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Found 43 results

  1. I think it would be cool if we were able to make our own custom counselor ; Though I feel this idea would work better if the game had a single player mode. I don't know, would that be too much to ask?
  2. Hello everyone and Friday the 13th game creators! As an avid and proud player of your game and happy to be a part of this community, I had thought of an idea that I feel like could be really cool for the creators to do! This idea spawns from Freddy Vs Jason. Although F13 didn't get the rights to the title to make it a DLC, hopefully this idea could maybe get into the right hands so that the rights can be handed over? Sadly, probably not as I am only one voice and do not know how detailed the legal system can be.. But who knows, maybe so? Anyway, what this FvJ idea is, is this: Imagine you would allow a fellow player to die, whether its maybe through a sacrifice, simply being killed, being hit with sleep, etc. etc., whether it'd be simple or convoluted. Once this player is killed, sacrificed off or even asleep, the player is then transported to Hell as a tormented soul or demon who must track down and persuade Freddy to rise onto the real world. If done successfully, the player would then be consumed by Freddy and eventually possess and control the now knife glove wielding, walking nightmare. Once you play as Freddy, your job is similar to Tommy's, where you are called to take down Jason. It's basically, I feel, a more in depth and similar style to the way of calling in Tommy. What do you think? Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated!
  3. Just wanna say I love this game so far and I feel it has so much potential to become the best in it's genre. With updates and support I don't think this game will go any where. Here are some ideas of what I would love to happen in the future for this game: NEW ITEMS: Soda Can that replenishes 25% of your current stamina, and gives you a 25% overall stamina pool increase. Effect lasts for a couple of minutes. Relaxing Pills that make holding your breath last twice as long and lower down your overall fear meter. Effects last for a couple minutes. Beer that lowers the amount of damage you endure but increases stumbling chance. Will also delay being put into "crippling" movement state for 45 seconds when your health drops low enough. Effect lasts for a couple of minutes. Wooden Barrel Shield - Can be used to shield an ally from attacks or defend yourself from blows and can absorb up to three melee attacks from Jason. (two attacks if he is empowered in melee). Shield is immune to grabs from the front. Enter combat stance to use. (max of 1 per map) Backpack - When picked up, the counselor will wear it on their back and it will give you two extra item carrying slots. Sprint speed and stamina recharge speed will be reduced by 20%. (max of 1 per map) Bicycle - Cannot carry a Large Item while using. Speed is faster than the fastest Counselor. If Jason hits you or you get hit by a throwing knife while riding on bike, you will fall off and be instantly put in "crippled" movement state. Stamina does not recharge unless you sit still with bike. (max of 1 per map) Canoe - New way to escape via water but very slow. Will have to find an "Oar" on the map to use the canoe. Will not alert Jason if you board the canoe. Small Canoe icon can be seen by Jason on map. One counselor with one oar will have lower top end speed and harder traction. Two counselors with two oars will have increased top end speed and improved traction. Jason can tip over the canoe just like the boat. (max of 1 per map) TV that can be turned on to make some noise in some cabin's. Essentially new variety item skin for the radio. (max of 1 per map) NEW WEAPONS: Spear - Slow attack start but good range making it ideal for poking near windows or a door being broken down. Hammer - Slightly slower, smaller range but high stun chance. Oar - Decent range but very high break rate. (max of 2 per map) Taser - Similar to pocket knife but less stun on Jason and will not work on traps. Screw Driver - New variety item skin for the pocket knife. Ice Pick - New variety item skin for the pocket knife. Bow & Arrow - Large carrying item similar to beartrap. Must set arrow and then single shot use. Cricket Bat - Similar to baseball bat but less stun chance. Army Knife - Best durability weapon but shortest range. Can also be sacrificed to let one of Jason's traps go off. Nail Gun - Can be used to further upgrade a barricade to make it more sturdy or as a weak ranged weapon against Jason with limited ammo. New Game Lobby Customization Options: Game can now be set to 20 minutes, 25 minutes, or 30 minutes. Friendly Fire can now be turned off or on. Counselor Duplicates can be set to off or on. If set to off, duplicates of the same Counselor cannot be picked. Jason voice communication with