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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I came back to the game after 3 years not playing when I got told the game is considered dead now with the final update, and I wanted to flex again my og Savini Jason. My skills are still good, however, after a few Jason games, at the end of this last one there were 2 Vanessa players switching between mid-run and sprint and I could never catch them up, I was playing part 9 Jason now because I wanted to play other Jasons, and as you know this one can't run, so it was impossible for me to catch them, and even using the shift power was useless because I dont perfectly control it, and they were just emoting and using soundpad fart sounds, the few only times my shift worked they were rescuing themselves with a lot of pocket knifes, giant shotguns and flare guns, for some reason they also were able to levitate and move while aiming at me (Im not sure if all this is hacking or exploiting). I felt like shit after the match ended with them making fun of me in the chat and I dont even consider myself that bad, and the stats the running Jasons don't convince me at all to choose them, I just want to know if you guys have any tips against these kind of players. Thanks!
  2. Okay look, wtf, so i buy this 40 dollar game thinkin its gonna be fun as shit, and when i get in, i wait 5 minutes to load into a game, and 2 minutes later i time out, ive tryed everything to see if iv'e done something wrong, but everything is okay, and up to date, But now it wont even load into a game, and about 5 minutes to 7 minutes in, it completely shuts me out of the game, this is for xbox one by the way, SO ANY HELPP??? ive eaten a whole goddamn sandwhich before the game STILL didnt load into a game, but i see so many people playing it??? ive heard others had this problem aswell, but idk
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