The Game ever since I decided to take a break from Smash Bros 4 on Wii U (Mainly addicted to Street Fighter and older RPGs). Friday the 13th is the first non-fighting game I've played in a while and i'm loving every minute of it. Aside from games, I also enjoy 80's horror films, shonen jump anime, and the usual smut you see on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim! Sadly I've only watched Friday the 13th parts III, VIII, and X in my lifetime, so i'm not super knowledgeable about the movies other than the basics. I only own this game on PS4 and I mainly made this account to read upcoming content updates and report my share of bugs/glitches.. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're seeking a player on Playstation 4 to get some games going with (or Wii U Smash 4...) hashtag #Jennyforlife
  5. I am not new but I am stating that I have made a new account because my old account has some problems!
  6. BigRed


    Hey everyone! Hope you're all well and loving the game as much as I am. EDIT: It's fine, I got it Anyway, as it currently stands my partner and I play Friday The 13th on PlayStation 4 and like to try Trophy Hunt and collect as much as we can in game so we'd love to game with you guys if anyone else fancies that? Just send me a message for the gamer tag or send me yours. Have fun guys and thank you! BR
  7. Friday the 13th was one of the first Horror franchises I saw. It was one of the few franchises that interested me in the Slasher genre (Especially Halloween). When I saw the few bad video games based on these franchises, I was interested on how the simple concept of escaping and fighting a unstoppable killer could get adapted. Thus, when they announced the Friday The 13th The Game, I didn't know what to expect. Games based on movie and other fiction licences usually suck, but Arkham Asylum and other titles gave me hope. So when it was released, I thought It was a playable game, not a masterpiece, but still playable. Now, with the new updates, I see the potential of the game deserving its price.
  8. Hey all!! My name is J.J., I'm 31 & my gamertag on PS4 is the same as my username on here, Tweeter05. I've been a fan of the F13 franchise ever since I was a little kid & was pretty happy whenever I found out this game was coming out, so thank you developers! I don't play F13 as much as I would like because I don't know a lot of people on PS4, all of my friends play on XB1 (which I have one of those as well, same gamertag lol) but I'm always willing to play, if anyone ever wants to hit me up! Look forward to playing with you all!! Later!
  9. Seeing how this is my "first stop", I should introduce myself. I'm Nightswarm. I like pushing verts, play games, and long walks through a D&D campaign. Seriously, I'm happy to be here and am willing to help in any way I can. Look for me on the PSN under the same name. Dismemba' ya' later.
  10. SUP Y'ALL! Just trying to get more involved in the gaming community! I would love to get to meet some awesome people here and just be chill! I also have a YouTube channel w/ F13 content a think you all will enjoy! And many more http://bit.ly/1WVRlxw
  11. Overlos


    Hey guys! I'm a big fan of this game even though I will point out its many flaws particularly with the community however I still enjoy the game and I love browsing the forums to see the opinions of my fellow fans.
  12. Uhm, yeah. Hello fellow slashers and victims. My name is pRaX, or rather Patrick, I'm 31 years old (not for much longer though... ugh), lifetime gamer and watched way too many movies like most of you.. so, nothing special. This is my 3rd post on this board and propably one of the more comfortable ones. I'm kinda afraid that my first post ever here is gonna be quite uncomfortable for the game's staff but it's the reason I even signed up and I felt it had to be made. Shameless plug: So, since we are now off on the wrong foot right away and my reputation already tarnished.. no regrets though... I'm looking forward to have alot of good (and bad) conversations on here. Oh and I play on PC.
  13. Hi this is Ivivik, I really enjoy the game of Friday the 13th and thought opun myself that I should learn more about this game and try gain more news as soon as possible! I would also like to speak out my ideas on what else shout be added in the game.
  14. Kapow