counselor's can now be turned off or on. Counselor damage intake can now be set to Reduced, Normal, or Increased. Jason damage intake can now be set to Reduced, Normal, or Increased. Item Spawn for the map can now be set to Reduced, Normal, or Increased. Door Durability and Barricade can now be set to Reduced, Normal, or Increased. Weapon Durability can now be set to Reduced, Normal, or Increased. Perks can now be set to disabled or enabled. New Realism / Hardcore Mode: (New Game Mode for F13) Minimap for players on the bottom right is disabled You will not be able to tell who is dead or not when pulling up the player scoreboard (death screams in game will still be heard) Pulling up the map will not update what objectives have been complete or are currently in progress. Counselors can no longer check their map to find the location of Repair Parts that have been dropped. Music sound queue for Jason is disabled until you spot him or see him in your sights / screen visual radius Fog will shift in and out during certain areas making surroundings slightly more ambiguous. The closest power generator to the phone now needs to be ON or repaired in addition to the phone box in order to call the police. When counselors "stumble", they now lose 10% of their stamina. Counselors can no longer escape the main road exits with the car when driving in REVERSE, and must turn around and go forward with the car to successfully escape. The car now permanently breaks and cannot be used after FIVE times of Jason smashing the car. NEW Counselor Changes: Counselors Can now "Whisper" by pressing the Mouse Scroll Key button (or a separated key bind) ONLY during crouch. Whispering causes Jason to have to be a lot closer to hear Counselors talking. Whispering will not be picked up through radios and cannot be used to communicate with other counselors far on the map. Counselors can now hide in Bath Tubs or Close Shower Curtains in bathrooms. Showers can now be turned on inside in some Cabin's and this will create some noise similar to a radio, BUT with much less radius. It will simply light the cabin red if Jason is close enough. Counselors must now execute the prompted button key required if they are wielding a pocket knife and Jason grabs them to use it. Firecrackers now cause counselors to stumble and take a small bit of damage if they get too near. Firecrackers and Flare Guns are now friendly fire prone. Counselors can now disable "lock-on" on towards other counselors by pressing a specific key bind. Stumbling now causes counselors to lose 10% of their stamina. Shotgun blasts can now break windows. Shotgun blasts can now damage Jason or counselors if shot through windows. DOORS: Locked doors now take two hits to break for Jason instead of one hit. Locked doors can still be broken in one hit only if the Jason is empowered in "Destruction". NEW JASON CHANGES: Jason is now vulnerable to attacks while attacking a door. Jason is no longer completely immune to bear traps when blocking. Jason can no longer block firecrackers or flare guns. Jason now has one second and a half of charge time on his kill moves if he connects a grab on a counselor five seconds after using the "Shift" ability. Environmental kill moves are not affected by this charge time and can be done instantaneous if in proximity. Breaking 'opened' windows hit detection slightly improved to prevent some weapon swings to miss frequently. Extra furniture props can now be broken by entering a small cinematic sequence once performing the action button such as; big couches, giant bookshelves, giant tables, etc. (none of these are furniture that have items in them) Knocking on a locked door will now slightly increase fear of counselor's that are in the cabin. MELEE: Jason can now perform a swift attack with his weapon while he is "running" or speed walking by holding down the attack button for one second and then releasing. This attack recovers a few frames faster than the grab attack and has more range. (Jason will not come to a stop when using this attack and can continue to run or speed walk) THROWING KNIVES: Picking up throwing knives from the environment is now a bit faster and more efficient. (DEVS ADDED) Throwing knives can now be thrown at a window to break the glass. (DEVS ADDED) Throwing knives can no longer be blocked by counselors. Throwing knives can now headshot counselors. If at full health, a counselor will instantly become crippled. If less than full health, and counselor will be instantly killed by a headshot. Throwing knives aimed and thrown at a counselor's leg will drain 20% of their stamina upon impact. Throwing knives can now be thrown at a bear trap placed by a Counselor to set the trap off. TRAPS: Traps can no longer be stacked on top with each other. Traps can now be recovered or picked up on the map with a total of three extra to find. One of them will be in Jason's cabin to collect. New ability