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Found 1 result

  1. So I was playing Packanack last night as Part 8. I was playing my usual style. - Going around, cutting power - Placing traps on the 4 seater and phone box since people really don't give a shit about the two seater until its too late - Breaking down doors and windows - Collecting Knives So I had killed I think at least one counselor before I saw this. I was just chilling by the car in stalk mode, just waiting for counselors to try to fix the car (or phone, since it was in Packanack, which helped me even more). Next thing I see is the entire group of counselors coming down the road with weapons, mic spamming MAKE SURE TO STUN HIM SO WE CAN REPAIR THE CAR!. They did manage to stun me about 10 times, but they kept landing in my traps around the car and the house. It felt like they had about 10 pocket knives, 10 melee weapons that never broke. Anyway, I pretty much killed all of them as they failed time and again to get the phone working or the car fixed and the last two got so mad, one jumped out the second story of Packanack to suicide to prevent me from killing them. The other stepped in their own bear trap inside Packanack to kill themselves to prevent me from killing them. Now ya'll might say its my fault, since my playstyle allows the counselors more time to gather weapons and/or group together. I see it as groups of party friends on the same page, which is clean, I have no issue with that. The problem is Jason can't possibly block 6 OR 7 counselors attacking him constantly all at once. There needs to be some sort of mechanic that allows him to keep counselors from wanting to surround him and knock him down/stun him constantly. I'm thinking the Devs should take a page from the various films in the series and ADD a MULTIPLE KILL mechanic if Jason is surrounded by two counselors or more. Examples 2 Counselors - Jason smashes their heads together, as seen in JTGH 3 or more Counselors - Even though it won't visually make sense with the spear for instance...perhaps Part 6 Jason briefly pulls out his machete and triple decapitates 3 counselors around him. For every other Jason who uses an axe, same deal. They use their axe to triple decapitate the counselors Now I know people are gonna say...just kill the counselors the old fashioned way. Slice and dice, grabs. I just worry this type of gameplay is going to become an annoyance and form of trolling down the road. I think allowing Jason to kill multiple counselors at a time if he's surrounded would be a good way to breakup the gang assaults on Jason, since he wouldn't be able to perform these multiple kills if only met with 2 or less counselors.
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