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Found 82 results

  1. To anyone here who is still new to the game, and wants to know how to fix the Fatal Error on the beginning of the introduction to the game, make sure you install everything in the folders around for the game, even the error of launching the game. No need for you to change your Administration, into a Standard user, because it has nothing to do with the type of user, just follow the steps given, and I hope this works for you. Here are the steps of what you need to do: Make sure to Install Easy Anti-Cheat for Friday The 13th Game for the launching of the game - Go to where you installed Steam folder. - On the steam folder, go to steamapps folder, then go to common folder, and go to F13Game folder. - Go to EasyAnti-Cheat and install the setup. Make sure you install the UE4, so that you would not get a Fatal Error for the Online Session Interface - Go to Steam Folder. - Go to steamapps folder. - Go to common folder. - Go to F13Game folder. - Go to Engine folder. - Go to Extras, and open the Redist folder, and then en-usa folder. - Install the Setup of UE4. If there is anything else missing or an error that need to be fixed, do let me know and I will add it down for ya.
  2. Hey I’m new to the game, playing on Xbox so if there’s anyone who wannna help me learn or is also new to the game give me a shout
  3. Anyone getting this error message...was playing a game and it crashed with this error message. I have 3 friends who I was playing with that got this message too and can't even start the game. windows error msg pops up saying ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SummerCamp.exe - Fatal Application Exit Untrusted system file (D:\misc\pics\steam\steamapps\common\F13Game\Engine\Binaries\Thirdparty\Physx\APEX-1.3\Win64\VS2015\apex_clothingprofile_64.dll)
  4. Hello everyone, I'm Brazilian and I face many problems when trying to play this game, I only find servers hosted by other Brazilians and the quality is horrible! Before it was not like that, when I bought the game in the pre-sale I fell into dedicated and non-hosted servers, after some updates I have only fallen on hosted servers that almost always give black screen and does not start the game! Can someone tell me a way to fall into gringo server? GRATEFUL!!!!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm bothered with something in the game that should be added from the beginning, I mean not having the option to report players what makes the game a land without law, I also suggest that you put banishment to prevent players from going crazy during the match or when Jason is performing an execution, in addition to Jason losing points and number of deaths leaves the game boring and with few players, give m a time ban for example: dropped once (15 minutes), second time ( 30 minutes) third time (1 hour) and so on I further strongly suggest that when Jason picks up the monitor and presses the button to perform his death, the death already here for Jason's accountant is when he performs the execution, because you expect Jason to finish the execution so he gives him death! result: many weeping and idiot players get angry because they die and leave the game during jason's execution leaving Jason with no points so you should put the punctuation right when Jason presses the button to kill. Thank you for your attention and I hope the game improves.
  6. So this idea is from @REO thread [url=http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/6952-suggestions-for-developers-living-list/]here[/url] and took the idea from his thread because I think Jason Part 7 topic is worth it's own discussion so all credit to him. Do you guys feel Jason Part 7 needs a redesign in some way with his skills? To me he's the coolest Jason but he's so terrible and not worth picking... F13 game having a version of Jason that is underpowered or weak should definitely be a big NO and needs to be fixed since this game is all about Jason being a huge threat. How can they make Jason Part 7 worth using but remaining unique and not copy pasta from other Jasons? SO let's get into his weaknesses first.... 1.) His traps suck and he only gets 3 which is a BIG weakness for controlling objectives 2.) He's slow and can't run. He also has a crappy shift speed and cooldown which makes chasing down counselors even more hell for him... Up against Vanessa? might as well put the controller down... 3.) His attack range is crap and he's very easy to kite and bully Now his pros... 1.) Good sense so he can use it more but it's not a big deal since almost every Jason can toggle and use sense well. 2.) Good water speed... Umm mainly useless so who cares? Only really helps with boat chase and that's it. 3.) Good grip... again who cares? If you catch counselor with no pocket knife they will be dead anyway so this is completely useless in the grand scheme of things.... With all those weaknesses and terrible pros WHY would anyone ever want to pick this Jason if they want to win over the other Jason's except for the "cool" factor? <--- Which is why this is the BIG PROBLEM. Also if counselor ever get car started with you vs Part 7 Jason LOL good luck trying to catch the char with your super slow Jason. So what can we do to help and make Jason Part 7 worth picking? Here is @REO ideas for reworking Jason Part 7 from this thread: My ideas for Jason Part 7 are change his strong grip to make it so once he grabs a counselor another counselor can't hit him and make him drop the person he got since it's so hard for him to grab someone. This would make his skill worth picking and different from other Jasons. So who's all with me that Jason Part 7 needs some help and what would you give him?