to place down a "fake" bait trap with just leaves. Jason will enter his usual "placing trap" animation but just put leaves instead but the sound effect will trick counselors. These fake leaf traps expire after 30 or 60 seconds and only two fake traps can be set out at the same time. Traps can now be set on boat docks. Traps can now be set in cabins. Traps that were not "triggered" can now be repicked up by Jason to place in a new position. SHIFT: Jason can now be hit out of or during Shift active frames. (this includes bear traps, shotgun, firecrackers, etc.) When Jason enters Shift, it now activates a brief distinct sound queue to alert nearby counselors. (this does not happen if Jason has Stalk active) MORPH: The selection point on the map where you choose to Morph is now more accurate when you teleport there as Jason. (DEVS ADDED) RAGE: Once Rage becomes active, all stun time on Jason is now reduced by half. Once Rage becomes active, Jason becomes invulnerable during Shift and it's active frames. Once Rage becomes active, Jason gets a slight movement speed increase when he enters Combat Stance. Once Rage becomes active, Jason's melee attacks recover faster when he is in Combat Stance. Once Rage becomes active, Jason can now walk while holding and aiming a throwing knife. CAR: Throwing knives can now be thrown at car tires to make them slightly increasingly difficult to drive. Car windows can now be broken and this will just allow throwing knives to be able to connect on a player in the corresponding seat. Jason can now manually hit and stop a car going in reverse by getting behind it and performing an "E" key action command when prompted as the icon appears. Counselors can no longer escape the main road exits with the car when driving in reverse, and must be going forward with the car to escape. JASON PART 7: "Grip Strength" ability in Strengths now removed. New strength ability now added called "Bleeding Lacerations". Bleeding Lacerations - Jason's melee weapon strikes with his machete now cause a "bleeding" effect on a successful non-blocked strike to a counselor. Bleeding effect causes a counselor's health to drain very slightly over time and immediately enter a "cripple" movement state for ten seconds. "Water Speed" ability in Strengths now removed. New strength ability now added called "Compact Flesh". Compact Flesh - All weapons that hit or are blocked by Jason have double break rate, effectively halving their overall durability. NEW PERK IMPLEMENTATION FOR JASON Perk abilities and unlockables now added to Jason. Jason can have a max of one perk equipped to each load out. New Perk - Hunter - Traps capture Counselors for twice as long. New Perk - Sharpshooter - Throwing knives now deal double damage. New Perk - Collector - No cinema action required for picking up a Throwing Knife. Just go near and tap action button to pick up instantly. New Perk - Unstoppable - Pocket knives will not stun Jason after he drops the Counselor. (they will just disable his special abilities and attacks for five seconds) New Perk - Untamable - Negates and bypasses any tasers. New Perk - Fireproof - Stuns from Flare Guns and Firecrackers dramatically reduced. New Perk - Nightmare - Amplify Counselor's fear and cause their fear meters to shoot up more rapidly. New Perk - Silent but Deadly - Further increase the effectiveness and duration of Stalk. New Perk - For Mother - Rage meter increases quicker over time. New Perk - Unforgiving - Shift is learned first instead of Sense during the beginning of the game. New Perk - Cloudy Weather - Cause a heavy thunderstorm to plague the map slightly obstructing counselor's vision once Rage becomes active. New Perk - Tyrant - Maximum health, damage sustainability increased, and mask is harder to knock off. New Perk - Enraged - Melee weapon attacks now drain 20% of stamina from counselor's per hit. New Perk - Speed Demon - Overall move and top end speed slightly increased. New Perk - Terrifying - Increase counselor's overall chance to stumble by 10% when around you. New Perk - Stalker - Stalk is learned first instead of Sense during the beginning of the game. New Perk - Constructor - Placing a trap efficiency and speed increased by 50%. MATCH MAKING You can now select language preference when searching for public games. New key bind and option for "mute all" button added. New option to "report player" after a game has finished. Max of three reports per day allowed. Once a player receives enough negative reports, they will be placed in "low priority" match making system which will make them more likely to match with other users in "low priority". Players placed in low priority state receive half XP and CP until they complete a set number of games. TOMMY JARVIS: Tommy Jarvis does not pre-spawn on the map during the "intro movie" scene for the player until AFTER it is fully completed. The player who has been chosen to be Tommy