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Found 6 results

  1. Ok so a couple friends and myself (2 -101's, 1 60+) were helping a new guy that is a level 12 and had the game for almost 2 months (obviously doesn't play much) because of the toxic players, so we told him we would help him learn to play. Well one of the games we are playing, he is Jason (2nd time EVER) and doesn't know what he's doing. Well we get the car started (I always Mute Jason at the beginning of the match) and I want to do some off road driving (practice) so we go 4x4 through the woods. We are driving around for a good 5-6 minutes or so after one of our guys calls the cops, finally the cops arrive and i'm driving out the exit with the cops and low and behold there's two A$$holes glitched out of the match and on the bridge, Jason is there just staring at them (we never really even saw him while driving around) So as usual, my two buddies want out to record them glitching so we can turn them in (don't know if it does anything or not, but at least makes me feel like i'm doing something) and they are up there laughing and we proceed to tell them to enjoy glitching cause we are turning them in and proceeded to get called names and the normal "I don't give a F#$# about this game, do it". Then they come up with "well we will turn you in for working with Jason" which we started laughing about because it was like, ummm really we haven't seen Jason nor are we in a party chat and we have Jason muted, so anyway we just told them to enjoy themselves before their ban, in the meantime the 2 out of the car get killed and I drive out, Jason gets pissed (for one he don't know why we are there out of the car and probably figured we were trying to troll him or glitch also) and rage quits. So we go to the lobby and you know, same rhetoric, so we leave and start a party. Long story short, these little turds got scared after they realized we were going to turn them in and do what kids do, name calling, reverse threatening, acting like they don't care and bla bla bla, oh and yes they did get turned in as usual. The good news is we were able to get that player in our party and explained what was going on and he told us that he was walking around for a while trying to figure out how to get up there and it was his wife that told him she read about ppl glitching and we told him how we roll about turning ppl in and he was cool about it and we proceeded to play several other games with this guy. He said he was ready and has left the game several times because of having such a bad time in public, he never even played a private, so at least we saved one player from leaving.
  2. So last night I was playing a casual game of Friday The 13th: The game. And I got in a game with some guy. I don't remember his namertag it was Evan something. Anyway we got into a game of I belive Crystal Lake. This Evan guy killed me. So I came backs as Tommy and was gonna get my revenge (I don't think you can get banned for that can you?) and I found out he did a glitch. So casually I found out how to do this and killed him. Well... There was no way out of the glitch. So I sat there for the last 5 minutes of the match like a idiot. Please!!!!! Fix this. I would add my Steam screenshots but I don't know how.
  3. I was playing a match and I got everyone but two people and they were glitching on a rock on Higgin Haven.
  4. I am sorry but, my friends and I have had enough. We get a group going and want to get a full lobby, if other friends are not available. We play the way the game SHOULD be played, unless we encounter someone glitching. We make it known that anyone glitching, will be dealt with. It's a 50/50 chance. Some are great players wanting to have fun, like us. Then the others want Packanack to show up and there they are...up on the roof. We go after that person. We stop and make sure this person knows not to do it again. Will we get banned for this? We don't care, if you join our group. Play right or get out. We have never had a glitcher come back for another game. They call us all sorts of vulgar names, then leave.
  5. I could grab a gun and go shot someone but I KNOW that would be bad. You know the game is not meant to glitch or get into spots that you should not be able to get into. So you SHOULD know that it is wrong. So if you get banned its your own fought. Just play the game the way it was meant to be played and stop being a little bitch and hiding in spots you should not and you wont get banned. The people defending them by saying its the games fought are probably the guilty ones.
  6. So since there was the double experience weekend and I no longer care about my level, I have taken it upon myself to hunt down anyone I see abusing glitches and murdering them until he patch finally drops on PS4. Just curious how other feel morally about this, and if other have taken up arms against people who brag about glitching. So far my kill count on glitcher is 10. :)
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