  7. A little while ago I updated my AMD Radeon HD8970M driver, after opening Ark Survival Evolved the game was all blue and distorted. Thinking I installed the drivers wrong, I reinstalled them but it didn't fix the problem. Later I noticed that the problem occurred in only Ark and Friday the 13th, every other game I own works fine, I don't know any links between them besides both made with Unreal Engine. Later I contacted AMD Support and asked for help on the AMD forums, I was told on the forums to try a factory reset, so I did. After the reset was done, the problem was still there, so I thought it could be a bug or a compatibility issue with Unreal Engine and Radeon Settings. The person I was talking to at AMD Support told me otherwise, he said it was a problem with the game and I needed to contact the devs, I sent out a bug report but I just wanted other peoples opinions, Could it be the drivers? the game? I thought it could be something wrong with my graphics card but why would it only effect some games? Wouldn't it effect all of them? I don't know much about computer so that's why im asking for help.
  8. I know that some people have requested instructions on how to change the language back to English due to poor translation, hard to read fonts, etc... Here are some instructions on how to change your language settings across all platforms. With Steam, you can change the settings for just Friday the 13th: The Game, or the entire interface. On consoles, it looks like the only way to do it is to change your console language to English. Of course, you can always go back in and change it back, if you prefer, for other games. I hope this helps everyone who has been asking, or is curious about how to do it. PC/Steam To change language settings for Steam Interface: Log into your Steam account Click on "Steam" in the top menu bar (this is in the very upper left of Steam on Windows, or in the menu bar above Steam on OSX) Go to the Settings option ("Preferences on" OSX) Go to the Interface tab Select the language you wish to use from the drop-down menu Click OK and then select the option to Restart Steam Once Steam restarts, you will be able to use Steam and Valve games in the language which you selected.If you have games installed that support the language you have selected, files for that language may need to be downloaded before you can play. To change language Game settings for Friday the 13th: The Game: Right Click on Friday the 13th: The Game in your Steam Library Click Properties Click Set Launch Options -culture= *English = en *French = fr *Italian = it *German = de *Spanish = es *Portuguese = pt XBOXOne Press the menu key of the controller. Go to Settings > System Go to the Location section and select "Language & location". Use the "Language" menu to make your selection. PS4 Go to Settings Go to Language- Select Language & Location Select your language from the drop down menu.
  9. I've heard before that when you set traps as Jason that if they go off and get stepped on the little red icon on the map will dissappear is this false? I've played tons of matches and have yet to figure out where the trap went off at and ended up at the wrong area because the icon didn't go off and I had to guess where it came off at? I've heard Youtubers that say it will show where ect but maybe I'm doing something wrong here.
  10. Here's a quick list of things, I think, would make the game a better place for players: A friendly-fire option in the settings. Group the people who have it on together and the people who don't together. Host migration (I know, it's in the works but I wanted to mention it) Experience reduction and a time out for players who quit. If you did a warning and then a reduction/time out, this would lower the amount of players who quit. 75% exp reduction for 5 matches and the player can't rejoin a game for 15 minutes. Make it reset every 24 hours and have the timer go up if it continues. 1 warning, a strike, a second strike, and then the third strike is a 24 hour hiatus for that player. (Been playing some tonight and had 4 players leave. Disgruntle players are leaving between 4-6 out of 10 matches. The problem is running rampant.) The ability to mark the map. Being able to add something as simple as dots to the map, showing specific things, would be incredible. If you find the battery, and the propeller, you could mark the propeller. You could even add an feature that allows you to swap map info with another player. This would make it easier to convey ideas to players who aren't in the game chat. Separate in-game, no chat and people with party chat. I see this, a lot. Players enter, one gets Jason, and their friend helps Jason hunt down the other players. I'm not sure if this would solve the problem but putting all the players who aren't chatting in a room, you're more likely to get a fair game, which is what we're all looking for. It happens all the time with parties who enter a game, less often with people in general chat, and almost never with people who don't chat. Like I said, I don't think this would solve the problem 100% but it would at least create a fair environment for players who are looking for a casual, no chatting, experience. The other two, Party chat, and local/in-game chat, is a bit more complexed. Open to suggestions. This is coming from a huge fan of the classic movies, and the game, who plays on PlayStation 4. If you have things that need added to the list, feel free to let me know. Lets make this game the best it can be!