Jarvis now receives a message: "You have been chosen to come back as Tommy. Press A to come back" with a 15 second timer attached. If the timer runs out, it will pass on to the next player. Tommy Jarvis can no longer reach "level 4 fear" where his screen becomes dark and he loses vision of the mini-map. If you are the last person to survive as Tommy Jarvis, you receive bonus XP. If you survive simultaneously with another final remaining counselor(s) via boat or car, you receive bonus XP. Each time you successfully help a survivor break free from Jason's grab, you receive small amount of bonus XP. Each time you heal a counselor, you receive an additional small amount of bonus XP. Killing or "betraying" a counselor is now -1000 points as Tommy Jarvis. JASON'S MASK: If a counselor escapes or survives the match with Jason's Mask in their inventory, all players receive bonus XP and CP. MINI INTRO CINEMA When the game starts, the player who has been selected to be Jason will have their Counselor selection "killed" by their Jason in the intro instead of it being the same guy 24/7. MOVIE SPECTATOR CINEMA MODE: When a player is dead or they survive, they can choose to enter movie cinema mode which will automatically follow the counselor(s) being chased by Jason. The camera will also shift between players and prioritize to those doing action themed events such as filling up cars with gas, installing batteries, propellers, repairing electricity, fighting Jason, etc. New camera angles that cover more space, screen size, and combination of camp camera when needed will also ensue and happen as fights and dramatic chase sequences occur. Just sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the action ensue as your team tries to survive the rest of the round. AFTER DYING OR SURVIVING A ROUND: Ability to roll perks, customize character clothes appearance, or equip / change load outs is also available to spectators that have survived or died while they wait for the remainder of the round. You now receive bonus 20 XP and 10 CP for each remaining minute you spectate until the match is complete. New camp cameras have been added increasing the total numbers of them on each map. Players can now type to each other with a text box while spectating. (only players who survived or died can see texts) The progression tab and badges can now be viewed while in spectating mode. QUITTING GAME / PENALTIES: If someone playing as a counselor leaves the game, their character will immediately drop all of their inventory and remain alive (idle) and available for Jason for scoring a kill if found. When someone leaves a game before dying or surviving, they will be rewarded with only half of the XP or CP that they accumulated for that game. Players now have the option to reconnect to a game that they left if it is still running. "Mother's Disappointed" -1000 points penalty and loss if leaving a game as Jason. Penalty for betraying and killing a team mate as a counselor has now been increased to 500 points. (DEVS ADDED) Multiplier of 2x penalty deduction added for consecutive team kills and betrayals by the same counselor. Total amount of times a player has performed a "Betrayal" is now added to their profile. Killing blows from bear traps for counselor's do not add to the "Betrayal" number on a player's profile. "Completionist" Total amount of times a player has stayed in a game all the way until the game was completed is now added to their profile. Thoughts? Post here and feel free to share.
  4. Was giving it some thought, in regards to new content and DLCs. We haven't heard a whole lot from the Devs, but I was wondering what the community would like to see in terms of an amicable release schedule for 2017? We all know there have been issues, and DLC SNAFUs, not to mention a release announced for single player sometime in Summer (fingers crossed). In a perfect world what would you guys find to be a fun set of things to look forward to, which would help keep interest and hype for the game? Here are my thoughts. Scatter in patches and fixes as needed. August: 1 New Map + Single Player mode (Free DLC) September: 3 New counselors to bring the total up to 13. Hopefully these would include Fox and maybe Shelley if the actor is willing to allow his likeness to be used. (Paid DLC = 3.99US?) October: 2 New Maps (Free DLC) + 1 New Jason (Paid DLC = 2.99US/Free for Backers who had to suffer the Savini fiasco) + 1 reskin pack for each counselor (Paid DLC = 2.99US) November: 1 New Map (Free DLC), Upgrade to allow bots to back fill multiplayer games (Free DLC), New Kills Pack (Paid DLC 2.99US) December: 1 New Jason (Paid DLC = 2.99US), New game mode? Christmas themed Jason skin and counselor clothes (Paid DLC 2.99US) **Price points are just numbers thrown out to illustrate paid vs. free. GUN/Illfonic would have to put a market value for content on them to meet their business needs/expenses.