    Hi All

    Hello fellow campers. I've been enjoying the game since its release on PS4. Having so much fun. I just rewatched Friday the 13th Part 2 and was shocked at how closely the programmers matched the layout of Camp Packanack. The attention to detail makes me grin. You can tell this was a labor of love. And as a horror fan I appreciate it. See you at camp! Good luck surviving and have fun murdering! Ka-Pow!
  15. This is my introduction. Hello. See you in game.
  16. Hello fellow gamers, my name is Dizzygrizzlybear (not giving real name) I have been gaming for quite some time and really enjoy the Friday the 13th movies and the game
  17. What's up, everybody? My wife and I play on PS4, side by side, essentially. We enjoy dying together, near as much as we do living together. Please don't let that stop you from inviting us. I promise. Given the opp, I'll slay her first. Hit us up. We're in our forties. We don't cry, we don't quit and we don't tk. Kalydor RubyZen Now I'll list some really random likes, just for giggles. Things that bring me great pleasure. Good music. On vinyl, preferably. From Ayreon to Prince, RJD to Blood Ceremony. Sabbath to Tom Petty. Maiden, Priest, KISS, Uncle Acid. George Strait, Bowie. A hundred thousand others. Board games. Descent, Formula De, Mage Wars, Imperial Assault, Ys, Ra and Caylus. Retro crap. Pinball, Wacky Packages. Movies. Conan the Barbarian, Breakfast Club, Young Frankenstein. TV. Arrested Development, MST3K, Cheers, Taxi. Video Games. Skyrim, Civ V, F13 (aduhhh)
  18. Hey everyone, I'm Aaron but you can call me Prince. My PSN is Princeship and I'm currently Level 17. I'd love to make friends and join some private matches, I make a better counselor than a Jason oddly enough as I haven't gotten to play him all that much but I'm a really strong/intelligent ally when a counselor. Add me up and help me unlock Tiffany!
  19. They call me Ol'Unreliable and that's self explanatory
  20. Hello everyone. I've been a fan of Friday the 13th pretty much my entire life and love MMOs, so this game is pretty much a Mary Poppins basket of some of my favorite things. Been enjoying the game and all the fun and...well...interesting people I've encountered in the game. Look forward to seeing you all at the lake!
  21. To you, Let's start by saying Wassssup (Yes that is a scary movie reference, for a scary game). You, my friend just clicked on a page turning, procrastination-inducing, iteration of epicness. Now before we start I must warn you this introduction will consist of but not be limited to; foolery, good times, bad Epic times, and grammatical errors. If you are faint of heart please do not continue reading. Now that the disclosure is out of the way...LET US BEGIN. Hi.
  22. Hi there! I'm a 38 years old male. I've been playing all my life since the Atari, Intellivision, NES, etc. Passionate about videogames, multiconsole owner (PS3, PS4, PS Vita, XOne, Wii U, 3DS and PC). I play mostly on consoles but PC gaming has been growing on me lately and I have to confess that I've been moving my library to PC. Well, I LOVE Friday the 13th series. The slasher genre is probably my favorite horror genre and I have fond memories of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface and all the good olf friends from my childhood, lol! I remember vividly the game Friday the 13th for the NES, it was terrifying!!! It was 1989 and I was 10 years old! That game was mediocre but as a child we were not that picky with our videogames as we are today. Anyway, I can't tell you how excited I am for the new Friday the 13th game. I was following every news on this game and even when I didn't get to play the beta I watched streams every day. I was curious about asymmetral games like Dead by Deadlight but not enough to give it a shot, but when I knew about Friday the 13th I was hooked. So I pre-ordered the game and finally get to play it at midnight and I'm happy to report that it is awesome! So well, here I am, feel free to ask any questions and see you in Crystal Lake! PC: zamorian79 PS4: Zamorian79 XOne: Zamorian79
  23. I am a East Coast PS4 player, add me if you need someone to play with psn: RTG-Spectre
  24. Hello everyone! The name is either Toni or Rath. Just a college grad looking to break into the medical field at some point. I was super excited about this game once I started hearing more about it earlier in the year, and now I cannot wait for it to come out in near the end of May. I will be purchasing this game for the PS4, so feel free to send a friend request my way. PSN is the same as my forum name. Looking forward to gaming with many of you!
  25. Hello All ! Found out about the game in March , Backed it in April , and I'm up late downloading the game as we speak ! figured I'd introduce myself . I will also be starting a club called " Lets Kill Jason " on Xbox live dedicated to Achievement hunters and strategists. Look me up when you have a chance and let's have some fun GAMERTAG : Ellsworth J
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