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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone, So this is a shortlist of what I've been reading from various posts on the forum gesturing towards some kind of "hard mode". Disclaimer -- not all of these ideas are mine. If you recognize an idea that you pitched elsewhere then please don't hesitate to say it! Long story short, I think these tweaks would definitely bring back the immersion of survival horror to the game and would give experienced counselors a challenge too. Without further ado . . . - No perks for counselors - No combat stance for counselors - Vision drain / stamina drain very pronounced when near Jason - Jason can pick up and carry around severed limbs / heads (cosmetic) - No shift for Jason (morph is permitted) - Jason does not appear on mini-map - Jason can grab counselors through windows - Match time - 45 minutes max - Jason can toss furniture aside (whereupon it becomes a moveable asset for all) - Red underwater shadow only visible to person playing Jason - Jason much less likely to be stunned by counselor - Jason has increased stalk duration - Jason can unlock doors from inside - No DLC costumes / emotes for counselors - A downed Jason can press E if a counselor is idling over them, grabbing their leg to crush it and wound them - Fewer pocket knives on map - Max 2 shotguns (1 on smaller maps) but shotguns have 4 rounds to use - Shotguns can "break" (i.e., get jammed and become inoperable) needing to be manually dropped by counselor If you have any other suggestions in the same vein then post them.
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