  5. With many of the ideas from the movies for maps I had one that I know wasn't in any of the films but would make for some idea. A snow camp. Camp Crystal Lake is covered in a nice blanket of snow and the lake is frozen. The effects would be cool as when campers walked they left foot prints allowing Jason to track campers along with a new way of escaping, snowmobile. The snow mobile will replace the the boat. The snowmobile would be use to cross the lake or the normal way out. Two people could escape on it. And one of the best parts of snow is you'll be able to see blood from the campers who were killed out in the snow making it even better.
  6. I was just thinking that there should be other ways to trigger Jason's traps since finding a pocket knife is somewhat hard if your teammates dont talk. One way that seems pretty fair would be that you could use a weapon to trigger the trap and your weapon would break but it would still alert Jason that the trap was triggered so you dont have to sacrifice a leg to get to something but instead sacrifice your weapon. Another way to fix this issue may be so that Jason cant double trap some things because I've seen Jason double trap the fuse box and made it almost impossible to call the cops if you dont have any pocket knives.
  7. I think it would be a good idea to have a "Stats" tab to view in your progression. You could see your stats with both the counselors (each one) and jason. For counselors it would say how many escapes and which escapes they are, e.g. car escapes: 3, police escapes: 2, and so on. You could see how many times you killed jason, repaired a vehicle, called the police, and even betrayed your teammates (team killed). Anything worth keeping track of. As Jason you could see your kills and to make it more fun you could see which counselors you killed to see who you kill the most. You could track it with each playable Jason or total kills. You could see how many times you've played as Jason and whatever else you think of. I know badges might keep track of some things I listed but I think a separate stats tab would be an easier and better way to show your stats.
  8. I think it be really cool to add Imposter Jason from F13: A New Biggening... His pros could be: +Throwing Knives +Sense +Walk speed His cons would be: -Shift -Hit Points -Stalk His weapon could be a meat cleaver that he used in the film. This is just a rough idea of imposter Jason buy I would love if they put it in.
  9. Just a few simpler ideas to add flavor to what's already in the game. Trying to think of stuff that would be easy to implement while adding diversity to the matches. I'll just get right to it. 1. Rare/ Unusual Items: These would not be in every round and would be additional to what we have. Might not or even likely to not show up at all and no more than 1 or 2 in a match possible. Small item possibilities: (please share your ideas!) A single shotgun shell that allows a player with a gun to shoot twice. An area effect health pack A hockey mask reproducing the sweater effect for males. A wrench to improve repair Flippers for quick/silent swimming Gloves for better weapon strikes. A lighter to set fire to gasoline (I realize this one's not among the "simple" changes) Random Weapons: These could have the exact same power as the other weapons already implemented, but there for flavor. An oar by the beach A chef's knife in the kitchen A dagger with the same properties as a pocketknife A grenade (firecracker stun but maybe area of effect damage to players?) Pitchfork PLEASE That damn rake in the barn. Hockey Stick off the wall. (too funny not to implement) 2. Flavor-audio for the counselors / Scream Bring back the voice actors to add some personality touches to the counselors we know that could be used in-game. Also a serious scream for the ladies and Chad.that would be heard round the camp. Just hearing them have different responses to finding bodies or fighting/running from Jason would be refreshing as well. Nothing too crazy here. We don't want people spamming these in-game if it was player controlled. Perhaps they could be limited to a one-use per round thing somehow? 3. Hair color options for the Counselors: Hair styles would be great, but that would be further mapping/etc. Just having different colors to choose from adds to the variation we see with the clothes. Other Random Ideas: Alcohol: A 6-pack of beer to share. Have too many and get the fuzzy screen effect for the round. Good luck! Randomized colors in the camp lighting, illuminating the areas in eerie glows. (maybe too much for a simple change) Would be great for varied streams! A jump scare cat! Just one, and not always there, but really sets off that fear. Please put him in a closet/outhouse/barn. More random environment kills for Mr. Voorhees. That game table. The piano. The archery targets. The showers. That freaky rocking horse. Fun with Kitchen Appliances. Heck - the phone box would make a wonderful death scene. Through windshield of driving car. Some maps are begging for a cave. Alright. Enough for now. Back to camp!
