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Found 10 results

  1. Hello fellow counsilers and jasons alike! First time to the forums, and already had peopke helping clarify things. Unfortunately I dont play online as QP is so busted lately for me i cant even open doors or pick up items. Hooefully everyone has a good day and happy hunting / surviving!
  2. Hello everyone! I am new to the game and forum. I just bought the game 5 min ago (with the halloween skin pack) on steam since it was discounted and I just wanted to say hi. I know nothing about the game but I watched some videos and it looks cool. I saw they are going to improve the game and servers so I thought it was the best moment to join you. I am from Barcelona, 23 years old, I love horror movies (scream is my fav) and I love playing Dead by Daylight. Please add me on steam to play together and have some fun https://steamcommunity.com/id/bernymoon
  3. Hello everyone! I saw a quite few introductions so I figured I'd follow suit. I just signed up today, hoping to meet some chill, ADULT, people who play on Xbox. I recently started playing again after going on a hiatus due to the very common issues of not being given my CP points, being kicked from a match, and of course the always dependable host kick. I play on the Xbox One and I've seen some really unfavorable feedback from folks hearing that. I do want to get the game for my PC but not while its $40. Anyway, I'm your typical player, not great, but not too bad either. I'm the type that will try and hit Jason if he picks you up and I try to find the essentials for either calling the police or starting the car/boat right after weapon gathering. Nothing worse then someone who hides the entire game, imho. I watch F13 gaming as played by Typical Gamer, H20Delirious, and Ohmwrecker. My gamertag is OffJupiter1515 and I always have my mic at hand, though only on if there are others in the party that chat.
  4. Hello; I'm new to the forums, and I was yelled at a few times for not making a post before making an introduction. Now that I've done one, stop yelling @ me. I always liked the Friday the 13th series, and seeing the game come out was great news. I bought it instantly, and played it since. I'll be contributing ideas for FT13 whenever I get a new one. Peace out!
  5. Helo everyone!
  6. BigRed


    Hey everyone! Hope you're all well and loving the game as much as I am. EDIT: It's fine, I got it Anyway, as it currently stands my partner and I play Friday The 13th on PlayStation 4 and like to try Trophy Hunt and collect as much as we can in game so we'd love to game with you guys if anyone else fancies that? Just send me a message for the gamer tag or send me yours. Have fun guys and thank you! BR
  7. Hello my name is Vuze and I have been alcohol free for 6 years now. Whenever I get the urge to drink I just think about how my wife Pamela left me for it so that kills the urge right there. It makes me feel good knowing that there were others out there who struggled with the devils nectar. I come to these meetings once a week and I like to show off my AA coin to anyone who talks to me. Anyway, I hope we can all get through the struggle together and make this a productive meeting each and every week.
  8. Hello, I'm dro and I make the worst Jason ever. Add me on PSN gamer tag droleht.
  9. Hello hello, my names Micha I'm a young adult from the north east who likes alot of terrible things like those telekinesis bits in that one f13 sequel. Anyhoo I've been having trouble with the servers and when I get a game hardly anyone plays with a mic and hey I get it who wants to actually speak to people? Well, camp counselors who aren't supernatural entities who are fighting a super natural entity just prabs should. Soooo if you have a ps4 and mic or no mic add me ! : LexiconDevil0
  10. Hey fellow horror fans! I am very happy to see that this game is becoming a reality. I can't wait to be able to play this on my PlayStation 4! Iv been a big fan of the franchise since I was a kid. And Jason is my personal favorite of the slasher killers from the 80's. I think we all have been waiting for a game like this! It will be a pleasure to kill and survive right get along side you guys!
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