  11. Pls help when i join into game it kicked me and said EAC Kicked : Invalid message received then i tried to wait until the loading thing full but its not working. What happened omg
  12. Hey guys I just bought this game yesterday and have encounter some issues already :/ The problem is, when I try to enter a private match together with some friends, everything goes smoothly at first. Our game starts and there is no problem. After a minute or so though, one of us seemingly leaves the match against our will. Sometimes an error sign is displayed, sometimes we simply are redirected to the menu. Are those connection issues? Have you encounter this problem as well? Please help !
  13. The game crashed on a loading screen and now it can't retrieve my latest saved data? I've tried resetting my Xbox and it didn't work. Any help?
  14. I saw in the patch notes that Jason can have a cursor now and it's still not working for me. I haven't been able to do this since the game came out. I can't talk in game, I can't see names above heads, and my perks and clothes won't save either. Does anyone know a fix to this? I have the game instead on my hard drive. Should I move it?
  15. Hey folks! I could use some feedback on improving my Part 7 Jason as I struggle in chasing down campers and have been getting timed out a lot here recently. I plan on uploading my Jason match footage with the hopes that I can get some community feedback to improve on. I typically place traps at the phone and vehicles at match start as well as bust power boxes. I generally have trouble: * Shift + Grab: I often whiff and it really puts me at a disadvantage since I usually play non-running Jasons. * Running out of knives (or knives not slowing enough) : It seems like the non-running Jasons are dependent on doing damage / causing fear to slow counselors but I just don't seem to come across knives so that I always have 2 on hand. * Keeping up with Counselors: Related to the problem above. I just get outran too much. Any and all feedback is welcome, thanks! (EDIT) - Added match footage of mine to critique : Episode 1 - Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4:
  16. Bough the game last week. Today I reached level 17 and I have played over 6 games since, making over 6k XP. I have not been ranked up by anything since. I keep trying it and turning it off and on, even to going as far as deleting it, nothing works. Please help!
  17. Its really dumb to me that when me and a buddy are bringing some gas to a car/boat and grabs my teammate with the gas and starts the killing animation, but I can't save him with the weapon that I have and am forced to watch my teammate die when I feel I should be able to do something. They should highly work on this part of the game, but that's just me. What do you guys think?
  18. When ever i am in front of someone and they start to talk behind me, i cannot hear them. Is this a problem with my headphones or is there a way to fix it?
  19. Can we report team killers? I've recorded gameplay of other players intentionally trying to ruin the experience of other players by team killing as counselors. Is this a bannable offense?
  20. Hello! So i bought this Game 2 Weeks ago and i do really like the Concept and the Gameplay of it. However, my Ingame Voice Chat doesn't seem to work proberly. Players ingame are talking but i can't hear them. However they can hear me when i Talk. I can hear Players in 1 out of 10 Games(yes, i can hear them kinda randomly). My Mic is 100% working (its working on other games with ingame Voice Chat tho, tested it) and all my ingame sound settings are 100% volume. i'm not the only one with this problem, few of my friends who are also playing F13 have the same Issue like me. I have the latest Drivers on my PC installed. (i dont think its a problem on my Side tho) Any Suggestions to this issue? maybe a potencial fix? are the devs informed about this Issue yet?
  21. I know pressing back (on xbox) views the summary of who's alive and who escaped as a counselor but I can't do that with jason. I just assumed they didnt let you because it's a sort of advantage for jason but then i saw videos of people viewing the summary as jason so i'm wondering if anyone else is able to. Like is there a different button to view the summary as jason? *EDIT* it does show the summary as jason by pressing up on the d-pad
  22. After the update has appeared, I can't hear my teammates. Help pls
  23. I Bought the game, I Started it up and it loaded but then it popped up with this message saying " Launch Error Error Validating EasyAntiCheat code signing certificate " can someone help me please?
  24. Hey all.... the boyfriend and I really wanted to start playing this game so we finally bought it from the xbox store. When we queue in quick play it starts up the play online screen but no one ever joins. Exiting and restarting doesn't seem to fix. I am getting no errors. What's going on????
  25. Hello everybody I just wanted to ask if someone ever got the perk on the pic below and if yes the what is it because I always see it while rolling perks but I never get it and I want to know what it is because I think it's a perk that you start with pocket knife so if someone has it can you please tell me what it is? Here's the picture:
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