  10. I think something like rain or thunder storms should be added to the camps. Maybe it can occur randomly, the whole game, or the last 2-5 minutes.
  11. So I was thinking, since you have a tombstone for H2O Delirious, why don't you make a Jason for him. Make his character from GTA and Gmod as Jason.
  12. When Jason grabs you, you can whack him 3-4 times, which prevents him from instant-killing you for that period, but it doesn't break his grab, it just postpones the inevitable, the stronger you are add's a few more seconds to his instant-kill cool down, it helps Jason to use more than just a grab all the time, now while your whacking him, you cant spam E, till you get your 3rd-4th hit in This idea should be alright with the movie fanatics, and i say fanatics because any small idea or nerf towards Jason send these guys whining and crying and saying #HesSupposeToBeOP
  13. I've seen people lock doors and then run off through a window making a room inaccessible from the rest of the cabin unless you go through the outside window. This is a problem since Jason can break the window and then counselors must climb through the broken window to gain access into the locked room. To fix this there should be a way for counselors to break locked doors with the classic shoulder smash. When of tapping x on a locked door it should make the counselor hit the door with their shoulder in an attempt to break the lock. This comes in handy two times 1. The room is locked and the only other way in is a broken window. 2. Jason is chasing you and you have nowhere else to go. The down side to trying to smash a door in should be noise. Jason should be able to hear someone ramming their side into a door. If the door breaks or not should be based on strength and luck. Once breaking the lock the door should be able to open and close but not lock.
  14. I had an idea for a new item. So, most characters don't have a very high intelligence. This results in many mess ups during skill checks. I thought that maybe there could be an item that helps low intelligence by taking away one QTE on the repair minigame. A screwdriver. This way a low intelligence character can decide if they want to use one of their small item slots to shave off one of the QTEs making repairs safer since they might avoid messing up and alerting Jason but a bit slower since the repair speed gets faster after each successful QTE. Just an idea though.
  15. Ok so I know this would be a bit of a long shot and it would be its own discussion with whoever owns the rights to Nightmare on Elm Street, but wouldn't it be great to have a complely seperate game mode with another human controlling Freddy?! It could be a 1V1 deal with the last mass murderer standing wins, or it could be its own game mode variation of the current base game with more councilers, and an additional goal for Jason to kill Freddy and vise versa. Councilers would need to escape or kill both killers, and Freddy and Jason would have to try to kill more councilers than the other or survive the longest depending on the bravery and sucess of the councilers.
  16. Hear me out on this. I remember hearing about the boat, it could only fit two individuals, right? They've also talked about as a counselor you only need to make sure YOU survive. How about a mechanic where counsellors can immobilize each other ( i.e. Push them down, knock them out) 2 or 3 seconds should suffice. The mechanic can also be use when running away from Jason, knock down the person next to you. Every counselor for themselves. Just an idea. I'd like to know what everyone thinks or if this is already a mechanic let me know.
  17. The second Gameplay video makes mention of a stamina system which gave me some ideas for that system. Obviously, counselors have stamina that gets depleted through strenuous actions and possibly slowly recovers over time. It'd be great if the counselors could also do some sort of contextual rest action to fill their stamina faster, such as: *using a sink to splash water on their face *resting at a campfire *resting while trying to call for help *resting while leaning their back on a door So while resting the counselors field of view is diminished or locked so that they risk not being able to see where Jason is coming from. This would allow Jason to stalk a counselor until they stop to rest, at which point Jason knows they won't see him from certain angles of attack. Being scared while resting could also ramp the fear meter to the max and break them from the resting state. On the flip side, I think Jason should also have a stamina meter. It would be much larger than the counselors and would refill much slower if he tries to rest, but refills fast when he gets a kill. We haven't heard much about how to 'take down' Jason, but I think it'd be cool if when Jason is taken down that this also his 'rest' state. So the Jason player can choose to 'stay down' longer to refill some stamina, then they can do the Jason 'pop back up' whenever they want. It would create that tension of wondering how long is Jason going to be dead without needing to create some fixed timer system. Just wanted to throw those ideas out there, thought they could come in handy with creating so many of the awesome horror movie cliches we know and love.
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